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Cycles of Doom (Extra Credits Jam 2019)View game page

Guide the adventurer through deadly caves to claim your prize.
Submitted by Pert "Vikerlane" S. (@toooldtoocold) — 23 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline

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Cycles of Doom (Extra Credits Jam 2019)'s page

Cycle through list of actions to claim the ultimate prize - the Golden Idol.

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I really liked the art style and retro game feeling is amazing thank you for sharing. 


Hah thanks :) I don't consider art my strongest skill and I still don't feel that confident doing art, so comments like these are much appreciated! :)


This is super cool! From sounds to gameplay to graphics, everything is polished and well executed!


Thank you for playing :)

For sounds I pretty much hit random for different categories on this tool then saved wave file if it sounded kind of ok.

Wish I had more ideas for levels, which are surprisingly hard to come up with, and the whole menu could do with implementing, so I feel there are bits I could have done better, but I'm glad you liked it, sometimes you need other players feedback to not be too self-critical :)


Great game, the concept is well executed and the visuals are cute af! 
Great entry to the game jam !

Feel free to check out our entry to the game jam, it's called Journey to The Top . :)


Thank you for playing.

It took a bit doing, as I'm not artist by trade, but I'm pretty happy with end result. Cover was a bit rushed in the end and could have added more scenery tiles, but not bad for first Pico 8 palette try :)

Will check your entry when I get home tonight, I like that there's browser version, I personally feel that's the way to go, especially for jam games.


I love the idea, nice visuals too, simple but very well made!


Cheers mate. I actually enjoyed the art + putting in levels miss than I thought I would. But, coming up with puzzles, eeeeh. Not my favourite part of game development.


This game is amazing :-O Very good idea!


Thank you :) There were at least one other game with pretty much same mechanic. But, it's was fun little project, def making me work faster, I'm used to 2-3 week jams :D


Fantastic game. thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle element!


Thank you for playing. I got to say coming up with puzzle ideas was a bit of a pain, think it was really first time in my life since Wolf3D I've done any levels, but practice makes perfect, right?