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i did it

i would do anything for an image embed option!!!

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i really love this one! i seem to have an issue where sometimes my clicks don't register and i end up missing notes. i'm not sure what is causing it...

(for note, i use the latest firefox)

im not a rhythm gamer but i found myself dancing and grooving and flying to the beat THANK YOU

the first suggestion worked great!! thanks so much for such a great game!

hi! i thought id report this since it's a pretty nasty one, though i don't know how solvable it is:

when i run the dosbox version (windows) and try to stream the wordhopper window, it strobes between the game screen and a black screen to the point that it was massively disorienting.

v1 of wordhopper didn't do this, to my knowledge - there was some funkiness when full screening, but that was easily remedied by playing in a smaller window. v2 works ok if i stream my screen directly rather than the application, but then no one can hear the new music :(

THE UPDATE ROCKS!!!!! i am in love with rush mode!!! my friend said she saw you at a tech show recently and showed me a pic of the booth with the new build, it looks awesome!

i really really enjoy this one! i was playing it for like a half hour and had to be dragged away from it LOL, cute interface and simple controls make it really accessible! will you update the word list at any point?

the art and the gameplay feel really good to play and see, rly tight gameplay, keep it the up 👍

delightfully chaotic i love these guys

new favorite

understandable! thank you for the tool nonetheless, it's really relaxing to use!

ive been having a blast with this tool! will there be an undo feature at some point, or the ability to make your own palettes?

this rocks

okay... i'll bite, how many tris does this thing have?

from my understanding, it varies from person to person, but most people will use some variation of rpgmaker or game maker!

OOOOH this is useful - thank you for the link!

wow, this is exactly what i was hoping to find! but i do have one question - would it work in VX ace?

will you consider accessibility options (larger buttons, etc)? i'd love that in a future update

very good concept, but i think it could use better documentation. i didn't know how to change mirror axis, the buttons for part modifiers are too small to distinguish, and i was a bit lost on whether i was supposed to model from the side or front first.

that all said, it'd be great for simple low poly models - but since the documentation lacks much of a guide (except for some basic controls and the ui itself), it's hard to really get into!

thanks for playing it! i hope you enjoyed it :D

this one is very sweet!!! i like it!

thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

this is a cute game! in the generation i got, it placed me along a highway with a "shoulder" that turned out to be made up of actual muscles? i thought it was funny :P

as fun as it looks, i don't know how i feel about having it be purchase-only as a jam game! not very positively, i guess. the gameplay gif looks fun and interesting, but i am left to wonder, because i don't have five spare bucks!

fun concept! i think my only gripe is that maybe it's *too* colorful, because all the colors are clamoring for attention so-to-speak and none can really stand out. the movement mechanic was fun but also a little tricky. 

this is very cute, albeit very simple! this game gives a big nostalgia feeling. i think it's missing.... something, but i can't put my finger on what... gameplay is short, but i think it adds to the fleeting feeling of fall.

all in all, i like it!

press 'a' and it should proceed to the title screen!

maybe tomorrow...?

i know this post is a few months old, but what i found to fix the issue is to open up the uv/image editor and resize the uvs to be smaller so that they don't take up the whole tile! i think it's because of bleeding issues or something, but i'm not sure. hope this helps!

i love this dog