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Hello I'm interested! I've tried to contact you through twitter but have not recieved a response.


thank you for your feedback, we are exited to hear you had fun woth our game!

It is good to hear that you had fun with our game! Thanks for your feedback!

thank you for your feed back! You are right it could very easily evolve into a typing game!

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Muchísimas gracias!

thank you for your feedback!

Im excited you feel that way about our game, thanks!

thank you for your feedback, it does speed up but at a very slow pace. Ultimately reaching 2X or 3X .

thank you!

thank you, we had both ideas for controls (enter and without enter) but we did not had time to test both. We went for the option with enter because we thought the extra difficulty was good.  Next time we will think about user experience first haha.

While playing, I liked to imagine that I was positioning CCTV cameras :D very fun!

Super interesting idea!

Super interesting game, needs polishing (obviously). Once I got it, it was fun :)

Interesting idea; I found a good collision system, but had a hard time to understand the goal (before reading the description)

Very nice idea, not physically accurate I think :D But very good nonetheless!

It seems super interesting, but it is very hard to understand