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Linux release possible?

When is it coming for Windows 7/10?

I hope Flowscape gets a fourth-wall missing house. It would almost be perfect for dollhouse stuff too. BTW, the new Ocean update looking fantastic, this makes me VERY happy. It will work great when I go to prototype Mistseek Bay.

Got rid of the blue tint below the water as that messed with sculpting- maybe a way to turn it on and off from settings? 

This is so fucking precious.

is there going to be a demo in the future?


I'm not sure, but I think it might be overheating? How do I check if Flowscape is the culprit? 

I think if you add more features later, a price hike is perfectly valid. Put me in the "charging more is fine" category.

Are you using Unity to make the program?

No display for current amount of health?

It would be nice to draw out the placements of farms, bridges, and certain buildings, walls and such.

How do I enter a dungeon though?

and I'm trying to figure out how to make the "land" portion a little bigger

I'm not sure what all of them mean. Does it come with a manual?

Is there a list of in-game enemy names and types anywhere?

This is exactly what happened, thank you.

I can access it OK from the web store but I like how the itch app keeps them all up to date. What's up with it not showing up under purchases?

Thank you.

Where'd you get the letter blocks from?

What tier to get it?

It's great to see some action on this. If it has better granular rotation, resizing, and zoom features for larger scenes and especially better palette management, it will be so good.

Do you have some idea of when the prototype will be ready to beta?

Did this get an update? It popped up for me, but now says unavailable.

Very fun.

I'm not really sure if pressing Z does anything because it just immediately turns into a wall and I don't get enough time to observe any changes before or after pressing Z.

How do I switch to the cat in the lead so I can use the cat flaps?

I tried to import a palette, following the beginning tutorial and it crashed.

Oh, okay, thank you for the reply. Now I can quit worrying about it :D

Incidentally, is there any way to make something transparent currently?

They're greyed out for me.

I'm sure you can do the work again, you still have the same skills! So all you really lost was just some time and maybe some ways of implementing things.

Have you looked into online backup solutions? But, yeah, this happens... happened to me.

Is that Test Mesh Pro or Text Mesh Pro? Is it built in through Package Manager?

Sorry if that was vague, I mean, it made me think.

What does avoid using Mipmaps mean and how would I do that in Unity, for example?

This is very generous of you to post.

I want to flip between sprite 1 and 2 in an endless loop, which are multiple sprites with a height of 2 but I'm not sure how to make it draw the 2nd frame.

Do I need to code it in?

The asesprite beta crashes immediately for me T_T I still have to troubleshoot. Maybe it's possible to fix?

I'm only able to use Asesprite by using the existing release.


It's beautiful, I can't wait to use this.