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Very charming visuals, I love the fire, makes the game stand out. I like how the attacks spawn randomly too. Also, the way the player engages in combat reflects really well on the character of BunBun, well done! However with that being said, here are my few complaints that I have of the game

  • There isn't any checkpoints. It's a hassle to have to restart all the way back at the start after having gone so far
  • The restricted area cannot be clearly seen. Often I would get cornered by enemies simply because I didn't know where those boundaries are. I suggest adding a visible block in the road that explodes and clears the way once all the enemies have been killed. Also, barriers at the sides of the road apparently have a gap in between them which I get stuck on alot and end up getting cornered too. Maybe the invisible wall should be placed there instead.

Awesome entry overall!