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Thanks a lot for playing and hosting the jam! I agree the physics  are horrible, I tried playing around with them but started doing so too late into the jam...

Very true, I was thinking of doing that but somehow forgot to add the hotkeys

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Everything is so beautiful and fluid, I did encounters this thought, not sure if it a bug or if I didn't get it ( sorry for the link, itch didn't let me upload it here for some reason)

The theme is great and the visuals are pretty but I found the controls a bit weird, mostly using Enter to place the objects

God this is so well done! The  amazing cute art, the sleepy music, the learning gameplay, it's all spot on!

Pretty good game! The game itself is really hard, I love the artstyle, especially the little devils death animation.  Like Youncorn has mentioned I died more from the traps than the enemies themselves lol

 Now that I see the comments I must agree with them, like you mentioned ditching the whole resource thing probably would have worked out better. As it stands, I'm not sure if it even would be a city-builder without it considering it's barely one as is. Definitely overlooked that one somehow. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah I agree that the scrolling could've used more tinkering...

If you mean as in going to the next level, since this is a prototype there is only 15 levels.

A really crashing game! Would recommend!

Yes sorry for the inconvenience, the engine I made the game in had some resizing problems so I had to reupload it and I forgot to add that, it should be fixed now!