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SOVIETGRADView game page

A city-building puzzle game
Submitted by Aleksa (@kawales_) — 4 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Cool concept! Feels very thematic and consistent. :) I think the gameplay could have been streamlined if the buttons were replaced with e.g. hotkeys or something (as is, they tend to conflict with the scrolling).


Very true, I was thinking of doing that but somehow forgot to add the hotkeys


Good job!! Scroll / zoom seems a little complicated to handle, maybe you could achieve the gameplay without that


When Tetris meets Sim City :D

Really neat idea, with some balancing & proper UI it could get very addictive.
+ I like the soviet theme :D


Nice concept, the mix between a city builder and reigns is great. I bit put off by the choice off font tho, it's suits perfectly the theme of you're game, but it's really hard to read. Maybe consider keeping that font for titles and using a more clear one on long text?

Fun game anyway:)


Great concept, I loved the visuals!! Scrolling was a little off (because you had to mouse up to place stuff so it kept scrolling up) but other than that there's nothing I'd change!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah I agree that the scrolling could've used more tinkering...


This is a super neat concept, and the visuals, music work super well. It took me a little bit to figure out how things worked/what I was supposed to be doing, even after reading everything. Maybe I'm just slow, but I think some visuals (like a screenshot with arrows to different things) on the tutorial page would be super helpful. 

Some other people already said it, but the resources still just come across as an economy due to the design. On the other hand, I think that the use of tetris pieces and the idea of wanting to pack them in to conserve space in a city-building sense is a super novel approach to the theme and I think it more than makes up for it.


 Now that I see the comments I must agree with them, like you mentioned ditching the whole resource thing probably would have worked out better. As it stands, I'm not sure if it even would be a city-builder without it considering it's barely one as is. Definitely overlooked that one somehow. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Nice game (sorry for my broken English)


It definitely still felt like spending currency...

I really enjoyed the way that the buildings always resemble tetromino pieces! Maybe that property could have been used to forego the currency/resourcesystem entirely?


Even though I didn't have "money" I still felt like I was spending currency to create buildings.


Tetris without falling pieces but you are still under pressure, nice!


Clever way to do a citybuilder! Really nice visuals!


It seems super interesting, but it is very hard to understand


very cool concept!