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who are the progenitor pals? their name sounds cool, but should i be pals with them?

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forwarding some community textmod resources so people don’t have to dig for a discord invite link:

Custom spell generator with bonus id reference

Custom party and hero pool tutorial

Phases and Choosables guide

TextMod creation database

loved realising that the higurashi gang has joined another sylviegame

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goodbye small world! goodbye bunnys!

sylvie and bunny framed in a red heart

ahh thanks for the report! it seems to be a godot 4 thing and i don’t know how to solve it. the windows version downloadable should be fine.

thank you for playing meow!

aaaa thanks so much for playing!! so few people have seen the ending haha, a winner is you!

i’m glad the emotions of the finale came through! also the way you solved the jump to the final checkpoint was so cool, it’s different from what i discovered but i like yours better!

hello, i’ve updated the previous screen to hopefully make it more clear what you can do. hope that helps!

the multitasking!!! 😍 learned a lot of geology names today

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if you just played a version where i accidentally left in the debug thing to start at the ending, no you did not

love the layers of subversion!

chess battle advanced

the usual pay what you want prompt isn’t there!

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i love the friction between the 3 layers of the unconventional key controls, the traversal mechanics, and the actual sound production.

it kept me in a mode where i felt like i was out of my depth and winging everything, but could master things if i made just a little more effort!

thank you for reading!! :D

Thank you for updating the game!! ♡

lovely balance of sound choices! it’s impossible to make a loop that sounds bad

thank you for playing!! glad you liked the short paragraphs, i was worried it might get annoying.

i mainly wrote that way because it was easier for me to read while playtesting! i have trouble focusing on longer blocks of text.

love the creaking sound for turning. my old bones are creaking in agreement

lovely flowers!! the milkweed porcelainflower is really pretty. mushrooms scare me too, but i like the idea of mushrooms, the platonic symbolism of growth from decay

But I find myself wasting entire days not doing much, and when I think of going out or exercising… My brain goes ‘but this is just going to make you lose even more hours of your day’

oof owie #relatable

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transcription and rough translation (i haven’t learned much grammar, sorry for the things i get wrong)

こんにちは Zennyan です
今のわたしには 詩を書くことができませんでした
Hello, this is Zennyan
I tried to make a game about walking on poems
But I couldn’t, and still can’t, write a poem

Beautiful language
Beautiful form
Beautiful imagery

When thinking of such matters
My ideals
Rose so far above me

I couldn’t do anything *


だから ステキな詩を書くことを 今はあきらめます
I wanted to make a game no matter what
That’s why I’m giving up on writing a beautiful poem for now

友達に 話しかけるときのような
What I can do now
Is to make a game
From my own words
Like chatting to a friend
From my own words
I’m not a poet

普段 考えて いる こと や
タン タン と 書くことにします
Things I usually think about
And things I notice day to day
Like tiny entries to a diary
Bam! Bam! That’s what I’ll write

Even simpler
Even shorter
Even more like nothing at all

These nothing words pile up
These nothing words pile up
These nothing words pile up
Words pile up
Words pile up
Words pile up

いつか 詩人のような言葉になりますように
And some day, they will become like the words of a poet

* This is the “cage” that falls down, read from bottom left then wrapping clockwise

SO GOOD!! awawawawa…

musi poki li pona a!

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Thank you for making this game!! I can’t really understand Aria and Melody’s feelings, but I can empathise with their struggles of self-acceptance, and the vulnerability and sincerity shown in this game.

I especially appreciate the use of humour. The RPG fantasy worldbuilding, the comedic timing in animations. The game embraces its own silliness, instead of dangling it at arm’s length as a cheap joke. Instead of cheapening the sentiment, the humour disarms and sets up contrast for the heavy stuff. It reminds me of the thesis in Patricia Taxxon’s essay “Art, Furries, God”.

ouch. why must you aim straight to my heart bones like this.

i don’t understand the language but it’s saying something

incredibly lovely, thank you for making this!

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Most of the sound effects in Shattered are the same as the original Pixel Dungeon by Watabou, but yes I’ve contributed some new sounds.

so plunderful

ty 4 making

Yay!! thank you!!

Nailing a long throw feels so good! Slightly disappointed that throwing a final hailmary package on low time doesn’t count if it lands after time out. Looking forward to release :)

the audio is so good!! loved figuring out how it worked. also my vision is tinted green now

what a banger! get the whole range of the human experience slapped into you, any% speedrun. the humour and absurdity really uplifts the feels

very jackie chan fight scene vibes (good)

i should’ve read the description first. didn’t realise my firefox was running the game at like 2x speed

lovely writing!! i think i’m missing a deer somewhere, but aren’t we all

i found all six legendary kittens! i hope sylvie feels better soon <3


“tiny plants” 😭 people really could get away with casual fungi slander in 1927, huh