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Really charming little game! I really liked the comic and I genuinely let out an 'aw' the first time I saw Nyan run away, sad that he failed to catch the rat! I love the music and I loved that the puzzles weren't so rigid, in the sense that if I couldnt solve the main puzzle I could just wing it and succeed in the level either way! That opened up leniency and accessibility in the design so KUDOS to that!

Really charming game! I really enjoyed the entire playthrough and I always felt sad when Nyan cries and runs away when he fails. Effective use of music and storytelling! GREAT JOB EVERYONE 

Hey! We have uploaded a version of Linux! Check it out! - Jedi

Hi! We are planning to upload a version for Linux over the weekend! :) thanks for dropping by

thank you for the feedback! :D all the best for the official Game Jam! Your game looks great too

This game is actually one of the more original and better designed games I've seen in the jam, in terms of game mechanics and concept. It really fit the theme very well, and every portion of the level design was very satisfying. At the beginning it felt foolproof and facilitated learning, subsequently it became more and more challenging in a manageable and flavourful way. It is actually really impressive how you make the player feel smart and good while challenging them sufficiently. I feel like mechanically it is very strong, and definitely deserves more ratings! 

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and think so highly of it! :D If we continue working on this project we will definitely add more challenges and levels from here! Once again thank you for your kind words, it means alot to us :)

Thanks for the feedback! We made the game simple so that it could fit within the 2 days scope, but yes the concept could easily be expanded upon to be even better for sure :)

Thank you for the very kind feedback! :D We put a lot of effort making the game look and feel great! And yes, you figured it out! The map on the table was supposed to be so that the player will feel like they have a way to figure out where they were by corresponding it to the notepads that were stuck on the computers. (Instead of roaming mindlessly) We are planning to update this someday to make that mechanic more refined

Commented on main game page but forgot to rate here. Glad I remembered. Love the art and the game is really cool too! It has a solid retro 8 bit feel, really nice aesthetics

I really liked the art but got stuck at first dialogue. :(

I really like the presentation and the concept of it, I just hope maybe there was more player feedback on whether I am doing something right or not because I wasnt sure at all whether I was picking the right headline :(

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 Very fun. I liked how it switches to having to use the mouse to chase away the red bullets, and it has alot of potential :)  (edit: 2284 score)

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I really really like the handdrawn art style of the assets, its really interesting to see how that works when  implemented into a game!

Cute character creation! Really enjoyed the process of customizing my duck haha. Would be nice to have some audio feedback as well, keep up the good work!:)

Thank you so much! Do let us know how you feel about it! :>

Really like what you did with the pixel art! Great job with the atmosphere too! Although I couldnt get past the door in the ship but I enjoyed it:)

Thanks! We are hoping to update the game and perhaps take this idea somewhere in the future :)

Thank you for the playthrough! We are glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for the rating and we are glad you successfully made it! :D

I think the game is pretty cool! Got the hang of it after awhile, and I like that we cant control when we are going to transform because it fits the 'Out of Control' theme! It would be nice to have a stronger win condition tho! :)

Thank you so much! It means alot to hear that. We wanted to push as much as we could and that caused us to face issues with the deadline, (twice) D: But anyway, we are really glad you liked it!

Thank you! Appreciate the compliments alot! We are hoping to continue pushing this game and polishing it up because of all the support! Your feedback means alot :)

Thank you! Appreciate it! :)

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! We will actually probably change it to arrow keys to make it more universally understood! :D 

I was about to change the nappy. Placed the baby on the table, took the nappy, turned around..... andd.... chills down my spine

Really really unique game! Especially love the aesthetic!

Really interesting concept! You did great! Could be harder tho! :)

It was really interesting to be zooming about! Good job!

I really like the concept and the level design is pretty cool! :)

Really nice aesthetics! The animations and art style is very polished!

This game has a very unique aesthetic with the retro 8 bit feel! I love it!

Thank you so much for this opportunity! :') it means alot

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Thank you for the support! :D

Hey! We love that you love the game! We are very happy that you had fun! :)

Thanks for the support! It really means alot! :)

Thank you! I guess we really didnt learn our lesson and played with the deadline yet too closely again! :( I know we wont be able to get ratings  but if anyone is interested in trying our game its

Good job! It was interesting when the brain decided to cry instead of allowing me to fire, i did literally lose control!