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Shotgun Anaconda

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I love you. 

So much good stuff, I agree with a lot of things and some of the stuff made me rethink things. I'm going to try to touch on most things but even if i dont i'll take this with me. What makes me happy is that you're probably the first to figure out some of my design decisions, which shows that you actually played it.

Movement: I'm not using Game Maker, I use Clickteam fusion 2.5 (not that it matters, both are middleware engines lol) and the movement is custom so the bounce is programmed in there, it's a leftover from the design choice of keeping up the players speed. Originally the movement was way more floaty than it is now.  I've minimized inertia a lot for the next build, I'm going to play around with the wall bounce and see how it feels. Going to rewrite this when I get time, hopefully solving things like diagonals being faster.

Hitpauses: The game currently pauses at player damage, critical hits and deaths. A buffer is going to be implemented so pauses only happen if there hasn't been one in the last 2 or 3 seconds. I might keep player pause permanent to keep damage communication clear.

Sharpie: I originally had an idea of him dodging if you aimed at him, but it was implemented so poorly, he just teleports away with no effects so it looks broken. I've remove this feature and also made sure he always damages you on attacks. I think you are the first one to actually figure out this was intentional. 

Bullet in magazine: speaking of things that arent communicated... I have gears of war reloading in the game. If you reload, the reload bar will flash when it's half way through, if you hit R again it will give you 5 more bullets. Which is probably what you did by accident since I don't have any magazine upgrades right now.

Rapid P: I noticed in the video you said this was garbage haha but I think you figured out the point of it. It changes the gameplay completely. It forces you in close (Because of the short range), the insane rate of fire constantly refills your energy bar which lets you stay in baby mode. Honestly it's kind of the way I saw the game working in my head, but I'm also careful to not force this way of play onto the players. I really didn't imagine players staying away and taking potshots but I guess that's why people gravitate towards the sniper rifle. 

Slowmo: good catch finding the little freebie period, a detail I put in there that people only notice if they play more than a round. Your idea of having one speed of slowmotion might be a good thing, I will have to think about it, it's quite a bit of a change from the original idea. In past builds you actually got a lot of energy back during slowmo but i actually made it small to add more challenge since it was possible to just stay in baby mode all the time. 

I think you are on to something with the slowing everything down suggestion, maybe the floaty speedy player movement is too OP in its context. I'm going to try this out first before I start adding buffs during baby mode. The big pro I've always had is that your bullets dont get slowed down which allows you to deliver much higher amount of DPS than the enemies. Although I like the idea of cutting reloading.

The enemies bullets were significantly faster just one build ago, people still refused to use the slow motion haha. 

In the video you also call the upgrades crap, they are mostly passive as you mentioned. I wonder if superficial upgrades that add things (drones, lasers etc) around the player are better?

For the next build I'm going to implement some of the above things, but also I'm going to nerf or maybe even remove the sniper rifle. It's not the main way I see this game being played. I'm going to try to make a weapon unlock system leaving Rapid P and Autorifle as the two unlocked ones, maybe it will force people to try new things. We'll see.

Great stuff my guy, hopefully you'll try the next build too!

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Sorry for not seeing this earlier!

Thank you for playing and the video. I'm changing the inertia for the next build and going to work on colors and things to make things more readable. 

Can you expand a bit on why slow-mo "isn't working"? I'm trying to figure out why people don't use that system as much as it's supposed to be used. Is it only because it's a "Panic button" or is it that the feature isnt fun?

So weird... i wonder if it's trying to read /load the arrays. I'll try some things and see if i can reproduce this.

Thank you so much as always for playing and giving so much good feedback!

I will remove the jumping of the knife enemy and look over the shotgun sprint. I feel like you about the bullet freeze, that's getting changed or removed too. I will have to redo pathfinding further down the road to fix it. There's a bug somewhere in the obstacle mapping and i cant find it. Thank you!

wtf... is it always like this? or just this once? 

yeah i keep forgetting to fix that bug, but for the next version it's disabled. What kind of camera would you prefer?

Love it. Really really impressed with what you have achieved here. Looks and sounds great, really enjoyed the music track (reminded me of Nier Automata for some reason). Weapons feel great, Looks great and the two missions are varied enough. 

I understand it's WIP but i would really like a tutorial, that would guide you through all the controls and how to fly. It was great fun when I figured it out but it took a while and I had to flip between the settings and the game. 

Harmon:i:c community · Created a new topic great stuff

I love the visual filters and overall great puzzles.

I would love to see clarity in gameplay improve tho, it's hard to figure out in the beginning what im actually supposed to do. Not that you have to type everything out in text but maybe ease into stuff with the puzzles. You already do that but even simpler. 

It just says "press undefined" ?

Good job clickteam friend :) 

art is cute and you are doing some cool stuff with the puzzles, QR codes and all that. Good job :)

Thank you so much! Very good points, i will make it adjustable in the end and clean it up in general.

Must say it's very strange but satisfying to see someone play my game haha, thanks bro!

Thanks! I will do just that with the ammo and overhaul the whole ui at a later stage.

Thank you so much for playing!

I noticed you didnt really go into slow motion that much, any reason you didnt want to use it or did it just slip your mind?

