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from my understanding, it varies from person to person, but most people will use some variation of rpgmaker or game maker!

OOOOH this is useful - thank you for the link!

wow, this is exactly what i was hoping to find! but i do have one question - would it work in VX ace?

will you consider accessibility options (larger buttons, etc)? i'd love that in a future update

very good concept, but i think it could use better documentation. i didn't know how to change mirror axis, the buttons for part modifiers are too small to distinguish, and i was a bit lost on whether i was supposed to model from the side or front first.

that all said, it'd be great for simple low poly models - but since the documentation lacks much of a guide (except for some basic controls and the ui itself), it's hard to really get into!

thanks for playing it! i hope you enjoyed it :D

this one is very sweet!!! i like it!

thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

this is a cute game! in the generation i got, it placed me along a highway with a "shoulder" that turned out to be made up of actual muscles? i thought it was funny :P

as fun as it looks, i don't know how i feel about having it be purchase-only as a jam game! not very positively, i guess. the gameplay gif looks fun and interesting, but i am left to wonder, because i don't have five spare bucks!

fun concept! i think my only gripe is that maybe it's *too* colorful, because all the colors are clamoring for attention so-to-speak and none can really stand out. the movement mechanic was fun but also a little tricky. 

this is very cute, albeit very simple! this game gives a big nostalgia feeling. i think it's missing.... something, but i can't put my finger on what... gameplay is short, but i think it adds to the fleeting feeling of fall.

all in all, i like it!

press 'a' and it should proceed to the title screen!

maybe tomorrow...?

i know this post is a few months old, but what i found to fix the issue is to open up the uv/image editor and resize the uvs to be smaller so that they don't take up the whole tile! i think it's because of bleeding issues or something, but i'm not sure. hope this helps!

i love this dog