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Broken CAMView game page

you're controlling a robot through the surveillance cameras and must progress through the levels
Submitted by Quentin Roze — 2 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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This is a very cool take on second person gameplay! If you improve the camera angles, make more use of landmarks, and follow the 180* rule (Invisible line that the cameras are not allowed to cross, this is to reduce disorientation) it would make it easier to keep track of where you are and where you are going. It's easy to kill everyone too. Maybe limit how many bullets the player can use per level? Very good work :)


Cool idea. Has the potential to turn into a great puzzle game.

I have one suggestion, though,  which would have made the game more appealing to me: reduce the action element. Right now, I could beat all the enemy bots just with fast moving and lots of shooting. And for me the whole idea of this puzzle game is to outsmart them. For example, you can make the bots kill you instantly if you cross their line of view. Which will require you to think carefully where you step and in the end appear on their side where it's safe to step and shoot them. This could give you a lot more potential to design your levels more challenging. 

Having said that I really liked the concept. Good job.


One of the great and creative stealth games out there that I've played!
I loved how you added those yellow lines to indicate where the character is off cam!


Quite peculiar avatar to take control off and navigate with but a pleaseant/interesting experience nonetheless.  Controls are quite responsive and they adapt well with the numerous cameras switch. A little more work on various feedbacks for things like being seen by a tower and this game would have been perfect !


Any chance for a Mac version? I like the idea of controlling security cameras a lot, and would love to check it out!


I'll do it during the week for sure then !
I Keep you updated :)

Pretty good use of the restriciting field of view for the player and that last puzzle was quite challenging! Just wished some spaces were a bit less tight and some camera a bit higher, made the thing a bit confusing at times ^^

But otherwise great idea, keep it up !


Loved it! 5 stars! I think you have the right movement, with it being camera based, but I think the cameras being in really tight spaces felt restricting in the last level. Definitely would play more of this!


Thx a lot for your comment, it's so joyful to see that kind of message :D You're making my day a good day !

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I really like the postprocess and how the game disturbing my perception of space
Really cool indeed !!

Intriguing mechanics 🤔, I'm glad you add the background feedback. The game would have been unplayable without it.

However controls on keyboard are really confusing since the rotation of the camera changes alot and require a good focus to get this damn robot where you want 😠


Nice puzzle mechanic.

I have a small issue with the bot controls. Is directions dependent on the surveillance camera view? I have sometimes difficulty with that... I would have preferred direction depending on bot because the difficulty of the puzzle is about orientation.

Also when you have the correct solution but fails because of the attack rate of evil bots and the number of bullet you have to hit to destroy it... It can be frustrating. Maybe a one hit kills on both side could be more interesting.

Anyway, nice Jam! Congratz!


Awesome :) The lighted lines on x-y axis is really a good trick & we can easily see all future mechanics you can add on the puzzler side. I really enjoyed that demo... WANT MOAR!!!


Good mechanics! The last level showed the possibility of making puzzles with limited field of view.  Hope to see more released levels. Good job!


Thx a lot for your kind comment ! Do you know if it's possible to add stuff even after the deadline ?