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Pretty good! I wish there wasn't a win condition though. Would've been more fun if it was arcade style and it just kept getting harder until I died, maybe with a high score counter

It was fun! Although I wish I could turn around so I could see where I was going at the part where I was headed left.

I'm glad you liked it! And yeah when I started I was thinking about how to make the ammo conservation more interesting and how to spice up what little ammo you had, but as I developed the prototype I realized it really didn't need it. It was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for playing! And yeah I wish I could've added some music, but I'm really slow at making it. And I forgot about downloading some during the jam.

Yeah, the difficulty curve is the biggest thing that I wish I had time to get to. Out of curiousity, what mechanics did you struggle with? I'd like to add more introduction for new versions of the game (after the jam is over of course).

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Don't get me wrong though, the levels leading up to the boss were really fun, but the boss was just frustrating.

This game is beautiful until the screen starts shaking. And I think I agree that this doesn't really fit the genre, it is more of a ball rolling puzzle game with enemies than a bullet hell without precise controls. The boss is the only really bullet hell-y level.

This game was so cute then I beat it and now I don't know. Fun time, but definitely needs either more possible levels, or just a set order for the levels. I saw the same ones a few times.

Good game! Chompy boi is best boi

Good game! I wish it were a little harder and you have a few bugs to fix. My game ended because the zombies just stopped spawning. Anyway, I'd be happy to see this expanded with more enemies and more friendly types perhaps.

Great game! Fun all around and it looks amazing. Still can't believe that the "3d" objects aren't actual 3d. Well done.

Interesting concept. The bombs take too long to explode though. Maybe make it so after two moves they explode, so you have just enough time to get out of the blast. Also, don't make the player go back so far when they die. Its pretty boring to do the same puzzle again here.

Wow this is really difficult to wrap your head around. All around a good time.

Fun game! Wish the attacks went out a little faster so I could hit them mid-jump or i wish I could walk on the stairs. Just feels hard to attack the zombies that are slowly walking down them.

Needs a bit of work on the random generation and feedback for what hurts you. I feel like many of the levels it generated for me were impossible.

Loved it! 5 stars! I think you have the right movement, with it being camera based, but I think the cameras being in really tight spaces felt restricting in the last level. Definitely would play more of this!

Great art. Less so gameplay. Moves way too fast, and the enemies often shoot you while you can't do anything about it (you threw your shield at another enemy). Slow it down it general, it'll make it feel like the player has more control.

Great game! Like others said it has a difficulty spike near the end, but I see that as what this game could be with more levels to lead into it. Well done.

Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for! I'm glad you like it!

Looks great and is fun. Well done.

This is an interesting concept. There are some bugs that make it a lot less fun though. I got a few rooms where it was impossible to get the key, including one where i just couldn't move at all. I also wish there was a way to add challenge without just making the enemies faster. Not sure what that'd be.

This is fun. Wish I had someone to play with so I could give it a real try.

It's fun, but really hard to control. I wish the controls were based on the camera's perspective, not the characters.

This doesn't fit the theme. It's just a typing game.

Very Unsettling. But, I'm not sure it fits the theme of the jam. It was more a visual novel than a driving game.