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Shotgun Anaconda

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Wow! Thank you so much bro!

thanks for playing :)

I've realized it's not a shmup it's more of an action game. But thank you for the feedbac.

damn shmoopdev kill me softly plz. thanks for playing bro

You mean you dont like my 4 bar arp loop? lol. Thank you for the feedback friend!

Thank you bro, Im starting to think shmup was the wrong world to stamp this with lol

ohh right, i was gonna do a sfx mute... i'll put it on the list if i continue with this :)

Hmm just tried it out and it works. Do you have an english keyboard?

Thank you for trying it out bro :)

I see what you mean, i will tweak the effect if i keep working on this.

Love it, i already gave you feedback in discord but looking forward to following this. A control rebind is the only thing i really wish was in there :)

Thank you bro!

Interesting game! Reminds me of FF tactics and Advance Wars. I like the character design, makes it look unique. I did get some weird graphical glitches but that might just be my shit laptop.

A lot of your game is going to fall on balance but it's a good start and you got a good chunk already :)

is the jaggy gfx on purpose? doesnt look too good.

No animations obviously.

Walking is floaty but attacking is stiff. Not really obvious what you are going for. cool intro pics tho

thank you @canovi! There actually is a reload button, E button, i might have forgotten to put it in the text in game lol.

I need to remake the level progression, it's just way too random at the moment. Thank you for trying it!!

The big feedback from is that the punish rate is too small, u can almost just hang to the corners and the risk of getting punched is too low.

this can be cool if you expand with different combos and moves. Good job!

  • I really like this 2d DMC style game. But i spent most of the time fighting the controls, they just didnt make sense, maybe it's made specifically for a gamepad but see if you can tweak things around.
  • Also i got weird graphic glitches, i couldnt figure out if it was the effects like blood janking around or your camera glitching and reseting every frame.
  • I love that you already have combos in place, like that you can cancel and combo into other things. smooth the controls and polish the enemies telegraph and this can be really good
Following this!
  • Smooth controls
  • cute gfx and sound track
  • I do wish for a bit more control in the windtubines, i understand it's a balance between changing the dynamics and keeping difficulty but at times it feels a bit too random.
  • i like the pacing and how you introduce obstacles and then combine them for variations.
  • There are some difficulty spikes maybe coming a bit too quick but not too bad.
  • Would love some sort of timer or scoring.
Good job!
  • Dope esthetics. But the main game is too dark, it's slighlty too hard to see enemies.
  • Also the main control scheme doesnt really work, i think i know what you were going for but it doesnt lend itself to this real time gameplay, the alternative way is way bette but even that breaks at times. is there a reason you dont do the regular direction movement?
  • Also the mouse doesnt really line up with the aiming, also i would like it to be quicker but maybe you want it to be slow turning like that.

But i like this, following!

  • Great graphics
  • Like the sound effects
  • Wouldnt mind if the main character moved a bit slower, the speed right now felt a bit too unprecise.

I'm not really a fan of this genre so I'm not the right person to give feedback. good job tho!

Love it!

-Physics are great, feels great to control the player.

-Needs some sort of score system with bonuses for e.g. not touching the floor.

-Fun and simple levels.

Great job!

Fun game!

-Cute art! But I wouldnt mind some more polish and effects, e.g. dust when you jump or land, just to make a it less stiff.

-Love the level design, great work with your limited player options.

-The horizontal movement might need a bit work to make it more fluid, it's very direct and immediate right now.

Good job!

Fun as dicks

-Great enemy variety

-Love the gfx on the character or enemies but background could maybe use some polishing?

-I wouldnt mind seeing enemies that require more active movement and doding, i really like the wizards for the fact you need to be awake so you can dash out of the way.

Great job, dont have much else to say.

First of, thanks for the feedback on House Cleaner!

-Love the art! The whole esthetic is great, you got something fantastic going here.

-I like the whole detective concept, also the black market reminds me of that old drug dealer game from the 90's. nice touch.

-Assets will obviously be created with time but I think you have to nail the process of the first time player. I was really confused on what to do and things like searching for warrents arent that clear right now.

I will follow this :)

First of all, thx for feedback on House Cleaner!

-I really like the art! backgrounds, tiles and animals look gret

-Level generation (or is it random?)

-I couldnt become friends with the controls, I'm guessing this is something you did it on purpose to add depth but certain things were really awkward, like wall jumping (or jumping in general), and shooting. E.g. i would really like to be able to crouch when im aiming instead of having to let go of aim button, crouch, pull out gun and aim.

-The aiming was interesting and requierd thought but enemies like the bird made it cheap sometimes because they could be right above your straight shot or below the 45 angle shot. Maybe a bit of autoaim?

Thanks for playing man! I'm having a bit of hardtime doing a proper pace, maybe im damaged from playing super meat boy lol

haha i love that game, thanks for playing, i've tweaked it a bit now so it might be a bit more forgiving.

Thanks man :)!

Love the new graphics!

Ok thank you for the info :)

Thank you for your reply!

Does it somehow put in the native feeds of itch.io (like newest) ? My point is that if i update it does new people see it :)


Recentally i added a HTML5 browser game, it's my side project so i plan to keep adding things and updating regulary. Does itch.io notice this somehow and show it in the feeds? Sort of like early access i suppose.

wow! Loved this! Perfect mobile game too. just so you know, i had issues opening this on a macbookpro 2010 model. I had to change permissions with "chmod +x thereyougo.app/contents/macos/*" command in the terminal.

good job!