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Thank you for playing and feedback :)

For the next build I hopefully have a rebind option.

this was cool, im not a big fan of shmups so i dont know whats proper feedback or not

  • please include controls somewhere
  • Graphics: the branches are really distracting i thought they were in the foreground. i think you need to play with saturation and contrast to really show whats important and what isnt. e.g. i can barely see my own bullets.

its hard to feedback on this because its such a personal and story driven game. Really like the graphics and style of dialouge. Wish there was a little but more of a hint where to go but that might just be me being tired.

cool stuff! I must add that i dont like old castlevanias so the controls dont work for me but i understand the style is a design choice. some thoughts: 

  • A lot of controls to learn instantly, maybe ease into some of the weapons and stuff
  • i liked the graphics, maybe some clean up just to make stuff a bit more clear
  • Really cool filter in the menus and stuff
  • Missing a backdash or something to dodge attacks.
  • Tutorial was advancing for any button, made me miss some stuff
  • sometimes enemies disappear? feels like i take damage from nowhere
  • fun tho, liked the shooting! juicy and cool, maybe add a cooldown on the screenshake so it doesnt shake all the time constantly
  • graphics are dope!

good stuff!

this is cool for, you can do some cool stuff if you make levels and stuff. do wish i had atleast a little air control tho, when i fall out the bubble i could save it by just going a little to the side.

left feedback on twitter, but keep tweak it, has potential :)

some feedback

  • jumping from platforms, wish it didnt move me in the air, would rather go straight up and down
  • got stuck on a checkpoint in i think second or third level, with the blue ! on a platform, the blue gate kept getting closed by the spinning spike and it stayed close.
  • Loved the secret paths and all that

dont have much else, u know what you are doing.

fun idea, needs polish and maybe a softer intro, took a while for me to get what to do and how it works. undo/rewind would really be cool.

This was really impressive. Would have liked a tutorial or just a headsup before getting thrown into the combat, but i got the hang of it (i think). Really wish there was more content but whats there is cool, i liked that u had to switch between movement and firing, it has potential if you e.g. have to target specific parts of the ship to take out engines etc.

Cool stuff, not my cup of tea but here some feedback

  • my biggest issue is that i have a hard time knowing when my attacks will connect or if they are out of range, maybe you can extend or show that somehow. 
  • nice intro/tutorial also enjoy the skills and all that. lots of content already.
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wow what progress!

  • loved that you got the movement a bit more control, felt much more managable than before which compensates for the high speed
  • I might be playing this wrong, but ammo is still an issue for me. I keep running out and feels like i emotied the entire map, still think enemies should drop ammo when you hit some sort of combo or something similar
  • Nice that you added quick buttons for weapons but please add weapon changing with the mouse wheel that jumps to the next weapon with ammo, when im running around almost dying pressing numbers in panic trying to find a weapon it breaks the whole fun.
  • Nice leap in graphics too :)
  • Loved the new flies

nice demo, some feedback (some is echoed by others sorry)

  • controls arent there yet, particulary it feels weird shooting with the mouse when im not aiming with it. would much rather you have it as a button and moving with the arrow keys
  • Gravity is too strong, i would slow down the fall and jump to let the player actually be able to control the movement, especially since you are on a 2d plane with big drops. 

Cool stuff! some feedback:

  • animation was dope, looked really good
  • i really wished i could see further around me, right now it felt cheap when i fell down or came through a wall and theres enemies there which i cant prepare for
  • Dog needs a telegraph really bad, i guess its possible to brute force the learning of the timing but its clunky and very unclear when the jump is coming and its so quick. so you can keep the speed but u need to let the player know somehow to make the slide more realistic. Especially if there's other enemies there.
  • Player with keyboard, Shift is tough on the pinky but other than tht it works well. 
  • Very nice walljump

it made me smile lol

I dont know if you want feedback or if this is some sort of meme game but here you go:

  • I would make the text in the menu not woobly, i get that its the point but just that aspect would make it easier to get started
  • i really had no idea what was going on, i got that i could jump on the people, but people were dying on their own and unclear of level borders (or if it just loops?)
  • i would make the movement just a little bit more reponsive, would compensate for the weird hitbox that would kill me sometimes

oh no, i must have missed a killbox, do you remember which level it was? You can also press R for a restart. 

Regarding the sword, i actually removed some stuff to streamline the design. I have a feature where you can press down and you instantly zoom down and u can also bounce on spikes, i did have a thing where u can also throw it into walls and use it as a platform. Is that the type of stuff you would like?

hey thanks for playing and the kind words :)

I play with keyboard myself, do u not like the controls?

I copied cave story/Celeste keybindings. Will have a rebinding feature for the next build. 

oh wow, thank you bro :)! yeah more levels in the next build for the next DD.

yea sorry it's actually C which is the jump button. I forgot to change the string for this build. 

hmm seems like sometimes it breaks the click sorry it happened :( but thank you for playing :)

Haha it's a fun concept! Great ideas, it was on the to do that you would be able to buy powerups and such between rounds but I had to stop after 1.5 days so I ran out of time :(

yeah its a bit finicky, thx for playing :)

haha if life was a game :) thank you, if i ever do a proper version i'll expand it.

Thank you <3

Thank you :) who knows maybe i'll make a proper version of this.

Thank you :)

thats' really nice, thank you :)

Thank you haha yeah that day 11 slipped me by, thx for playing :)

agree but thank u for playing :)

thank u so much <3

thanku so much, so nice to say :)

Fun :) the "twist" got me but i actually prefered it when it was not a shooter. i like those puzzle games, you could make it uncontrollabe by having other things trigger the gravity change perhaps. good job!

haha thank you <3

Thank you <3

Thank you :) 

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing :)

-Jump while dashing should work... havnt heard this from anyone else, maybe its your keys?
-Noted, mistake from my part
-Odd, will investigate

I will have to become better at boxing in levels/adding killzones. I do agree it breaks some of the current levels. I was playing around with making double jump weaker, have to experiment a bit.

thank you!

yeah i didnt get to implement killzones in this build sorry, death is also triggered on the mask hitting ground i should get to changing that.

Thanks for the feedback :) I agree with you, im thinking of introducing that earlier and making more levels with it.

THanks for playing!

Yeah i need to do a better job of boxing in levels/adding killzones. Will probably add walls that cant be jumped on since i dont want to add a stamina to wall jumping.

yeah sorry, it's actually C (jump button) forgott to update the string)