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Two player game without the need for two players !
Submitted by Blackthornprod Games (@NoaCalice) — 47 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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Neat concept, but the execution is a little iffy - the second character didn't seem to offer any advantage, I just had to make sure at all times that neither player was dying. If you're open to suggestions, and haven't already considered it, I feel like making this an "Ikaruga" or "Outland" style game could really be awesome - each player character can only beat certain enemies.

Aside from that, the art and sounds are really nice. I'm familiar with your videos (which are EXCELLENT by the way, please keep making those), and this definitely feels like one of your games.


That's an interesting challenge! And the art is verycute. Good job!


This is really cute and cohesive! The visual style is really pleasing. I think if it were polished up with some music and direction, it would really stand out. Nice work! :)

Awesome graphics, feel very real; needs a more explicit progression system if you're going to work on this going forward; let me have waves with a life refill at the end of the wave. Solid entry; real fun to play.


Great games and ideas as usual I loved it to much if you pleased can you go checkout my game it will be very nice from you and it will mean a lot to me I'm a huge fan of you and your content on and YouTube

Submitted (1 edit)

Great games and ideas as usual I loved it to much if you pleased can you go checkout my game it will be very nice from you and it will mean a lot to me I'm a huge fan of you and your content on and YouTube


Great game


An excellent game. A few more details would make it quite addictive. Please include the WASD alternative to the arrow keys.

(2 edits)

Add the items and music!! Also, add a button config plz because my right click button is broken!!  Make each brother have a different speacial ability. There should be some sort of gadgets to make the more EASIER cuz the game is TOO hard! (like towers defences or just the tower on them)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Well done, although i don't quite accept that it's somehow a theme of "Multiplayer game, without multiplayer" :P

I love the feedback and hilarious sound from killing enemies or picking up the items, but i don't see switching characters is so much fun there, and there's anything related to the "Link" even they're sharing the health points. 

Anyway, it's definitely a well polished game, i did  subscribed your youtube channel after the LD Jam, nice to see you here too, cheers!


Needs wsad key support


Maaan, finally an oportunity to roast your ass!
Just kidding, your tutorials are quick and on point, there's nothing not to like, not even the fact you're basically mixing the aesthetics of Edmund McMillen and Tomorrow Corp ;P
(I know developing your own style is hard)

This is a very nice game, pleasant to look at and to hear. Unfortunately it has a major design flaw - the second character seemed more like a setback than an oportunity. I just rightclicked and moved him a bit away from the bullets then got back to the "main character", this was my strategy most of the time. Wish there was also a WASD control scheme. Still, you get many points for the brave concept alone, and also I've seen your summary video, feels bad man. I can relate - I too came for the fame and fortune of Mark's video, and I too didn't do as well as I could.
Great job man, keep doing stuff. Would love to see you do a bigger game someday :)


Very cute little game. I managed to beat the boss and died straight afterwards but luckily I still won.

I would have preferred some more depth in the multiple player mechanics but understandably you were quite limited in the time to work on it.

It was neat to see your thoughts on making them game from your video, I had a very similar mindset and change of mind while making my own game.


Thanks for the feedback :) !! Yeah I really did want to add more depth and interactions between the two player characters, such as weapons they could use on each other (healing staff) as well as power ups they could acquire that would give each character a bonus if they were standing next to each other ! But yep time caught up with me ;D ! I might work a little more on this game though and add a few of those things ! 


Cute art ! So that's a multiplayer game with one ennemy where you're just as mean as the ennemies since I just kept hitting myself ^^


A very cute game with simple mechanics, it is quite fun and well polished. The art style is, like in all your recent games, awesome!

It is so nice to see you and your game here since your videos motivated me few days before the Jam.


I like a lot the concept of the game, and its description made me laugh. I'm hesitant about if it is a good representation of the jam's theme, because, yes, it is multiplayer for a solo player, but that's more like a feature of a game, not a mechanic. But maybe I'm wrong.

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate if you rate or game: Slow Ride.


Interesting. Definitely quite hard. The difficulty does ramp up really fast, but maybe that's a good thing :) I love that you can just switch characters. If I was a better manager I would have been able to actually keep an eye on both, but I just found out I'm absolutely terrible at that! Haha. Still, everything feels really solid, as per usual for your games :) I would love some background music, it did feel a tiny tiny bit empty, but I get that everyone's on the race against the clock. And of course the art is sublime as always. Good job Noa, you can be proud!


Great game, it might be cool for the brothers to have different powers.


Thanks everyone for the feedback :) ! I'm really sorry about the WASD keys not being there ! I wish I could update the game with those controls but uploads currently aren't allowed :C ! 


The art style is really cool. I definitly agree with the WASD gang below tho ;)

Had trouble understanding the flames were powerups at firt. Fun game, well done

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