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I love it! A little too fast for me though without an autoclicker on my mouse (gonna give me carpal tunnel really quick) - I might be able to handle it if the towers had cooldowns lol, Really fun to just barely hit everything in the right order and clear out a huge wave

I like it a lot! I would love to see cool mechanics based on this like dodging turret bullets or piercing shots that you can line the enemies up for. 

Honestly this is incredibly chill. You will just loop back around to your board if you mess up so you can focus on just hitting those shots as they come.

I don't feel like the gameplay was any different than if I could have controlled the units directly. The idea makes me think of games like dwarf fortess or banished though - would be interesting to see a combat-focused game with these kind of mechanics

Even though I didn't have "money" I still felt like I was spending currency to create buildings.

was cool to try and freeze multiple areas and work my brain around what keys to press when innocents started running at me. The explosion sound just about exploded my headset though...

it's cool to assemble towers out of limited resources - I had fun trying to figure out how to best spend my time with the character since you don't move very fast and things start hitting your base quickly

Would love to see mechanics that build off of unplanned idea like adjacency bonuses. My buildings caught fire very quickly though. I'd rather be limited in a different way

love the idea of building towers through a minigame, though it felt like I was only doing a 2048 game with a cool backdrop rather than a tower defense

would love to see some weird mechanics added - would be easy to dink around with on my phone

This feels like it could be cleaned up and made into something suuuuper addictive and fun. Really bends my brain in cool ways

love the style, and the types of mechanics that come up - especially how they fit with the style