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Hahahaha, thank you so much! ! I spent most of the dev time dying of laughter (especially the ridiculously brutal scream sound effects)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D yeah, I definitely struggled with the issues you mentioned - while they're a little better in the post jam version, they still need some work! 

Did you play the post jam version? I tried to address a few of those issues :D thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Definitely need to add fullscreen too, it just keeps slipping my mind for some reason haha

You're welcome. This has been my first proper game jam, and the feedback I've got from people has been so encouraging (especially Cameron in the Discord) - it's a lovely feeling!

thanks! :) GTA was a big inspiration - and you're right either a minimap or just a zoom out would benefit it a lot

thank you!! <3

Great concept, well designed puzzles, nice art and polish. Very impressive in the time we had!

lovely game! it crashed when i met the black cat though :(

feed the bear a carrot

Glad you had fun :D I'm going to do a post-jam version with multiple levels and different objectives, etc! I'm also going to add a zombies mode ;) 


thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The "3D" is a super super easy trick to pull off, especially in Game Maker - I followed this guide:


thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I'm going to do a post-jam patch to make the controls a little more manageable, patch some bugs, add some more stuff and possible add a separate zombies mode ;) 


Really interesting and fun game! Super well polished, lovely sounds and animations. I like the main menu!

Only problem is I don't really understand what any of the towers do! What's the difference between the disruption tower and the other one, etc :o 

fun game! a tip: this is a guide for amazing-looking blood splatters in game maker (based on Hotline Miami's blood)

thanks :) gta 1/2 was a big inspiration! 

Great fun, once I worked out the input :D

very tricky! fun, though and pleasingly polished

hitting space sometimes did nothing which was very strange

Really fun game, beautifully polished! Perhaps a little too difficult for me, though - I couldn't get past the first few levels :(

Great concept, I loved the visuals!! Scrolling was a little off (because you had to mouse up to place stuff so it kept scrolling up) but other than that there's nothing I'd change!

Short but great fun, nice story :)

Fun game :D I liked the coin concept! A few more sound effects would have really helped get that across, though. Also had some issues with inputs not registering :(

Game seems to be broken :( Concept is good, though!

Great concept, polished beautifully! Mouse input would have helped hugely - with a keyboard some levels became very tedious. Also, completely resetting the level on death is a pain - I died multiple times on the lava level and had to spend a lot of time moving the same blocks around!

Minor complaints, though - love your game!

Fun game, although extremely difficult since it basically boils down to reaction times!

Great game! Very simple concept but had a lot of fun with it (only complaint was that it was a little short!)

thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)

that's an extremely good idea, I can't believe I didn't think of that! I spend *ages* trying to balance it and eventually ran out of time - because of how the physics work just increasing the turn speed or reducing velocity doesn't help - but once the jam is over I'll definitely extend it!.

You're right on the app thing, too! 

Yeah I found it super hard to avoid the getting stuck issue while keeping it easy to control the car - will probably tweak it after the jam! Thanks for the feedback! 

itch seems to have hid it by default - it's up now, thanks for pointing that out!!!