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I did ask my little sister to draw some pictures for our game, since graphics are not my strong points :) Glad you liked the mechanic. 

I am really curious as to what you are referring to as the mrbtongue reference, I really love his videos, and have watched all of them 5 times each, but there is no conscious reference to it. Maybe you found an unconscious one :)

Wonderful critique of capitalist ideals, reminds me of the book about Marxist critique of Hegel, this game is better than reading Das Kapital, great job.

Rough around the edges, but real fun :)

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That A* library seems like overkill to be honest :) 

Suggestion: It is hard to make sense of the game without your description, because to me at least it seems to go too fast, and it was hard to understand at first.

Praise: I liked the visuals for this, good job on that :)

yay, only 94 deaths!

Apparently you can quit using alt+F4 :)

Gotta love the simplicity of the idea :)