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I currently use the Ren'Py discord for help with Python so your help is welcomed! Grogplongk is writing scenarios as we go, we get occasional contributions by anons that come in and provide scenes (like an early Lyra route that looks charming to write for) and I'm trying to connect the pieces together chronologically.

Here's some current stuff that needs to be written:

Pinkie Pie talks about cooking with Anon at the party
Rarity talks to Anon about clothing and what he'd like to wear and she's intrigued.
Celestia and Luna show up fashionably late and bicker a bit before talking to Anon casually.
Day 1 ends and Anon can choose where to stay or default is Applejack's farm.

Musicwise we have some excellent pieces by EQA. Artwise we're using vectors that need to be cropped and the sprite's eyes facing forward. My hope is eventually if we get an artist besides me, the vectors will be good references for sprite art.
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Scenarios for:




Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash






PonyVN community · Created a new topic Hello

We have a Google Doc where suggestions can be shared:

I'm gonna give this a go, sad to hear you two are breaking up but I'm sure you both can continue to make games separately that are great.

I can't wait to buy this real soon! And it comes with a Steam key too? BASED DEV!

Oh, it looks so good! Kampai!


Well... I do.

I am looking forward to your movable box, cyberlitabot.

1. Hi, I go by Ash or Watercolor preferably

2. I did not participate in the last Jam. I'm joining just to hold myself responsible to actually make something.

3. PFMagic's (which would later become Ubisoft) Catz inspired me to become a gamedev. When we lost AOL homepages, we lost a lot of female-focused coders and designers too. I also started coding in ZZT, the first object oriented programming language at age 9 or so.

4. I have over ten years experience with Ren'Py and Actionscript 3, a lot of which I've forgotten and now need to re-learn.

5. I love moths, newts, and watercolor art.

6. My only goal is to improve my coding skills and debugging and sitting my ass down in the chair to actually write the code.

Are you sure? Odd, the itchio app has Deluxe listed as 50% off.

I've been wanting to get the extra blocks for some time and I already own Asset Forge. I hope you see this and can help. I really love this program. I'm still learning Asset Forge 2 but I see good things in its future.

This doesn't work in the browser

Pretty fun so far! Loved dying to the centaur.

Oh, I didn't realize this was a mod. WHOOPS.

How exactly do I run this on Windows?

Christ, where can I buy this? It's so cute.

Very cool stuff

Oh, yeah and sweet Paras. One of my faves since I really love mushrooms and cordyceps and all weirdness of the fungal kingdom. I just caught one in Pokemon Go today.

I'm really excited by that folder/sprite system to combine pieces. It reminds me of Asset Forge and that's lovely. Just imagine sharing collections with other people!

This is dope!

Linux release possible?

I hope Flowscape gets a fourth-wall missing house. It would almost be perfect for dollhouse stuff too. BTW, the new Ocean update looking fantastic, this makes me VERY happy. It will work great when I go to prototype Mistseek Bay.

Got rid of the blue tint below the water as that messed with sculpting- maybe a way to turn it on and off from settings? 

This is so fucking precious.

is there going to be a demo in the future?


I'm not sure, but I think it might be overheating? How do I check if Flowscape is the culprit? 

I think if you add more features later, a price hike is perfectly valid. Put me in the "charging more is fine" category.

Are you using Unity to make the program?

No display for current amount of health?

It would be nice to draw out the placements of farms, bridges, and certain buildings, walls and such.

How do I enter a dungeon though?

and I'm trying to figure out how to make the "land" portion a little bigger

I'm not sure what all of them mean. Does it come with a manual?

Is there a list of in-game enemy names and types anywhere?

This is exactly what happened, thank you.

I can access it OK from the web store but I like how the itch app keeps them all up to date. What's up with it not showing up under purchases?