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Made me feel inspired, thanks dev

I really liked this submission. I liked the graphics and everything that went into making this game. I respect the fact that it was made from scratch also. Good job!

Well, got to level 23, my wrists hurt, but it was interesting. Nice job!

Interesting idea, but I've only been able to get what anger does, not sure what the others are for.

Blind King is an accurate name. Really hard to get a picture of what's going one before you die. The concept in general I liked, I would try a game like this out that had some time for development.

Also, got to love that spinning day/night disc :)

Interesting idea, although I found that if you both die at the same time you get a black screen, which I think is really funny.

Thank god I looked at the description, where you said that you couldn't interact with anything. I would have been mashing my poor keyboard like a madman.

I would have liked for rooms to stay bright for more time, but other than that I found the concept really interesting, and I think it fits the theme really nicely :)

Interesting concept, but I found that there is a win the game perk that caused the game to just stop.

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That's really weird, you should see the help screen and h should start the game. If you are not seeing the help screen it means some stuff didn't load.

My suggestion would be:
1. Download the game again. 
2. Update Java.
3. Pray.

If that doesn't work I have no idea. Sorry :/

Thanks for your feedback!

We tried to stick to not being able to control units, and you are kind of right about the strategy and iron thing. Currently there is no way to increase the energy generation. 

That being said, I think there is potential strategysing with the given system. We decided to make soldiers roam around to try and balance the ease of making units. You can make 5 soldiers, but they might wander off the map if you are not lucky.

The emergent strategy we founds is especially useful in maps where you are far apart from the enemy. A good strategy is to build buildings close to the enemy, so if you manage to not be destroyed and spawn some soldiers there you have a real chance of taking one of their buildings down.

We tried to come up with new and weird mechanics for our RTS, and I agree that they are not polished or seem really weird, but they did cause a lot of funny misfortune for the part of the players so we think it was all worth it :)

I had the impression that what I was supposed to do is get people to shoot each other and to parry bullets. Let's say it is really challenging to clear out a room in one life :)

I figured out a better strategy at the end, and let's just say I lived to hop another day.

Glad you had some fun with it :)

Sometimes you do spawn like a screen away from the enemy, but then it takes a lot of time and luck if you want to win.

Also we have another great "mechanic". You know how in an RTS after a while you have so many units it's hard to manage them effectively? Well here if you have a large number of units the game will run really slowly, so you can better understand the situation. This was totally intended.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Most of the time you spawn really close, and you have a clear strategy if you want to win. When you do spawn a bit further, it takes a long time to get to the other side. I did win a match after like 7 minutes though. The key is that new buildings will spawn next to a random resource, so you can kind of control the placement of buildings.

Ok, I tried again, and it did work. 

I found out that it works if caps lock is on. So it does actually work for 'D', but it doesn't work for 'd'. 

Hey, to start the game and pause the game you need to press H. Hope it didn't cause that much confusion.

Good job, although there is a weird platform at the end.

I wish I could play the game, but the assets like the sounds and pictures are missing. You need to put them next to the exe.

Well, the description is accurate. And the game is really weird. I got what I came for I guess :)

Interesting concept, loved the graphics!

I liked the graphics. We also made an RTS but it lagged like hell. It looks really nice when you have an army of workers destroying trees :)

Interesting idea, had a bit of difficulty aiming though.

It's really fun if the other player doesn't get what the game is about, but then it becomes a game of patience. 

Fun idea, but man, those keyboard controls killed me.

Hey, for some reason the D key doesn't work. 

Love the symbols and the idea. I would play this game regularly, had great fun!

You are missing a couple more files:

There should be 'ARCHITECT_Data'
folder next to the executable

Loved the intro.

Stopped at 360 points :)

It was a fun mechanic.

Nice idea, loved it. The game looks really pretty, and I thought the fact that you can destroy towers and make them heal your units was great. I won, but I'm not sure how the castles hitpoints worked. 

Other than that I really appreciated the beginning tutorial! GJ!

Kind of difficult, but really nice, great job!

Really nice how the sound fades, but yeah, I just followed the green crosses until I could. Can't really hold a beat to save my life.

Love the font + art + music + impact sound. This touched my heart. And balls.

Jiggle physics takes a toll. Both a development one and a physical one.

Hello, creator here.


We could not submit the game we made for this jam, so in desperation we submitted our old game from 2017. 

We made a real time strategy game, where you don't control the units, but the placement of resources.

You can check it out here:

I did ask my little sister to draw some pictures for our game, since graphics are not my strong points :) Glad you liked the mechanic. 

I am really curious as to what you are referring to as the mrbtongue reference, I really love his videos, and have watched all of them 5 times each, but there is no conscious reference to it. Maybe you found an unconscious one :)

Wonderful critique of capitalist ideals, reminds me of the book about Marxist critique of Hegel, this game is better than reading Das Kapital, great job.

Rough around the edges, but real fun :)

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That A* library seems like overkill to be honest :) 

Suggestion: It is hard to make sense of the game without your description, because to me at least it seems to go too fast, and it was hard to understand at first.

Praise: I liked the visuals for this, good job on that :)

yay, only 94 deaths!