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Heeey, thanks for the comment, Napalion!

We wanted to add more dangers and enemies as well, but we basically could only give the last one and a half days to make the game :(

Well, I can guarantee that I wasn't disappointed! Just kinda confused :P

Also, the first transition (when you first reach the bonfire) was really well made! It really got me thinking I reached the end of the game

Very interesting idea! I have to say the game was lying from the start. I really thought I'd be seeing some 3D graphics haha

Hey everyone! We fixed a few bugs and wanted to show the bug-free (at least  of the ones we found:P)version of the game  but, as it's against the rules to upload a new version after the end, we uploaded this new version to our Google Drive!

So, if you for some reason really wanted to check the game out with a bit more polish, here it is:

And DON'T FORGET: Use the "oficial" version that was uploaded to the jam for your rating. Otherwise that we'd be cheating :)

Wow, thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it! <3
Yeah, the Centaur is quite a formidable foe, but there is a strategy you can apply to counter him!
I won't tell you what it is, but it makes it seem like you're dancing with him ;)

Ah yes, I see. Maybe we could give it a little more focus on the initial stages, so as to bring the player's attention to that fact... 

Thank you so much for replying! It is really important to get this kind of feedback! <3

Thanks for you review!

We really tried to make everything have an impacting gamefeel, so as to make the player feel like a badass action hero! Glad to see we succeeded in our intentions! ^^

Huh, funny. I had the exact same idea!

I, too, think it would help a lot if they telegraphed before just shooting.

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Thank you for your review! 

Yeah... We actually wanted to implement a way to stop you from just rolling through the level and getting to the exit, but we didn't have time to do it... 

But, in the end, we felt that it wasn't much of a problem, as it gave the player the agency to choose which levels they wanted to clear out and which they didn't feel like it! 

We felt that the game being more dynamic  could make it even harder to pull off parries (deflections) and kinda frustrating to make enemies hit eachother.

Did you feel it could make it better? :o

Oh, and your submission is Judgement, right? I'll take a look at it and give you my own two cents! ^^

Thanks for your review! You guys are really making mine and my team's days with all these comments <3

Anyways, the main mechanic was supposed to be you making the enemies hit eachother! The deflect was thought out to be more of a "damn, I'm awesome" moment rather than the main method you use to dispatch of your foes. I'm not judging or anything, but did you feel it wasn't quite clear it was supposed to be like that? 


Our idea was to make a "Top-down-shooter" in which you don't shoot. The main mechanic was supposed to be you dodging the bullets and making the enemies hit their allies, but it seems people prefered deflecting the bullets over dodging them haha

Huum, interesting! Would you mind sharing your strat with us? 

And yes, your impression would be correct haha. It is quite hard to hit the goons, we admit. We intend to do some balancing on that! 

Aah, yes. I see. 

Well, we wanted the deflection to be hard to master, but I think it's too hard as it is. We intend to do a little balancing and polishing, even though it won't really matter for the game jam now. 

And again, thank you for your review and feedback! :D

Yeeeeah... We really thought the "rolling-through-walls" mechanic through. It was eerr... Totally intentional! Yeah.

Jokes aside, thanks for your review! I'm glad you liked our game! :)

Since you mentioned the dynamic of the game, what did you think of it without rolling through the walls? Is it too static?

Thank you for your review!

Yeah, the parry may need some balancing to make it a little more reliable. We're glad you liked it, though!