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Thanks for the feedback! yes you're right, the gameplay needs to be more polished

Awesome gameplay! The concept is really well made too.
I had fun! :)

Will do! And can't wait to see your game !
Thanks for the feedback and time to test out the game :)

Thanks for the feedback! 
We'll be sure to test out different stuff since we're revamping the game now :)

Thanks for the feedback and time playing the game!
We'll be sure to make the gameplay much more polished and better! :)  

Awesome game but too difficult at first! but one you got used to it, it plays really well!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes the artists really did their bests in making the game's atmosphere more dreamy. Glad that you had fun!

A really fun and interesting concept that got executed very well! Really enjoyed it til the end!
The responsiveness of the snake was a little bit hard but once you get used to it, its so easy to play with!

I really enjoyed it!
If only you can make a stage start with all the options unlocked after doing the "tutorial" part-like, It would make the repetitiveness of this game more fun! but still a solid 5/5 for me! 

One of the great and creative stealth games out there that I've played!
I loved how you added those yellow lines to indicate where the character is off cam!

Great concept and nice execution of it! Good job!|
The only problem I had was the very sensitive hitbox! aside from that, everything's good!
(also adding more BGM and levels wouldve made it more fun! but we can only do so much in 48 hrs!)

Nice concept! I just wished the controls were easier like clicking the same number would place it down rather than enter, kinda makes it hard to react with everything. Still had fun tho :) Good work!

I'm not really into city building myself but this game was so fun! Just need to move and balance stuff and also nice simple art.

A really fun concept , also liked how there's a little bit of story at the start!

A fun and interesting concept! With a little more polish and balancing this would be more awesome! But we can only do a little in 48 hrs so its still great!

Interesting idea! Wished there were more sounds to hide your movement noise.

Great and fun game! It's kinda frustrating sometimes to wait for the burp meter but It's still balanced and good!

Of all the bullet hells I've already played this one was the most fun and very well polished!

Great idea but I had problems distinguishing my units from enemy units..
Also I get errors when I get a game over. A more polish and this game would be more awesome and fun!

Nice concept and idea! The only problem is that my bullet sometimes goes out of bounds also adding some BGM and SFX(hitfeedback) would make the game much more enjoyable! Still a fun game :)

This was a good and polished concept! Enjoyed playing it

A nice and fun game! Liked how you added a bit of detail to tell that the player cant fight back(Bended sword)!

Great game I liked how you need to think ahead before moving forward. Just like in life! Think first before doing anything that you cant undo! :)

Played thrice! Couldn't get past up to 5M.... I think im bad with management haha, great game tho!
I think rather than having the remaining days above, you could've used Days in Town: (curr day left) since at my first try I thought that was the remaining days and thought I've bugged it out. still had fun tho :)

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I think having a little mechanic on the game and just evading gives a little and repetitive experience, we'll do our best to make the game more fun in the future release! Thanks for trying out the game :)

Thanks for the feedback Njegosh! No not at all, I think I should've improved the touch controls for mobile/touch since your fingers would be blocking the player, that was my mistake! And thanks for trying out the game.

Thanks for the  feedback! 
Yeah, kinda noticed the text problem after you said it! also it was hard to read on mobile, that was my bad.
Also don't be sad, we'll update the game after the jam so please stay tune!

Thanks for the feedback and trying out the game! The game restarts when you get a gameover from the abyss or it turns 7am.
Glad you had a nice experience :)

Thanks for trying out the game! Yeah the controls needs more polished! >.<

Yeah there were 2 hard levels but because of the randomization some of the hard levels may popup at the start!
Thanks for trying out the game :)

It was so hard when its your first time playing the game, but it gets more fun to play once you get used to the controls! :)

A very fun and awesome concept! really had fun and loved how the challenges keeps becoming harder and harder! Really well executed game!

Fun and well polished game! 
But it feels like bunbun is evil and dem bots are trying to save the world! XD bunbun has bombs!!!!

You're right! we shouldve made the first few levels easier then bring in the hard ones later for the randomization. Thanks for trying out the game. :)

Glad you liked the game!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we shouldve made the tutorial longer with basic design and monsters to make the player feel more comfortable in moving the character :)
Thanks for trying out the game!

Nice game! I just wished we cant use the opposite direction or have a cool down on direction changing so it'll be really a nonstop movement! (Was spamming up and down to sometimes stay in the same position, sorry >.<) really fun tho!

Played it twice and I survived!
Great concept but having music and sfx would make it better! I liked the story and enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we also think that the time x lives needs adjustments. :)

Thanks for the feedback and time for trying out the game!