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I guess you have to fight against both little purple bugs and big software bugs also :))

Thanks for the feedback, the "lag" mechanic had quite some issues, and almost caused us to miss the jam, wish we had more time to fix it!

Thank you :) We wanted to add lots more to the game, like waves, different bugs, different attacks etc. Wish we managed our time a little better. Thanks you for the offer, did you work on a game this jam?

Commit 2 murders, no one bats an eye; commit a third one and everyone looses their shit! Had fun :)

At first I tried running into the walls in the idea that there is another room, but after a while I figured out that it's not what I should be doing :) This otherwise this game was eggscelent.

well, it sure gave me a laugh :)

Had some issues starting the game, but after I figured it out it was fine. Cool idea, also good thing you included a tutorial!

Wow, awesome idea, love it.

This game gave me the creeps. Good thing I didn't play this at night.

That Jack guy  is a SOB who keeps attacking me! Awesome game, great fun.

While some of the controls feel a bit janky, I think the idea is really great and something I have not really seen before. Awesome attempt, really like it.

It goes to show that sometimes people like the things you didn't really think about :)

I kept lobbing nades at the last spot but the plant thing would not die. Interesting concept, also I have a soft spot for games implemented without a game engine, great job!

These kids sure are out of control :P I like the idea, but it was hard for me to tell if I was actually doing anything, kids tended to ignore me a little, and I was not sure if I was actually doing anything. I guess it's part of the theme :)

great job people! :)

I liked the old school microsoft paint aesthetic, the little flags at the end and I have to say that you explored the mechanics in a pretty nice way, each level having a different challenge. Great job!

I love the theme and the visuals. I loved all those scanned in drawings, made my heart smile :)

Great job!

Hey great job with the game, I see some nice Faster than Light influence here. I think it's great that you used Pygame, and you managed to implement a lot of stuff, especially a tutorial,  great job!

I like how you can destroy stuff in the background if you are turning. I think that would be a wonderful little detail in a game, like when you turn from left to right in order to face an enemy, you also destroy all the furniture behind you :)

Saturday NOBODY showed up at your house and started hitting on you. Yeah, pretty normal Saturday. :))

I married the clown a few times and also the Heartthrob, but he was worse than the clown to be honest.

Cool idea, would show up and play your game ;)

What confused me a bit is that you can move left and right with a and d but you can't jump, only with the arrow keys, but then I saw that I should have been using the arrow keys all along :)

A game where you can't pick up chicks, instead they run away from you. Just like real life ;P

Fun game, I especially liked the visuals, the hopping around and the little chicks, great job!

I wish I could play this, but sadly I don't own a controller :'(

It's funny how you stick to the sides of platforms, I wish I could jump off them or something. 

Really fun game, I played a lot of it. This is a legit really fun game, a clever idea and impressive that you did it in 48 hours.

I'm not sure that your game is doing what it's supposed to be doing. I see the main character running into some corridor for 2 seconds then I get something that looks like a game over screen, while dialogue is playing. Am I missing something?

Cool graphics, but the controls are really clunky. If you cast the same spell two times some weirdness happens.  I like how you can combine spells and cast a combination of them, I think that is pretty cool idea.

Well, I got squished a lot of times, but the squishing effect and how things move around made it really funny. I wish I had more time to figure out how the grappling hook works, sadly I couldn't get past that out of control boulder. Good job on your first jam :)

Really lovely game, so warm and nice. Love the aesthetic and music. Also that is quite the hill the train is climbing :)

I could definitely imagine playing something like this when stressed or something. 

As for feedback, the game kind of ends in the middle, you run out of clients, and the food falls out of the train, after a while the music also stops. It's out of control.

FYI, this triggered google chrome while downloading ("warning, not commonly downloaded"),  just so you know, maybe because of the name of the folder, idk.

Really great game, the visuals and audio was great, had lots of fun playing it. It is pretty hard though, and it was not clear at first what water did.

Love the idea, I also wanted to do something like this, because of the F spam that I saw on discord and the youtube video, but decided against it. I am happy that someone had the same idea.

My only problem is that it is hard to know what you should be doing. Sometimes banning haters gets you more viewers, sometimes less. Not really sure how that works.

This is the most impressive game that I played, including the ones from the official GMTK. I love the visuals, the sound, the gameplay. Incredible. 

Wow, really great game, had lots of fun playing it. I really like the sounds effects and music, as well as visuals.

If you go up, close to the edge of the world it's too easy, but if you try to go close to the ground the game is really fun, I liked it :)

I decided to add a new rule! If your game was accepted to the official Game Jam, there is no point in also having it here, so I will remove those submissions from now on.

32 seconds, yeah!
Really fun game, loved the sound effects and stuff.

Really liked it, great idea!

Also I see you have a html uploaded as a zip, you can mess around with the upload so it runs in the browser.

It took like 10 tries but I won eventually :)

Interesting concept, although as a player it would have been nice to know in advance the direction so we could plan. Although it would not have been as out of control.