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Really tempted to buy it for my virtual pet game. I found this while trying to find Japanese style roofs and Shinto temple assets. I'm not at the point of implementing that yet though.

Exactly what I needed in RPGArchitect and saves me the time. I tried rolling my own and it was painfully bad. 

Do you have a Discord username?

Can you make some tree clusters for dense woods? Thank you.

Can you make the rocks separate so I can buy them?

How do I showcase a custom sprite for a given line of dialogue? (Godot 4)

I can help you! Try exporting each frame as a PNG and using this:

I have a question! How do I tint them all across all the frames? Is that possible? Or should I use the spritesheet? Thanks!


Whoa, 6 minutes before deadline. Cutting it close!

How do I click the new game button, I moved the cursor over and hit Enter but it's not going. Halp, I am dumb.

Thanks, the green ones will look good with my slime game.

Text is really really small.

This will definitely make my prototype feel more alive, right now it's just a bland blank floor and some walls and a floating platform.

What's your current game?

Can you update this for Godot?

There's a bunch of issues I need to remedy, thanks for having a look! I'll release a Linux build in the future. 


Why is this one like $12?

Oh no, it's the Stardew Valley fishing minigame come back to haunt me. Alas, I wish I could see my fish once I caught it! It took me a bit to realize I had to rotate the circle around to make the bar move up and down behind the fish. Also, the pixels on the rod seem kind of thick-- I know it's supposed to make it look closer, but it's a little odd.

Are you planning to add a string going from the fishing pole to the bobber?

Huh, 1 mb. I downloaded it and I just have a bin folder. How do I play this game?

I have no idea what I'm doing even with the instructions haha. Does clicking a star go there? It's kind of neat that JUMP is in a different language, is there some meaning behind that?

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I can't seem to find a download link on this page?

Yeah! Reply back if you do, so I get notified. I was thinking of buying this, but I am also looking at this:

I didn't know itchio had ads

Will you be working on this more?

Can you make the first part, the changelog, a demo? Thx.

I would love this :) is my favorite place to look for things to improve how I make my art or to implement.

Yes, I got it working!

Is there a way to actually die?

Well, that was something. I didn't here the strange sounds before I died.

Did you make it?

Looks cool. Can you make a demo level?

I like the stars. I got up to 5-- is there more?

What engine do you use to make it?

Pixel size larger than 1. I used your demo and I couldn't find a pixel size option.

Thank you