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best game ever

it might only be my screen resolution? even without full screen I was losing like 50% of the screen

Just the jump I guesse was hard to predict and control if we didn't go full jump

very well executed


everything is on par here!

Superbly game, it's a shame the webplayer is cutting off the screen

well done!controls were a bit finnicky

very cool concept!

I spent more time than I would like to admit trying to interpret what is on the screen. Great idea

It's sad the game is not uplaoded, because the presentation seems pretty

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Artistic design is pretty nice, but I don't think it fits the theme imho

cute vfx, good concept, but the game gets laggy for me

very cool ambiance, and with multiple levels! great job

It's a shame I can't figure out how to start, the artswork is very cool

Sweet concept with alot of inspiration from binding of isaac

Well done mechanic

As a side note, balance is a bit messy in the uploaded file where the big BWAAAAH! sound represent the upgrade in projectile spawn speed and is supposed to be much more delayed than it is :( But we are still very happy with the result!

Very nice experience! great music and visuals