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Super fun and polished! I loved the design, visuals, and soundtrack all in one. There's this super charming casual atmosphere while guiding your silly character on fire through the forest. However, there doesn't feel like there's any sense of urgency because I never really seem to be in danger (my life meter was still in the green-yellow without a water cooler on the first level). The level designs also seem a little random and could be thought out better. There's a puzzle element here that's not being taken advantage of, and you can beat the levels by just bum rushing with trial and (haha) fire.

Also on a side note, the theme of the game feels a little overall weak for the game jam (and this is probably the first one I've noticed). Adventure without Stopping is a little general, and although it certainly qualifies the game jam's theme, it might also weaken your game. Restrictions lead to innovation etc etc.

Again, this was great! Really hoping to see more.