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Thank you for playing and the nice comments lol.

i will work on polish.

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Thank you for playing!

I will work on polish, sadly things like blurry main menu is thx to the low resolution... i dont know how to get past that sadly.  Also the boss was a bug, it was never supposed to load that one so it's highly unfinished, that's bad on my part.

Thank you for the feedback and trying it out!

(also sorry for the late reply)

I guessed as much. Will try next version too. Regarding the movement i really miss some acceleration and deaccleration, especially when in the air. right now it feels very binary (either be in fast movement horizontally or be still). Just my opinion, up to you in the end. 

Very cool. You got your own style so it's always fun to check out what you have made. I think your biggest challenge will be onboarding and tutorial. Because right now it's twisting and turning until it works. But when i figured out that it was in semi-realtime it kind of clicked. I'm just guessing but I think the Ai might be an issue in the future because now i could just trick it and as long as i got the heart to be at the top i kept getting the sword and beat him since he repeating the same moves making the same scenario.

Good job!

Wow this was great. REALLY smooth movement, super impressive. Everything felt great. Cute sprites and music too. Honestly dont have much feedback, looking forward to more content.

Fun game and has potential but it needs some serious onboarding. I really didnt know what to do. After I got out of the cell i just kept walking and i guess got to the next level? Fun move-tech with the bouncy bubbel but the cave is overwhelming. Maybe i missed it but I didnt find any good way to combat the bots and just ran away.

It would help a lot if you smoothed the jump in difficulty. Good job tho! 

very  nice gfx, also controls were surprisingly smooth. I especially liked the cover system. I did have a issue with actually attacking enemies, sometimes i felt that i had to find the exact spot to hover the mouse and also felt that the aim and distance sometimes felt off. The chance to hit was quite low even though i was close.

Another thing that was weird was that the main character died incombat but i could still finish the mission, seeing a game over screen after that was a bit weird. I would let the game continue or end the game right when the character dies.

Good job :)

Dont know what to say really.. Keep working on it. Good job for making something atleast.

Fun! I love platformers with combat systems so this has great potential. I would request a bit more reponsiveness in attacks and combos, maybe being able to cancel out of attacks in more/faster ways. 

Also the ability to become a tiny guy has potential. Solid foundation to build on so i will follow this in the future. 

I'm a sucker for hoard arena shooters so this was fun. Nice models too.

The biggest issue with this for me is that the aiming needs work and polish. One such thing is that ADS should have another mouse sensitivity. It's responsive enough when you are not aiming but when you aim keeping the same responsivness makes it janky and hard to aim where you want to.  Another thing is that the mouse position changes when you walk another direction with the player, it almost rotates to hit the edge of the aim limit you have set. I would prefer if you could still aim where you aim and walk in whatever direction. 

Polish and more content and this will be great!

I just couldnt become friends with the controls. Especially the wall jumping combined with  the vertical boost? I just mashed jump until it shot past the spinning traps.

Applied to the downloadable version it would sometimes just trigger long dashes which i guess is a feature but it's a bit unclear what triggers what. Also I couldnt trigger the fight at the lake? Unless there isnt suppose to be one. I took the boat over and nothing happened. 

Also i dont know if it's my machine or mono but inputs felt a bit sluggish and i never felt that i have full control which is quite important in a game like this.

Base sprites and dash effects are very cool, overall very nice palette with this neon scifi thing. I also like the Cave Story esque town sequence, it will be a nice break from the fighting. Good job, will follow this.

Change-log here for the major additions and changes in this build:


Trying to upload the different promo images for my page but nothing seems to save. It uploads and then shows the thumbnail, when i click away and come back it's empty once again. 

I also tried posting the link on Facebook and it loads the square cover photo used in and not the social media image i've selected. I've also tried scraping the url again with FB debug tool but it doesnt help.

The page in question is:

Thank you so much for playing and the video. Lots of good stuff here. Most of all it showed a glaring bug which was that weapon values didnt get reset when you switched weapons... which made the whole thing very hard for me to watch. E.g. the crossbow isnt supposed to shoot as fast as an assault rifle haha. 

I have uploaded a new version that fixed this and a few other bugs if you want to have another go. But other than that i will tweak difficulty. The jump  is quite big when you play several waves (especially from 2 to 3) but balancing never stops. 

Thank you so much for playing!

Yes I'll have to work on the storytelling to explain the premise (the little of it there is). I haven't done anything there yet. 

You are right about the color direction, I'll work on it for the next version. It's a struggle right now.

Got you! haha, thank you once again for playing and the feedback!

Oh wow thank you so much! I really appreciate you playing it! I will work on the hud to be more clear. Thx for the feedback on the levels, i've been toying with the idea of finding temporary weapons or upgrades with limited ammo to give some variation. I will try some stuff for the next build and hopefully you will try it again :)

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Very strange with the lightning and debugg menu, but i think i know why they happened so i will fix for next build. By next build i will also loop you back into the hub and have a proper pause menu with Escape-button so you can exit if you want.