Thank you so much for the pointers!

You are right on pretty much all of it. I will have to work a lot on the clarity, i think i'm just so used to the game so for me everything is ok so thank you for pointing that out. Hopefully i can make a proper introduction/tutorial that makes controls clear but I agree that the sprint should be changed to a dash. 

The bug itself, was it in the menu or ingame too? Did the Crosshair disappear too or only the mouse?

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Movement is so hard to adjust since im used to it so it's great to hear other peoples thoughts. I will work on visibility and making things clear, i agree with you it's an issue right now. Also i appreciate the feedback on the camerashake and effects, it's personal taste but i think i might have gone too far haha. 

Thank you so much for trying it out!

Very good idea with the weapons name, i'll make it so the name flashes when you pick it up. Im thinking of making the camera shake and all adjustable in the settings. Thank you!

Thank you!

I'll have to work on visibility until the next version, playing around with how dark the game should be and clearing up sprites.

Thank you for you feedback! I will make camera shake and things optional in the future.

Very nice graphics and fun. Certain things that bugged was that the controls are a bit stiff which makes it hard to dodge enemies, and ninjas seem to have longer range than you which makes it even more difficult. Also the jumping down from trees are triggered when you are too near imo, in general thats the only thing that bugs me, the lack of dodgebility.

Good job!

Your controls are bit off, especially the wall jumping. Maybe there's certain way you have to play but I didnt get it and your levels didnt really teach it. Keep working tho, a plattformer is always fun

I'm totally for a heist game, love the concept. Here are some pointers, some of them are personal preference:

  • nice art! The only feedback i have is that sometimes visibility for important things as weapons arent 100% especially if there is a bunch of other things in the room
  • I dont know what your design goal is but stealth isnt needed when you start out, it's quicker and easier to shoot enemies. I also didnt get the choke out mechanic 100%, it worked sometimes but sometimes it didnt.
  • It felt a bit weird that enemies respawned when rentering rooms. In the same vein, placements in certain rooms (depending on where you entered) wasnt optimal, ended up right infront of cameras or next to enemies.
  • Nice weapon variety, love the names. 
  • Very cool abilities, will be fun to play around with them in the future.

Good job!

Really nice art, love the look of it, here are some suggestions:

  • weird controls, it stops oddly and stops attacking if you e.g. hold down. I understands it's early and im sure you will fix it up when you get to polishing but it would benefit a lot from smoothing out things
  • button placements feel a bit weird, especially the dash button
  • Nice amount of moves, most things i tried did something new
  • Great art!

Not much to say right now other than it looks great and already feels great to fly. Looking forward to see how you will flesh this out.  

Doesnt seem to work on 32 bit windows.

Very nice game! Love these small, clever puzzle platformers


  • Tab is a weird button in general, would much rather prefer something like A or S. Would also like a button to change to the latest suit.
  • I wasn't really sure if i beat the game or not, i came into a room where it said hello and then dropped out of the room and went i went back i think it faded to black? Also it has no save lol
  • Very nice and tight controls
  • your current level design is a+, keep that shit up really dope!

I love this thing. it has so much potential!


  • I love how you have given a 2d game so much weight, it feels great to swing that sword even if it hits nothing
  • cool enemy variety 
  • A big moveset which is great, almost everything i tried did something new.


  • Nitpick but i wish the jump when running would be more instant, in general i would love to have more control of the character. Right now it's hard to gauge how far im rolling, hitting or jumping because there is small inertia here and there.
  • in the same vein, it was a bit hard to gauge enemy hit distance

Here are some personal thoughts: 
I feel like the game is in between wanting to be a cool fighting game with focus on style (e.g. Nier) and a more punishing precise fighting game. I think it would benefit greatly if you decided which direction you want and went all the way with it. It has a lot of style but right now it's too punishing to encourage me to really try things. The punishment combined with the visibility not being 100% creates situations where I'm not really sure if I'm taking damage or what killed me. On the other hand I feel it's not precise enough to be the second style. 

Also small things like giving the player bigger arenas would do wonders for the moment to moment gameplay (small arenas with lots of enemies work if they are more squishy). I would also like controls to be more streamlined, e.g. do you really need a roll and a dash? 

Sorry for the long post, but this really has a lot of potential so i hope you take it the right way. GG!

great gfx! This might be a matter of taste but the controls could use some adjustments, a quicker acceleration would benefit it quite a lot.

Ambitious game, cute gfx and well made for what it is. Hope you expand the scope.

Fun mechanic! You should take this further and expand.

Very ambitious and cool game :) many systems working together, major props!

Cute... but there really isnt anything to do. Will check back later when you have added things.

Wow! Thank you so much bro!

thanks for playing :)

damn shmoopdev kill me softly plz. thanks for playing bro

You mean you dont like my 4 bar arp loop? lol. Thank you for the feedback friend!

Thank you bro, Im starting to think shmup was the wrong world to stamp this with lol

ohh right, i was gonna do a sfx mute... i'll put it on the list if i continue with this :)

Hmm just tried it out and it works. Do you have an english keyboard?

Thank you for trying it out bro :)

I see what you mean, i will tweak the effect if i keep working on this.