This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-02-28 20:00:00 to 2019-03-04 23:00:00. View results

This jam runs exactly 100 hours long from start to finish, with the idea being to make and finish a game based on the theme (Cycles) within that 100 hour time period. A handful of games will be privately selected for inclusion in an upcoming episode of Extra Credits's video series "Games You Might Not Have Tried."

More theme resources here:

The quick version of the rules (you can read our entire FAQ here):

  • Don't start working on the game until the theme is announced. You can make some preliminary decisions about what tools or techniques you want to use, but otherwise let the theme inspire your creative direction. No restrictions on genre or mechanics.
  • You can use other people's work in your game if (a) it's creative commons/public-domain licensed, (b) you obtained permission in writing from the copyright owner beforehand, or (c) you obtained the assets legally through traditional means, such as downloading something from a reputable asset store. This is not a school project, so "educational fair use" should not apply here when it comes to your asset choices.
  • We have a "judging" period that lasts until March 15--the purpose of this is to lock submissions from further edits, there is no actual formal judging or ranking. Remember you aren't competing against other jammers; you are competing against yourself. If you make and finish a game, you win! The prize is some additional self-esteem and confidence. If you don't finish the game, that's okay too! The prize is the creative thrill of trying something new and learning from others. Maybe you can get both prizes!
  • You can make and upload games that use unconventional media formats (e.g. pen-and-paper games).

Dates to know:

  • February 28: Kickoff party streamed on from 11am-1pm Pacific time (1100, GMT - 8). We will do a countdown to the theme announcement, which will be at 12pm (halfway through the stream), and that is also when the jam formally starts.
  • March 4: The jam ends at 3pm Pacific time (1500, GMT - 8), exactly 100 hours after the jam started.
  • March 6: Celebration party streamed on from 12-4pm Pacific time (1200, GMT - 8).

Resources to know:

The Extra Credit Challenges:

Extra Jams of Future Past: Incorporate 'Present' and/or 'Awesome Per Second' as themes in your game. (Credit: wezu)

Extra Walpole: Include Walpole in your game. Doesn't matter how--just do it for the sake of the memes. (Credit: happygreenfrog)

Extra Public Domain: Take advantage of the public domain in some shape or form, adding a character, item, or location from it into your game. Bonus points for entirely using public domain assets. (Credit: Pyrian, Timnir)

Extra Crossover: Reference another game from the jam in your game. (Credit: tykenn)

Extra Local: Include at least one reference, major or minor, to your home region or home town/city. (Credit: MarioBG)

Extra Global: Make your game use an internet connection to enhance the experience. (Credit: Jlot)

Extra Time: Make a game that encourages multiple playthroughs in some way. For example, something like a simple high score system, or something a bit more complex like multiple playable characters. (Credit: happygreenfrog) 

Extra Credits: Include in-game credits for everyone who worked on your game with you. Bonus points for including everyone/everything who contributed to your game in even the slightest way possible. Don't be afraid to be a bit silly. (Credit: tykenn, Merix the Bearded, Ayleph)