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"Dodge the Ls or you'll take one" game of the year

Really pretty game! I like how trying to move out-of-bounds (the area at the top of the level) damages you instead of just blocking you off full stop, it feels like a pretty natural way to enforce those constraints.

Oh dear, I didn't quite realise how insulting the "Nobody started hitting on you" line could sound when I was adding the text in... Thanks for playing!!

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Hahaha, I love the chaos of this game. Like many people below me have said, it definitely fits the theme. It looks like you put a lot of thought into the effects of each item, but I wonder if there's a way to make it clearer at a glance as to which ones are good or bad? I think that's the main part I struggled with when I first played. I hope you do add those future updates, I'm interested in where this game could go!

Cheers! You're completely right, if I had had more time to work things out (or rather managed mine better) I would've loved to include special events depending on where you choose to visit. It gets a little repetitive for sure... Thanks so much for the detailed feedback!

Thank you! Sometimes that's how it goes...

This is a really great game! I was a little daunted at first by the premise, but you've clearly put a lot of thought into designing the levels and they do a great job of walking you through how the central mechanics work. It's awesome stuff!

Short, sweet and entertaining! I guess the way gravity changes is a little jarring (though totally in line with the game jam theme), perhaps some kind of audio/visual cue to indicate it's about to happen could be good? :o

That happened to me too when I played, it seems like pressing the D button triggers the credits? So as long as you don't press that, you can advance in the game, but I'm still not entirely sure how to move :(

Thank you so much, I'm glad you found it fun! :)

Ah yeah, I would've loved to add a bit more strategy to the gameplay, that's the main thing I'm critical of myself! Thank you for appreciating it anyway!!

I'd love to play a longer version of this sometime, I hope you can keep working on it!! :)

I'll be sure to!

I feel like this game might have benefited from a way to advance through text quicker? It gets a little slow if you're not very good at the game like me and keep dying. That said, the dialogue is extremely entertaining. Great job!

This one was a bit tough for me to play, I might recommend giving the player just a little more time before the boulder starts moving at the beginning of the game? Besides that, this is a neat idea and the little extra trophies are a cool touch!!

I love the style of this game! Really interesting concept too, super cool stuff

I found the controls kind of difficult to get the hang of (it seemed like I couldn't get the 'actions' to work without pressing down on the arrow keys as well as WASD?), but your game looks lovely and the central mechanic is really interesting!

Did you not press the 'Play' button underneath the list of controls before you started trying to move? Because that's the mistake I made!

The art and polish on this is amazing! I'm shocked that you could make a game like this in such a short amount of time! You guys did an excellent job

This was cute, I really like the little sprites in this game! I like how on some of the levels you can actually just try and herd the tanuki together and wait for the chicks to wander into the baskets themselves

This game was pretty fun, the gameplay is solid and I loved all the little rooms! I think the only thing I'd suggest would maybe be like a statistic on the game over screen to show you how long you managed to keep the ship in tact, I think that could add to the replay value a little!

oh god, i had no idea that could happen!

bless you, this is a great idea!

Thank you so much!! :)

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Hi, sorry to revive this post but first time game jammer here, would it be possible to also get an invite to the general slack chat for this? Thank you either way! :)