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Anthony @ POW Games

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I prefer to see it as a missing feature, rather than a bug ;-)

I've made a note of your achievement ideas - there are some good ones there, thank-you.

1.12 should fix this. Uploading it here now (I'll upload to Steam later). I'd actually forgotten to code any Fugitive achievement logic. Obviously my sub conscious didn't want anyone to be a bot-killer, lol. And I corrected the perfect achievement count now. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

Adding new achievements is really easy, so think about any ideas you have.

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Hello my #1 fan, lol. Good question. Might be a bug - I'll look into it.  A new version should fix this soon.  If you have ideas for more achievements, send them this way.

Always good to hear your feedback - my #1 fan, lol.
The more interest and sales the game gets, the more improvements I will make. 1.07 is coming soon; I'd like to hear what you think of it.

Thanks Jupi! Super excited and honoured you included me. Hi, btw!

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Good to see someone appreciates all the options and controller support.

I've fixed the sound panning in 1.01 - I hadn't tested it before rushing to submit for the jam. You say there's a lot of bugs? Can you list them please. If it's the guy sliding along walls, this is more a feature of the voxel physics, since there's no space for him to rotate or animate, he would be embedded in the rock. I can make him slide away from walls to give him room to animate / rotate in the future.

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Thanks, If you buy the game here (or on Steam), you'll get a Steam key :D

Hold that thought. I'm still working hard on the engine for this game, and I'll have something to download soon.

Good luck! Glad I'm not the only one starting with scratch on this one :)

This doesn't conform to the 64x64 pixel resolution

This is a good question. I also want to know if there's a way to dissable VAT for the Collected by itch.io mode? I'm in the UK and I'm not VAT registered; I'm not required to be (because I'm nowhere near the income threshold), so I don't have to charge VAT when I sell something.

^ Or, is VAT required because the sale is from itch.io, so they are VAT registered and required to charge VAT?

When I start earning £83,000+ a year, then I'll happily register for VAT as required, but I don't want to.

Hi again Mitchel, good to hear from you again. Very excited to learn you've made 60 of your own levels - I'd love to play them!

Elite level set, hard difficulty, and other additions were planned depending on demand. Sales are very very low, unfortunately. Only 14 copies sold since it was published; very disappointed that more people haven't discovered this great game. For one year's solid work, I've made a massive loss already, so I can't afford to spend any more time on the game at the moment.

I've been working on something very new and exciting which I hope will be more popular. Watch this space.

Very pleased you've been following me for nearly 20 years. Good job finding the bug; this will happen when there are no bonus levels saved (levels 101+) in the editor. I've just this second fixed it, thanks to you. Sadly, not many people are interested in PowBall, so I have been spending my time working on new projects, but a new version will be uploaded soon. The level time-limit is a pain, I agree, but I needed to enforce a way to prevent a Rockhopper from farming certain levels endlessly for Alchemite. Any ideas? Maybe a limit to the amount of Alchemite you can carry? But then they'll still farm endless score...

Thanks Adam, I'm currently re-working the whole thing to smooth everything out - it'll take time, but the result will be worth it. Watch this space. Noticed your game, too. Love the lighting effect, how did you do it? Raycasting?

This doesn't conform to 64x64 pixels for the #LowRezJam

Posted in Love love love!

Okay, you got me, I'm in! I've never done anything like this before though, and I'm totally unprepared.

Created a new topic Love love love!

Love this idea, and I'd really like to join up, but I'm not ready :(

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It's finally here, free to download and play. Now you can get a teaser of what's in the full version:


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I found the source code to the original 1996 version of my Breakout clone PowBall DeluXe and have recompiled it to work on modern computers (works very well on Windows 10). And It's now free!


In case you missed it, I also recently made a brand new Breakout game from scratch called PowBall Renaissance, designed new graphics but used the old music from PowBall DeluXe:


Steam keys will available to everyone who buys the game here once it has been greenlit. Cloud-based leader-board and saved games are usually something you only see in large-production games made by large teams. It will take a long time for a lone indie developer to implement, but I'll do it once enough people show interest.

If I'm good or not remains to be seen. I lost a few brain-cells during my 18 year break, so let's see! One thing for sure is that I'm old!

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Yeah, 18 years. Crazy, huh? I was designing computer games as far back as 35 years ago.

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Hi everyone. I've been out of the game designing scene for 18 years. As you can imagine, things have changed a LOT since then, so this has been a very difficult transition for me, but I finally remade an old breakout game I made in 1997. Take a look and see what you think: