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This game is amazing :-O Very good idea!

City Clickers community · Created a new topic Awesome Music
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This music is awesome!!! I can listen to it for hours! The game is awesome too! It inspires me!

Have you created the music yourself or did you get it from somewhere else? Cause I participated in the "Extra Credits Game Jam #3" game jam with a city traffic lights simulation game and at the last minute I borrowed one of your tracks. If it is a problem, please let me know.

This is my entry:

I like the sounds. This is actually fun. :D

I want it on my phone!!!!!

Yep, this is what happens in real life.... :D

Good idea.

OMG, This is amazing! It can get really addictive! You should definitely make this for mobile!!!

The feeling of swinging through the air is awesome!

Great job, good idea!

For a second there you got me fooled :D

PP: At the last level, while the developer (you) were talking, I could still jump over the invisible platforms :D

Well done!

Not bad.

But next time don't put the score in the middle of the screen. :D

I think that the keyboard (or controller) would be better input for this game, since the mouse movement can be sporadically which causes bugs like the ball moving through the platform (cause the physics can't handle proper mouse movement on Update).

You're absolutely right. I just didn't have the time to do balancing or a Boss for the ending :( Currently enemies are generated randomly based on some values for each wave, so sometimes it's super easy, sometimes its way too much. This should be solved with some proper level designing :)

The art/sound is not mine, it is from an old dos game called Tyrian 2000, which is awesome and I highly recommend you try it out, if you like plane scrolling shooters.

I'm ashamed to say that I cheated and brought the big barrel with me and went around them :D

I think I was supposed to use the small barrels, but was a bit afraid to do so, they bullets/sounds are too scary.  :D

Cause you're burning my eyes.... :D
I guess your next game will be about Pedobear? :D

Ok, I managed to get it working. 7zip was able to extract the files properly.

The idea is good, but it is quite hard.

Cool concept. I like how I pop out in the middle of enemies, then disappear and bullets hit them instead ^.^

Nice game of the genre "Sad boy running to the right" :D


Good idea :D

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This is the saddest game I've played so far in this jam :D

Good idea.

Looks and feels very good, very well polished. I too had a bit of trouble understanding what the towers actually do (I read the comments below).

Tried re-downloading it with another browser, same thing :(

Yeah, I know, the evaluation period limitation sucks :(

But.... why...?!?!? :D :D :D

Very calming game. Nice work :)

You should definitely visualize the boundaries of the level.

Ah, good times....


Hmmm... Winrar says the archive is broken?

It's a good thing you didn't put ammo in the game :D :D :D PP: You should have added jump when aiming down :D

Great idea, well fit into the jam theme.

I like the tron vibe :D

But in browser it has way too little screen space (vertical) to be able to predict where cubes pop up and aim at them.

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Arrrghhh... my head hurts..... :D :D :D

Sooo what is the mechanic missing here? Brain power? :D

Am I the only one seeing penises all the time while playing this game? :D

Great idea, good implementation, very hard and physics fiddling.

Oh man, this is amazing! I've always wanted to make similar Dare Devil game, where you see through sound! Great stuff!

Ok, I'm dumb. Because the barrel becomes invisible, I thought that it didn't block the bullets (the first time I tried, they shot me anyway, while holding the barrel, but I guess I just held it at the wrong angle). I've managed to beat the game, it was fun. I like the surprise jail room :D

Funny thing is that I didn't get that barrels can't pass through doors. :D I was moving with the initial big barrel all the time. After some deaths, I realized that this is not the idea. :D

Good job. :)

Can't get passed by the first 2 guards shooting :(

Now I know how an elephant feels in a glass shop. :D :D :D

PP: Your game wanted a network connection? Why?!

Please, don't ship your jam games with installer. It is annoying

Fun puzzle game.

I was puzzled what the challenge is, since swapping is really powerful. Then I got to the flying bats and it hit me.... Nice idea, good execution! I like the Dangerous Dave references :D

Really good idea! I'd like to play more of that. This can be a fun game to play at parties.

Very nicely done & polished. I like the sound effects. :D

When Tetris meets Sim City :D

Really neat idea, with some balancing & proper UI it could get very addictive.
+ I like the soviet theme :D