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How do I switch to the cat in the lead so I can use the cat flaps?

I tried to import a palette, following the beginning tutorial and it crashed.

Oh, okay, thank you for the reply. Now I can quit worrying about it :D

Incidentally, is there any way to make something transparent currently?

They're greyed out for me.

I'm sure you can do the work again, you still have the same skills! So all you really lost was just some time and maybe some ways of implementing things.

Have you looked into online backup solutions? But, yeah, this happens... happened to me.

Is that Test Mesh Pro or Text Mesh Pro? Is it built in through Package Manager?

Sorry if that was vague, I mean, it made me think.

What does avoid using Mipmaps mean and how would I do that in Unity, for example?

This is very generous of you to post.

I want to flip between sprite 1 and 2 in an endless loop, which are multiple sprites with a height of 2 but I'm not sure how to make it draw the 2nd frame.

Do I need to code it in?

The asesprite beta crashes immediately for me T_T I still have to troubleshoot. Maybe it's possible to fix?

I'm only able to use Asesprite by using the existing release.


It's beautiful, I can't wait to use this.

I think this would be nice, especially the classic circular wheel.

Is there a way to remove extra materials? That could also solve my issue, I can just remove colors I will never use. 

I'd die if I could download this 3d model.

Oh, that's really good to hear! How high of a priority is it? I'm guessing it comes well  after bug fixes and new features.

Pixel Fx Designer community · Created a new topic Linux?

Is this made with Unity, where Linux ports are possible?

Here is an image of it happening:

How's it coming along?

Are you using Unity?

Linux port possible?

#2 is probably what I want the most!

I love Pixatool. The thing I hope we get is some more pre-selectable dithers and more options for dithering.

I've moved into the Plugins folder, but it's not anywhere that I can find. This is in CC 2017.

I've already made that switch but Unity3D is just so complicated... the interface really is a nightmare with its millions of tabs and fold-out tabs revealing more panels, and panels on all 3 sides plus top menus. Scream!

I keep trying to use Gamemaker Studio (which I own) and bouncing off it. A lot of people moved to GMS:2 and now don't even really use the discussion forums for previous ones and some of the assets I bought? The makers aren't supporting it anymore. It really sucks.

Yeah, that second one, I think that's it! And thank you, now I can fix this.

Incidentally, what's the upper limit on amount of files batch can handle?

Any plans for Windows?

I'm having a problem exporting high resolution (4000 pixels+) on Windows 10 with Pixatool, can you help me?

I really like the jumbles, but I would kill for a thumbnail grid preview of them all

Thank you for so quickly replying to this. I may not have changed the pivot, only the location of the object.

Can you check?

How am I supposed to add my own custom blocks when they just come in like this? It was checked and exported from Max 2017.

Yeah, I've got it under control, though I still don't know how to bind an animation to a specific keypress (in this case, spacebar)

(2 edits)

I actually streamed yesterday some of my progress, which involved a 15 frame (WHY did I draw 15 frames??) for a jump:

So, basically, when I installed Windows 10 and got it working, I had to wipe Linux Mint. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot Mint had my Krita jumping animation in it, forcing me to do it in Autodesk Sketchbook instead to get a working jump animation. Note: Autodesk Sketchbook does not currently have opacity sliders in Flipbook animation, nor a magic wand tool to select the flat color of the previous GIF and remove it, so that was extra irritating.

So I had to trace over existing frames just to get them to display.

And I originally drew my keyframes by hand, and put them on my phone before using them as reference.

I'm now currently coloring it in Asesprite, but I expect it to take at least another day for that and another 15 frames as well for the back 3/4 jump animation. I also drew Blue with a fishing pole, but my Samsung camera-phone rotated it wrong so I won't bother posting it.

I was also able to make a lifeguard shack, as pictured above with me struggling to try to apply a Mesh collider probably onto the sprite. If anyone knows how to do that, clue me in, because I am clueless...

I still need to make the bench lighter and change some other minor things about it, but that's kind of dependent on how much time I want to put in. Currently, I only have Blender to deal with the merged OBJ file for the meshcollision so ...that will probably be extra "fun" to deal with, given that I both a) Hate blender and b) Hate using Blender due to its stupidly designed interface and important options hid in TINY SLIDE AWAY PANELS that only appear if you know EXACTLY where to click (A sin TVpaint commits as well... sue me, I might not be an UX designer, but I'm pretty sure important options should always be available in top menu!)

Thank you, Rmice. My mother is currently starting to eat again so that alone is worth it, and we managed to make it to the grocery store, if nowhere else yet (like the bank to fax an important document) but she didn't sleep at all last night? So she's kind of extra grumpy and it keeps me  from feeling free, like I'm always walking on eggshells. It's a hard time for everybody right now.

After the Jam is done, where do people normally post their devblogs at?

Have you tried BFXR for quick sound effects?

It's taking so long though. T_T