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Este juego es muy bonito, me gusto mucho su pixelart. 

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:D por fortuna pienso seguir mejorando esto, en otra oportunidad te mando un mensaje para que lo mires. 

Gracias por probarlo, infortunadamente el game play quedo imcompleto, me pase el tiempo haciendo arte, musica y el codigo basico pero alunas cosas no funcionaron como esperaba.  La idea es ayudar a la aldea a prosperar haciendo truque ya se por comida o materiales para mantener el desarrollo de la comunidad.
Suena simple pero la implementacion se torno bastante compleja. 

Nombre: Trueque

Género: Estrategia / Simulación

Ambiente: El juego se sitúa en una ambientación histórica precolombina en los territorios de la confederacion Muisca, donde diferentes grupos gestionan recursos y poblaciones. La moneda no existe, por lo que el comercio se basa en el trueque de bienes y recursos.

Objetivo del Juego: Los jugadores asumen el rol de líderes de civilizaciones que deben gestionar recursos como alimentos, materiales y mano de obra para crecer y prosperar. El objetivo es desarrollar la civilización, manteniendo un equilibrio entre el crecimiento poblacional, la producción de recursos y la sostenibilidad del medio ambiente.

Valor Educativo: "Trueque" puede tener un valor educativo, enseñando conceptos de economía, gestión de recursos y sostenibilidad ambiental. y dar datos historicos acerca de nuestro pasado indigena en este caso los Muiscas. 

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I know its way past the deadline still wanted to share my results, i enjoyed the challenge :D  so thank for the setting this up, till next time. 

I love how you used the empty space and created so much depth to this piece.

This is sooo cool

I wanted to participate but even though the deadline was missed here is my entry :

Nice :D

Ahh such cool graphics :D nice project!!

Hi Sir,

Yeah, i saw the Indexed Mode check option, but i wasn't sure how it works. So if keep my Color mode in RGB and check the Indexed mode. Do i understand correctly that it takes only colors from the available Palette?


Does the magic pencil work with indexed palettes?

AS always is so cool to see what you come up with, very inspiring stuff.

I like this game :D

This game is awesome, well thought and so loyal to the old style. nice


Muchas gracias por hace este juego. :D

Y arranco esto!!! 

Colombia, podría ser  parte de la temática no ? 

Si les interesa lo retro y tienen experiencia en  chiptune, pixel art y unity  podemos dialogar. 

it's using mouse at the moment because i was planning on porting it on mobile, but yeah keyboard would be better for now. 

given that i had a couple of days after work, yeah this can be better, feedback like this just makes want to improve it more ,  i will keep you updated if you want. :) 

Hey thank you for your comment, really means a lot. 

In case you want inspiration i find the page far more practical  you can even try the games online,

DOS Games Jam community · Created a new topic Hi there

Happy to join the JAM !!! :D 

Hi was this issue ever addressed i was about to buy it but this is a deal breaker for me :( 

The Maiden community · Created a new topic Hi there

Really atmospheric environment, it put's in a pagan hell/ dark forest place animations need some work still but i really like what i see so far.  :)  

OMg the times fro. A-10 , Chuck Yeager Air Combat, F-15 strike eagle this looks awesome thanks!!! 

It certainly made my current animation much smoother loving this script!!! 

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With out Tween 

With Tween

Nice effect, i wonder how i can get the most of it, this just my first try. 

I have share a demo for web if you want to give this a try. :)

i know, the nostalgia :D !! i'm all about retro. 

I will abandon now this page for more updates on SpaceCards check here:

Thanks for the support check my page for this game there is some nice progress on this project :D

It's ongoing i rather no upload any spoilers :D 

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Small update of the game.

It's now taking shape i was dealing with some color layout for the cards so they are different every time but not just random. 

The graphics are soo fun  and cool :D  it's like an animated Cartoon can't wait to try the game.  :) 

Niceee :D