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I like the soundtrack and the game.
Although I have to say, this game seems to be a bit easy, I kept double clicking the crystals and while having the respective note symbol next to it. But overall great job!

I really enjoyed the game it was very fun and it is creative. Congrats!

I really enjoyed the game it was very fun and it is creative. Congrats!

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Wow ! Really fun game, amazing music, the amount of content. I really enjoyed playing this. Congrats on this game :-)

Really enjoyed the choices you have in the game. However some things didn't react to me interacting with them, for instance the bomb, I clicked on the cables nothing happens.
So maybe an indication that something is needed for a certain action to be done, would be great.
But overal great job!

I really like the design and the animations in the menu and in-game.
However I had a big issue with performance, and was playing this at like 10fps.
I'm curious if the animation for the cubes is eating up alot of performance.
But still I made it to stage two almost got at the end of that one, but died.
Overall great game!

Really enjoyed playing the game. I made it to the end and won first try.
Great job!

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Thank you very much for playing my game. I have to check if I can fix the speed of the ball or the paddle.

Thanks for playing, and that's a great idea ;-)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Yeah I think I left my paddle too slow.
I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! I already noticed that I left my paddle too slow, I'll see to fix that.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Yes I should have increased the movement speed.

Nice little game, I enjoyed it! 
Although I have to say it's kinda hard to react to the rockets with the limited time, it's a little too fast or the view is not large enough, but overall great job!

Really enjoyed playing your game Vlad! This reminds me of happy wheels and other 2D sideview racing games. Seems nicely polished for what it is, Great job!

I really enjoyed playing this game! This reminds me of Audiosurf.
- I love the soundtrack and all the animations of the UI etc.
- The gameplay is nice and simple, as the visuals.
- The difficulty spike is alright, at the end of the first level, it got a little difficult though, might not be easy to progress first try.
Great job overall!

Wow very interesting game and art. I enjoyed playing, it was fun. It's a shame there was no soundtrack though, or maybe something went wrong from my side.
There is a bug though, that when you need to pickup the purple petals before the red one, if you pick up the red one straight away, it progresses to the next level anyways, and there was one level, where it was impossible to get the purple petal, because it was covered by the thorn bush and the air booster flower is not working, so you fall in a pit and can't get out.
Overall great game though!

Simple and fun game! I made it to the end. The soundtrack is pretty neat too.
Great job overall!

Nice little game! Keep honing your skills!

Wow I had quite a duck playing this! Very funny and simple game. Yeah, great job!

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I really enjoyed the game. The fighting balance between health  and damage was just right, and the difficulty was good too, so it was fun. The story is funny and yet, well structured, just the intro text in the beginning was really annoying.
I am curious, what game engine did you use and how did you make the different attack animations?
Overall Great job!

Very fun and funny game! I enjoyed playing it. The soundtrack is also very nice.
There were a few moments where I got stuck in the walls/tiles and I think the hitboxes are a little too big. Overal great job!

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I played the game! It's really great. However there is a bug where if you freeze the ant shortly before you get eaten by the frog, it creates duplicates on the respawn and I was like playing 3 ants at the same time.

Also if you restart the level with the in-game menu, it resets when you get through half the map, so that you have to return to the main menu and select the level from there.

Great game and concept though!

Thank you very much for playing! :-)
Yeah my games tend to be very difficult haha. Sometimes I think making games easy for the player can be harder sometimes.

Well I am happy you enjoyed the music and thank you very much for the feedback. Yeah the puzzle is not the best , but it's possible to get through it. 
When you say HUD , I assume you mean the Main Menu and the text appearing in-game and the textbox? There were some sprite to be implemented as buttons and the textbox was to be updated too, but we didn't have enough time unfortunately ^^
But thank you very much for playing! I really appreciate it.

They give you extra points :-)

I think I solved the gui issue with this one, maybe you can try it again and let me know if it's better.

Hey interesting game! I managed to finish it. I might suggest, to put way less zombies, and make them faster and with less health and have them make more damage as well (the player hp is also awfully high). Overal great job!

Very fun game. But I think it has a bug, when I quickly try to harvest a lot of carrots or any other item, at some point it stops harvesting them and they stay there, and I can plant vegetables on top of each, maybe that's also a bug not sure. But overall great concept and great job!

Hey thanks! and noo your game is fun! Good luck and much success! :-)

funny little game. The game slightly changed when I hit that guy in red, and I think I made it to the end where it says "GG". Great job, keep going!

Really good game. It's very fun! Hope to see more of your games in the future.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great job with this game and the mechanics. I love the textboxes and the different colours for the font. The dialogue and story is interesting. The swinging of the machete looks great. The visuals and the soundtrack are also very nice. 

There is not much I can suggest to improve besides the missing fighting in the game.

Great job for this jam!

I loved the poetic approach/writing and dialogue of this game. Great job!

Really fun game. The instructions are nice, I like the music, the game is fun. however on one point I ran out of seeds and didn't know what to do next. (Maybe it was in the instructions, I just didn't remember).
There is also the thing with the limited view, was it possible to move the camera ?
if not it might be be a good idea to have a larger view. Great job overall!

Thank you so much! I am glad that you found it relaxing :-)

Really nice game. I enjoyed it. I like the lightning and this warm ambiance, really relaxing. Great job!

Nice job. Looks very similar.