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makes sense. Shows how much i know about these type of games, I just got stuck for 10 min before I gave up lol.

I wanted to play this since i really like the concept of hacking games but i just cant.. figure out any commands or what to do lol. i feel dumb and its probably obvious but i just got stuck in the test job server. i guess it depends on your audience but someone like me had no clue on what to do.

looks great, love all the "juice" and other shit going on. most things have already been mentioned but i would love more clarity somehow. sometimes i just lose where i am in the chaos. Maybe a colorful outline or saturation.

Great progress and feels so much smoother than before! I love this, its silly and funny (in a good way!). Not much to say that hasnt been said but my main feedback is for the levels this time and its that it can be hard to see where rails are going or where im supposed to go myself. Not sure how to solve it without upping resolution but perhaps background assets to hint the path or similar. 

good job :) 

These are not my main type of games, sorry i might not have gotten everything.

  • Really cool atmosphere. its unique and looks great for what you are going for
  • Combat is cool, feels a tad bit slow but i like the duck mechanic and various spells
  • Performance is a bit weird, hovering around 40 fps on a good rig
  • The mouse camera feels off, is it mouse acceleration? Its really sensitive even though i turned it down
  • Footsteps are weird, sounds almost as slowmotion
  • I really dont understand how to find hidden doors. I ended up on a floor with a locked door, no lockpicks but obviously something behind the wall to continue. I just couldnt get past this.
  • Small bug but i got this purple screen when i attacked the death guy

that makes so much sense. Thank you. 

is there any level in specific you felt was unfair?

ahh crap, D is an old Debug button lol. Forgot to turn that off.
I'll work on the background assets and make them less clear. thank you for playing!

Great feedback thank you. I'll start adding arrows and other hints to the start of the levels. And you are right about some of the obstacles, they arent satured enough to pop out. Thanks!

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Please feedback on the new levels!! 

I've scrapped all old levels and remade 16 new ones including a boss "fight" which is chapter 1. I want feedback on the levels mainly (are they fun, boring, good pacing etc). Feedback on mechanics is ok but i mainly need level feedback.

thanks for playing!

yeah the level end is totally bugged for some levels, sorry it ruined your progress. 

thank you for playing and sorrry for the delayed reply.

-will change slide to not require speed to be triggered

-it shouldnt slow you down, can you expand on this?

-yes a last second bug. fixed.

-good point, will make them more visiable

-levels dont get unlcoked because didnt beat minium time, its a bad design decision and wil lbe changed because its not communicated properly.

-will fix sword throw to be responsive

thank you :)

Thanks for feedback!

-rebinding is a great idea and will come in the future
-Agree, better visual seperation is needed for several things in the game, i will work on this

thank you for playing!

you are right about both parts. Camera movement i will have to remove and im working on finding the walljump bug, just havent been able to track down whats breaking it.

thanks for playing!

You are totally right, ive tried to have a guided camera to show parts coming up but it's not good enough and i understand now that it's making things worse. i will probably just remove it and adjust levels to show more. Sadly i cant support zooming in and out so i will have to find other ways of hinting whats to come.

Thank you for feedback!

-There is something wrong with the walljump, sometimes there's a delay before it attaches itself to the wall, havent been able to track this down but thanks for highlighting.

-"Back to wall" is a bug, will look into it and fix

Got it :) 

one version of the aiming while movement thing could be that the game slows down when you aim. Good luck!

really fun, my only feedback is that at times it can be frustrating because you throw it correctly and avoid obstacles but it actually spinning around a point when it stops feels unfair. because then suddenly its hitting edges and sending you back, i suppose with time you learn but theres no real way of knowing big that radius is and if your spin was good or not.

graphically i would remove rocks, because i for the longest though those were obstacles. in other words, more separation between the objects.

Was playing SP,  fun weapons and nice boss.

movement felt surprisngly good, would think the floatyness would be harder to control. the only thing i noticed was that i wish the deacc on the boost was sharper so i could use it to get out of the way instead of it hurling me away after. 

art is fantastic, looks great! i like puzzle platformers so i like this but movement really needs some work. either theres too much inertia or she comes to a dead stop. it makes these levels that require perfection in a series of movement be super frustrating because you are not battling the level you are battling the controls which is never a good thing.

fun! Really liked it, would love to see you expand it further with more enemies and better ui etc.

Seems like Attack speed is OP since it keeps stunning people allowing you to spam attack. I also enjoyed all the powerups, make them bigger and flashier, dont be afraid to let effects take a bigger role. Biggest con is that it lacks tutorial boxes or being clear what everyting does. but i understand it's still in early dev. 

good job

Nice simple little game. Not too much to say but if you want to make it a bigger game you need more enemis, perhaps powerups and make proper spawns so enemies dont spawn right next to you when you enter the level etc

wow this was really awesome, the quality of animation and effects are super high! The combat is really fun too, it seemed like whatever i pressed or tried something satisfying was happening (i love the ass attack when you dash lol).

My issues were that for games like this i like everything to be responsive which means interuptable. It was odd having attacked and then not being able to turn around until the animation finished. 

