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A Mindbending Puzzle Platformer Where Your Controls Are A Limited Resource
Submitted by Green Cheese Games — 1 day, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Wow, awesome idea, love it.


Thanks!  We’re pretty happy with how our idea ended up looking at the end of the jam, and we’re glad that others have appreciated the concept too!


This is a really great game! I was a little daunted at first by the premise, but you've clearly put a lot of thought into designing the levels and they do a great job of walking you through how the central mechanics work. It's awesome stuff!


Thanks for playing!  We’re glad that you enjoyed it, and I’m glad that the level design has been so appreciated.  We put quite a bit of time into designing the tutorial levels, so it’s nice to hear that they work as well as we had hoped.  Again, thanks for the feedback!


This is a very creative game but really frustrating for the fact you have puzzles combined with reaction time.  I'm current stuck at the jet pack level, cant seem to get the timing right after I push the top block and come down there are spikes , active  lazers and bullets in that tight space. Regardless it is very well made and well polished. I love the fact you have tutorials and fits the theme out of control in a very creative way.  5 stars bro.



Thanks for the comment!  It's good to hear about the difficulty of the platforming areas, as we had a hard time gauging what would be too hard or too easy.  It sounds like we made things a bit too difficult, so we'll be sure to tune that down if we ever come back to the game.  We're really glad you enjoyed it though, and thank you for leaving valuable feedback!


Wow I love the concept of this game. Such a great puzzle. And I love how the "R" button resets the game, because I got stuck a few times. The soundtrack is also very neat. Great work overall! 5/5


Thanks!  We didn’t actually have the room reset mechanic at first, but it didn’t take long into playtesting to realize that it would be pretty important ;).  Thanks for playing; we appreciate the feedback!


This game is actually one of the more original and better designed games I've seen in the jam, in terms of game mechanics and concept. It really fit the theme very well, and every portion of the level design was very satisfying. At the beginning it felt foolproof and facilitated learning, subsequently it became more and more challenging in a manageable and flavourful way. It is actually really impressive how you make the player feel smart and good while challenging them sufficiently. I feel like mechanically it is very strong, and definitely deserves more ratings! 


Thank you so much for the feedback!  We put a lot of time into level design and trying to make sure the game had a reasonable difficulty curve, so it’s great to hear that the effort paid off!  Again, thanks for playing, and we’re glad you enjoyed the game!


I can't believe this was made in 48 hours, there are so many levels, and the movement physics are so smooth, and the puzzles are so well crafted. This is the best game I've seen in the jam and I'm surprised nobody else has rated this yet.


Wow, thank you so much!  This was probably our biggest game jam project ever in terms of scope, so I'm really glad to hear that it worked out and that somebody enjoyed it so much.  Again, thank you, we really appreciate the kind words!