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Thank you, glad you're having fun!

Thank you for the kind words. If time permits, maybe I'll revisit Aidan's story in the future. There are definitely some aspects I would've liked to flesh out more.

Thanks for your playthrough and your feedback. And yes, I can see that the "mirror time" of the story is probably a bit short. It's really hard to optimize that. For me it felt like an eternity, though I know the story by heart of course.

Yes! Another text-centric game. Love it.

Walking simulators unite :)

Great spooky atmosphere

I really like the water shader

NIce to see some turn-based gameplay!

Any feedback welcome!

Cute idea and great execution, packing all that in ~100mb

Too bad I don't have a VR setup anymore :(

You play as Aidan, a man who is struggling to write the last page of his novel. Guided by an observant narrator, he must finish his writing. Too much depends on it. Will you help him reach the conclusion of his bittersweet story?

Your feedback is very welcome!

great nostalgic aesthetic

Great concept and execution. Though I would put more gameplay into the trailer!

Cool idea, controls take some getting used to!

I'm not a fan of platformers, but this was really well made.

It all fits together rather nicely. Good work!

I really like the atmosphere in this one.

Aesthetically a little too dark for my taste. But great job fitting all that in <100mb unpacked!

Great lighting. Did you use UE5?

Conveyor based games are always good fun!

Great atmosphere and lighting, I like it!

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Under Blender 2.8 in the most recent version, I am not able to select the normal under the cursor ("N" key I suppose?) to continue building tiles along that normal. I followed this tutorial to paint tiles along a slope: . Any suggestions?

Oh and another questions: In Paint (not Build) mode, I thought I was able to paint another layer on top of the existing one? But when I paint something with transparency on an existing tile, the tile underneath gets replaced (so it seems to be behaving identical to build mode).