Baby energy in baby mode is communicated so bad so it's my fault. If you hit 10 in the combo bar you get a chunk of energy,  since most weapons have fast rate of fire it hits that often, i  havent really balanced it after i remade the weapons 2 months ago. I will have to figure something out.

Would you prefer to not get the energy and be forced back into adult mode or is the way it is now good?

(Also babies get kidnapped because there arent enough toddler sized weapons in the world :( )

Thank you for the feedback! if you find anything feel free to hit me up.

I will check out Espgaluda, sounds interesting. The bar right now depletes every tick but gets a chunk back when you combo 10 hits and since most guns have quick fire rate (or for instance the shotgun that shoots 4 pellets) it will trigger quite often. Shooting enemies while in normal mode refills the bar normally.

In your opinion you actually want the opposite? The bar should empty out quicker so you're forced to be out of slow motion?

Thank you for playing and the feedback.

I'm being stubborn on the safe opening, might change or it might just keep it since i like the surprise when people figure it out.

I will look into the enemy death/shooting, thank you for pointing it out!

Thank you for playing :)! 

It's a thing i've struggled with, how to make players really use the slow motion. To me it looks cool but I understand the frustration. I've been toying with the idea of making getting kills reset the bar or making your firerate quicker. Do you think features like that would make it more useable? 

Thank you friend! 

I have a lot of work to do with the graphics, the details and things add to the juice of it but it's hard to know when I've gone too far but I will tweak. If you have any more feedback on what parts you didnt like feel free to share.

I will make it so you can select guns on the wall, I've seen other people try to do this and it's something I've personally never thought about haha. 

Thank you for playing!

The CTR filter was a last min add but you're right it's too much. I'll tone it down or remove it for the next build. Thank you for the feedback, i have a lot of work to do with the general readability, not my strongest forte but I'll do my best. Maybe make shells a much darker color to make them fade out, think that will help?


Like the pixelart and basic gameplay loop. I do wish there were more types of enemies that would differently or demand different typing to break variation. Also, the english translation stops after the first boss, it was a text about Merlin that was shown in french. 

The boss was a bit hard to follow, i didnt know how damage i had to do and i do wish there was a way to counter his attacks. It would be cool if i could type  a phrase to negate it or if i typed his word quicker than him it would counter.

Good job!

Like it a lot.

Graphics is cute and nice. Wouldnt mind if hud was a bit bigger especially the stamina bar. Here are some of the adjustments that came up:

  •  I'm guessing it's a bit early so balance between spawning chest happens later, but some rooms had vast amount of chests keeping my hp topped off constantly.
  • I wouldnt a bit of line of sight on the enemies, sometimes they get triggered on the other side of the room with their back towards me
  • This might just be me but i couldnt restart after i died? 
  • My biggest issue is that at times it was hard to figure out if my hits were going to hit because i couldnt see if we were lined up. Also if i was next to an enemy but angled upwards hits wouldnt connect until i backed down. 

Good job!

This was really fun actually, too bad it's abandoned. I would personally make the jump a bit stronger, maybe im playing wrong but i could never get back to proper heights to be able to keep going.

I'm not the biggest fighting game fan and i could never become friends with MUGEN back in the days. But this was hilarious, i kept playing for the story. It has a nice balance between being random and weird and just funny. So great job on the story, gamewise it's just not for me personally.

I cant figure out how to play? Nothing happens when i click or press any buttons. 

Thank you for playing! Do you mean some stuff are too hard to make out?

Great idea! Good execution too for such a short time. First i just killed everyone and thought that you really messed up and then i saw that you had a rating system. Great thing to add replayability. You should definitly expand on this.

Reminds me a bit of superhot since you constantly need to throw and change weapons. What i would love is if you compensated a bit for the shortage by lower enemy HP or slowing down their bullets. 

I honestly dont get the point or how this fits into the theme..

I'm guessing this is meant to be a mobile game thus you removed a cursor? If not that needs to be there because removing it  didnt add to the design it just created frustration.

Other than that i really liked it! Cute graphics and the levels were creative. Wouldnt mind playing again if you tweaked and added more levels.

Cool idea, the only thing i wish is that there was a way of actually gaining momentum by going down and up instead of only relying on boosters.

I really like this idea! Gives me the same anixety as when i row in real life. Would be fun to further develop adding traps or drum tracks you have to keep up with for bonus speed.

This isnt really working sorry.
In this genre you basically only have one method of interaction and it's your shooting, you took that away without compensating or giving any other tool. The simplest solution is to slow down enemy bullets so you can dodge them or give a shield you can trigger. You need something.

Interesting concept that needs more polish. As it is now it's too clunky and hard to control Lily especially if she's airborn. Not sure what I feel about the time limit either, I guess it depends on what you are going for. But personally for me the time stress combined with the not-precise controls created frustration more than "aha!"

Cute art tho and it feels like a good ipad game.