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I enjoyed playing your game. Thanks for allowing me to play.

I liked the Ninja Turtles vibe it gave me and how the levels are hand made. I enjoyed playing through them.
I saw that most of the assets arent yours, but for sure I can tell that most of the work went on using them to build a cohesive experience. I think your game DID deliver that cohesiveness.
Also, the game did teach me the mechanics without being necessary to read the description of the game. Not many games in jam do that.

However, I did not find any depth in the gameplay itself and the gameplay loop consisted solely on keeping running in circles pressing the buttons whenever the cooldowns were off.
This resulted in a gameplay that wasnt very much engaging. Perhaps more iteration would be necessary to find what on those kinds of games are engaging.

If it was a Ludum Dare game:
Innovation – 2/5
Fun – 1/5
Theme – 4/5
Graphics – 3/5 (even though those were not your assets, the aesthetic is cohesive)
Audio – 3/5
Humor - 3/5
Mood – 4/5
Overall – 3/5