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Will make it more boomer friendly! thanks for playing!

Good feedback! Controls will be updated. I actually want it to be quite a casual game so work will be done to make it smoother.

thank you for playing :)!

good stuff, i started implementing the damping last night actually. Simple tweaks but it feels better already.

thanks for playing and sorry for the tilting lol!

It's become obvious the controls are not up to snuff, im thinking i'll make the balloon rotate on key taps instead of holding, that might give more control (+ more player gas). any other suggestions are welcome.

do you have any suggestions on the whole gravity part or is it something you can get used to?

Thanks! any suggestions on how to improve the controls are welcome. 

Sounds is so hard to get right lol i might fade out the balloon noise after the initial key press.

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Thanks for playing, great feedback!

yes the controls are too janky, i need to improve. any suggestions/ideas are welcome. Im thinking a first step is to make rotation only on taps instead of holding it and giving the player more gas, ive accidentally made it too punishing. movement speeds should be normalized, only time it exceeds the max speed is when bouncing on a mushroom but i woudnt rule out a bug somewhere either.

will add! have to improve the controls for sure

very good feedback thank you!

the left right thing is a bug and i cant believe i didnt catch it. I usually tap to rotate so i had no idea.

If you have any suggestions on how to make controls and flying better please let me know.

really fun!

took me a while to get what i was doing but it worked out well. sometimes its impossible to dodge the onslaught of eggs but not much to do i suppose, perhaps a togglable shield or all clear powerup on a timer. only played with bots but can see this being a fun party game 

thanks for playing!

1. yes sorry, sounds arent normalized. Balloon should fade out when there's no upwards velocity, must be a bug

2. yes good idea

You got the basics in but it's obviously very early. i guess level 6 is the last? game just crashes after a while because its spawning too many objects. Here are some thoughts:

  • There's not much danger right now, enemies spawn and stay where they are, i never once got threathned 
  • No inertia on the player, im assuming it's in space so it would make it more interesting and fun if the player moved less binary
  • basic effects are good, i would go all in on that. use geometry dash as inspo
  • arrow showing the last few enemies outside of screen so i dont need to do a slow circle crawl trying to find them

thank you for playing :D

is this 16x16? having hard matching up tilesizes

Thanks for playing :)

didnt load on firefox and crashed chrome.

thank you for playing and your feedback :)

Really laughed when i got the eye upgrade, also a fun "puzzle" right after, but i can see players raging at that part.


  • attacks having a really long windup doesnt feel good and feels imprecise
  • would prefer a stronger deacceleration to not slide around as much
  • jump platforms are really sensitive, making it annoying trying to either get past them or stand next to them, perhaps trigger them on fall only
  • Wish i could push enemies faster, especially if i need to move them around.

I REALLY like this and wish there were more games like this. It's going to live and die on the puzzles themselves but i like your way of isolating it to a small space, perhaps being able to enter buildings for more advanced cases. 

I dont really have any feedback, other than maybe being able to interact with the objects, "a tire rack with a tire missing" but that might become too easy.

thats not a bad idea, would introduce issues on how to communicate that but i will play around and see what i can do.

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I liked it! 

dont have much feedback other than i would like more upgrades and that the hitbox for picking up exp feels a bit small. hitbox for taking damage feels good but making it a bit more convenient for the player would be nice too. also maybe highlighiing the shop would be nice, didnt get how to upgrade at first.

edit: i refreshed the window and i got a bunch of other upgrades, first time i only could choose between the same 3

fun mobile game, but needs more twists. The mace is a good behavior breaker of just holding a button but needs more things happening to last (maybe i just didnt get far enough?). Would be fun if you can get upgrades and things like that.

Biggest issue is that the hitbox of the book doesnt match the sprite so there are times when you think you should make it but you die because its hitting the invisible boundary.

Fun but a bit too punishing, i suspect its on purpose and tuned to your own preference of playing it over and over. 

