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A jam submission

Of Searching and Finding Lost_SpaceView game page

An interactive short-story about finding what you have lost.
Submitted by maschere (@maschere_max) — 11 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Of Searching and Finding Lost_Space's page

Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
WASD for movement
Mouse for looking around
E for interaction
ESC for Menu

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam.
Also see "" in the download:
1. "[1930s style typewriter - w/o branding](" by Kuba Wójcik is licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution](
2. [Old Office](
3. [Realistic Working Clock Pack](
4. typewriter.wav by BMacZero | License: Creative Commons 0
5. Typewriter BELL.wav by mincedbeats | License: Creative Commons 0
6. door knock by SubwaySandwitch420 | License: Creative Commons 0
7. [Ambient Piano Music Vol.Four](
9. Monumental Assets by KitBash3D
10. Voice over by
11. "Katy_Sings_LaaOooAaa.wav" by digifishmusic licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution](
12. to import mp3
Also the C++ code for interacting with objects was written before. Everything else was done from scratch during the jam.

Link to Gameplay Footage

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Love the narrative inivation of the game. The story is intriguing and inivtes you to go further.  For a game built in such a short time its really good


Thank you for the kind words. If time permits, maybe I'll revisit Aidan's story in the future. There are definitely some aspects I would've liked to flesh out more.


I overall liked this game. The story is good, and I had fun playing it. I would have liked a bit more to do., and I did not have much time to read the story when it was on the mirror. But anyway a good jam game. Well done.


Thanks for your playthrough and your feedback. And yes, I can see that the "mirror time" of the story is probably a bit short. It's really hard to optimize that. For me it felt like an eternity, though I know the story by heart of course.


Any feedback welcome!