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Perfect. Just tweak it a bit and expand it and this can be a full game. Great job for all the people  that worked on this.

Simple yet relaxing game. A tutorial will help a lot here. Good job. Keep it up.

The game feels good to play. Player control is great. The art looks cool. The game speed is a bit too fast for me personally. Overall it is a great game.

Controlling the character needs getting used to. A nice take on the theme. This can be a good mobile game. Keep it up.

Good game overall. Easy to understand and the difficulty is spot on. Good job!

Art is very minimal yet effective. Gameplay is addicting. Good job.

First of, the art is beautiful. It is very clean. As for the game itself I love the maze like level design. It really builds up to the light mechanic.  Maybe if you could a timer to add another layer of difficulty finding your way in the dark, but that's just my after thought. All in all it's a great entry for the jam.

Check out mine if you haven't:

Mark mark mark mark 10/10 mark mark mark mark!

Great art. Game is very entertaining. You really get the feels as your character gets older and older.

I love the game. Very satisfying specially when aligning the enemies in a straight line. The art also reminds me of a Mana game. Great job!

Very beautiful game. My only nitpick is a quick accessible level restart. Other than that is a solid game.

Short but creative. The mechanics plus the level design will give you the "Aha!" moment.

Good game. Maybe add a setup time during the first few seconds of the game. A really fun and intense game at the same time. Good job!

Fun game. The invisible walls could use some clear indication so that you don't get cornered unintentionally. Great graphics and music too.

Good concept. It would a good addition if you could make it so that you could choose which enemy in range to prioritize. Also, I love the art style.

Graphics is simple but effective. Mechanic is also great. Really fun game.

Good concept. Smashing asteroids has a great feel to it. A game over screen could also be a good addition. All in all a great game.

Good idea. Aiming could use some improvements as it is a huge part of the game.

Really good mechanic. Music would work wonders with this type of game. A good idea to build up on.

Pretty fun game. The bouncing has a good feel to it. Also has a good art.

Fun to play. The UI could use some polish but that's really not a big of an issue as the game is great.

Great concept. Control could use some tweaking so that the mouse pointer isn't all over the place (don't know if it's because I have a dual screen set up). I really had fun playing.

Very good game. Great aesthetics, fun gameplay. Great job on this one!

Great art style. Fun to play once you get used to moving. Stage design could be better. Good entry all in all.

A good game. Great in every aspects. Really fun to play.

Good concept. Difficulty might need adjusting. Still a fun game.

Good concept and fun to play. Not much to say other than polish. it's a solid game.

I'll keep this in mind thanks for the feedback. Hope you two had fun playing!

Good concept. Maybe give it a more forgiving hit box. Needs a bit of polishing but the idea is there.

One of if not the best. It really plays with the theme of the Jam

Good level design that plays well with the mechanics.

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully I could do more next time.