Visual clarity is another thing that needs work, its hard to see enemies attack and damages, but thats a tough one since you want to keep the chaos. 

other than its hard to feedback because the game part of it isnt there, its a fun arena right now but would like to see what you do with the rest.

looks great! its not my type of games so i cant give too much feedback but the biggest hurdle for me was that there was no onboarding or tutorial, lots of things happens at once. but also there isnt a difficulty build up, it's a huge spike right away and the first battle can be death. 

really like how it looks and the extra activities available. 

sorry i just couldnt figure out what im supposed to do. i guess its a world management sim but you need some sort of onboarding for this. 

love the idea, was really fun. 

my only thought is that you need to work on visual clarity of movement and how you are introducing gimmicks. there's a lot of new things coming fast to the player that is expected to learn. which either makes you frustrated or go "uh i have no idea why these cats just moved". for instance i still dont understand why the kitties are chain reacting lol. Dont be afraid to let gimmicks breathe for several levels, it wont ruin the flow or make it seem simple.

haha this was great, played through it all, good job

some thoughts:

  • There is something really funny with the entire concept, its a mix of the music and the graphics. you could obviously polish it more but keeping a crude (i mean it in the best way) southparkish look is only serving the game well.
  • sometimes when flipping or looping the bear would stop after, i think its because you are locking the directional input, needs some tweaking to feel right
  • Im getting some Elastomania vibes, i was hoping you would play into that a little. player requiring spinning or balancing to get past obstacles
  • some high level design thoughts: i think/feel you are trying to do two things and sometimes they are clashing. one part feels like you are going into the speed and movement part of the game but then theres a second part where you are making a puzzle platformer. mixing them up is not a bad idea but i dont think your levels are taking advantage of either niche. Maybe try to do a few smaller levels playing around with the powerups or just being movement based. 
  • I dont think springs and buttons should require an input
  • Maybe also play around with giving you upgrades permanently, they you could build several levels around e.g. the bounce spring and then add on other powerups to that.

Good job!

Fun concept on a classic idea, has potential to be a nice little mobile or web game. Some ideas that hit me

  • is the ship stopping when you start power up? it feels a bit unnatural, because i was expecting to keep playing with the inertia. 
  • You should play with the idea of letting the player adjust the direction slightly when when in motion, sometimes you are gliding forward but want to adjust just a little to hit a bubble while keeping you speed, being able to adjust a little while on the move would still keep your idea but give more depth
  • would be nice if bubbles give power ups. Maybe shield, a free boost, a bullet flying to the sides etc

Good job :) 

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

-this is silly but which pause screen do you mean? I actually dont have one, i wonder if i accidentally left a debug feature in by mistake lol

-Agree with the goal screen, i need to do something properly here. 

-Will have context sensitive buttons and vibration for the future

I would really like if i could send you future builds to get some more feedback on levels and such if you would be interested?

Thank you for playing and the detailed feedback!

-Camera: Yes i agree, if i would guess it's the parts of the level where it tries to move the camera to show you the path, this is janky and need more work from me. you are right that im probably so used to it i dont even see it.

-Slide is actually on purpose that you need speed to be able to slide. i will play around and see if it should be triggerable right away.

-gamepad: gamepads should work, what are you using? Ps4 controllers might require DS4windows or something similar that bind the keys, but even then i think it should work either way. let me know and i can dig into it

-thanks for feedback on the levels! this is truly the hardest part of me. i keep playing them myself and get tunnelvision. trying to find a balance is really hard, i tried to do some easier ones after a difficult one to cleanse the palette but its still hard to tune right. would really love if i could send you future builds to get more feedback. (PS, if you press Z in the level select there are actually 2 hidden extra hard levels lol)

-Health: The idea is that if you go fast, you got a hp buffer but if you go slow and steady you lose the health. so it's a "balance" thing, but also im not that much of a fan of 1 hp that a lot of these type of games do, but with that said im always open to change.

-Mailbox and complete level: agree, need to spice it up, it's a ticket somewhere in trello that i keep ignoring lol

-Could you expand on the hitting head thing? do you mean from a wall jump? 

thank you for the great feedback!

Thank you for playing :)

Sorry i was really unskilled when i made this project :( But thanks for playing!

haha thank you :) its quite old now so i appologize for the bad controls.

Thank you for playing and feedback :)

For the next build I hopefully have a rebind option.

this was cool, im not a big fan of shmups so i dont know whats proper feedback or not

  • please include controls somewhere
  • Graphics: the branches are really distracting i thought they were in the foreground. i think you need to play with saturation and contrast to really show whats important and what isnt. e.g. i can barely see my own bullets.

its hard to feedback on this because its such a personal and story driven game. Really like the graphics and style of dialouge. Wish there was a little but more of a hint where to go but that might just be me being tired.

cool stuff! I must add that i dont like old castlevanias so the controls dont work for me but i understand the style is a design choice. some thoughts: 

  • A lot of controls to learn instantly, maybe ease into some of the weapons and stuff
  • i liked the graphics, maybe some clean up just to make stuff a bit more clear
  • Really cool filter in the menus and stuff
  • Missing a backdash or something to dodge attacks.
  • Tutorial was advancing for any button, made me miss some stuff
  • sometimes enemies disappear? feels like i take damage from nowhere
  • fun tho, liked the shooting! juicy and cool, maybe add a cooldown on the screenshake so it doesnt shake all the time constantly
  • graphics are dope!

good stuff!

this is cool for, you can do some cool stuff if you make levels and stuff. do wish i had atleast a little air control tho, when i fall out the bubble i could save it by just going a little to the side.