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Alright, so this hasn't been going so well due to issues IRL keeping me from having a lot of computer time and then what time I did get, getting stuck on Animation Controller and more specifically, how to make the sprite face away from the camera. I have the animation set up but not sure how to get it working in actuality.

So I haven't made a whole lot of progress here, a lot of it was just trying to get through the video documentation without getting stuck, half a page of a jump animation and updating my Trello cards with to do list of things I probably won't be able to get to in 2 weeks...

Aha, I love that text effect!

Please re upload!

This isn't my first jam, I've done Ludum Dare before with Ren'Py but it is going to be my first time using Unity. I want to do some kind of isometric fishing game and this is what I have so far. It's not much yet.

I'm still learning the asset that works the isometric so I have many challenges ahead as I figure out the in and outs of bringing sprites in, the 2D character controller, layering, Navmesh and lighting and baking.

Is there a wiki somewhere?

How do I get a copy of this?

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Hi there, is there a key to delete tiles?

Also: [There's a way to make faces double sided using a utility that comes with Sprytile, covered in the advanced documentation.] - This link is now broken. :(