My biggest issue is that the mouse "deadzone" is too low, more often than not my mouse went outside of the game window without having gotten the right amount of turning. I would start off with some much easier levels so the player learns how to control it properly.

thank you for playing and the bug list, will adress those to the next version.

I agree, the scavenge part is under worked. The idea is to separate it a bit from other rougelites/survivor clones, so i do think it can be fun just needs more work. You're right about the wasting time part, your comments make me think its better to give every house something but different tiers of chests instead.

Regarding driving over enemies, there is a Fender upgrade that lets you do that, having it as default made it too easy to just drive through groups and be invincible. Will probably make the player have a temporary fender that can take X amount of hits (almost as a shield).

definitly, sound is the least worked on aspect. thanks for playing!

thank you so much :) <3

fun but my weapon ended up destroying itself after being invincible. i think its because i added the bomb powerup next to it. you need to make ui stuff super clear when it comes to this. now it just became frustrating.

all correct will work on the things you mentioned, thank you!

yes its all really unbalanced, will work on that! thank you!

late response, but yes i agree with all of that. thank you! i will keep working on it for variation

sounds all good, i assumed most of it was WIP. Looking forward to seeing future iteration!

it definitly needs to be balanced lol adding a few enemy variations to hopefully break it up and also objectives on the map. 

Good idea for bus moves. Should i continue this game or kill it?

Yeah if thats the design you want to go with i would kill the mouse, it doesnt mesh right now. Looking forward to future iterations!

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I really wanted to like this because it looks really cool and the idea is nice but i just had a hard time playing, the character is too floaty which takes away from the control and the sensitivty is too high. I also just couldnt get comfortable with the attack, i was constantly unsure on what it would do and how i would get the tags into each hand. I think it will get better with a structured tutorial instead of being placed right on the rooftops. 

fun short demo, sounds good but gfx needs a bit of work. I also wish the character would look at the mouse, i dont really see the benefit of it not doing it. I think you need to select if it's a twin stick controls or keyboard/buttons only.

I like it, time mechanic is always cool, movement feels solid and i like that the world twists and turns.

but my biggest complaint is that your tilesets and objects all blend together. It's next to impossible to see enemies and traps unless you move super slowly and watch intensely. It's cool punishing the player sometimes but it happens way too often and combined with the player only have 1 hp makes it more frustrating than fun for me. 

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Great stuff with a lot of existing polish :)

here are some points

  • Nice feet
  • I would like some indicator when im picking up something that requires two hands and will make me drop everything else
  • I also wish i had a separate button for each hand, i ended up juggling weapons and shields a couple of times because i tried to pick up something new when a weapon broke
  • I really think you should be able to stash 1 set of weapons on your back, its a bit awkward dropping everything when im e.g. on a ladder  or want to bring out my bubble gun. Im assuming you're doing this so you can have some control over the arena? But at the same time i dont think it will break anything since it's not (currently) that room based.
  • I got a bit lost in the castle not knowing what to do but understandably it's wip.
  • Nice immersiveness, it was great burning the door and i accidentally burned the starting table. But then i kind of forgot about it. More of this.
  • Now here's the big one, I LOVE the bubble gun. I think that's your USP in this game and I would tbh go all in on it. It's cool that you can pick up weapons and brooms but all i wanted to do was to bubble people and kick them around, it was super fun. I would love to see this expanded with tools that lets you combine actions. 
    • Maybe i can also spawn traps, e.g. a fire pit or a small spike. Bubble enemy and kick them into it.
    • More bubble puzzles, the one you had with the barrel flipping the switch is such a cool "ahaaa" moment
    • More ways to interact with: jump on the bubble, stack them, be able to fly around in it, shoot at speed knocking stuff over etc

tl;dr i loved the bubble gun, would love to see it mixed together with the physics.

Thx for playing!

I understand the confusion, there's a fender upgrade that lets you hit them. but yeah, the whole onboarding can be done better if i continue this prototype.