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Hey man, thanks for the comment this is the motivation i need :D  i will surely do and let you know. 

Acerca del juego un hidden fact,  el bote de basura a la derecha  junto con el gato,es una referencia a "Alley Cat, 1983 de Synapse Studios"  


Aquí va un adelanto del Arte para este JAM. 

It's been a while since i worked on this game, it's time to give it an update. 

Jam Orígenes community · Created a new topic LienTheAlien

Hola saludos a todos, según  entiendo  la idea es hacer team con alguien de otro país, yo soy Colombiano  alguien de Mexico buscando , Sonido or PixelArt? 

Hi there, 

Thank you for trying out my game,  I see there is  UX issue from my side, you actually don't have to wait you just need to click point click on the Dacmon ( Evil Pacman)  so the next steps are revealed.  I'm sorry It go so confusing I had very little free time while doing this hope it's more clear now,  I will improve this game in the near future tough.  


Hey, thanks for trying the game i'm glad you liked the game,  it really helps. 

Gets complicated, :D  did you add the jingle of LAw and order????  :D 

Niceee mashup :D

This is a very clever mashup,  and quite fun to play :D  it's  mayhem !!!! :D  it stays close to the original art. 

Thanks for the feedback it really helps. 

Nice Pixels :D  and the game super fun and simple i like this :)

Game is up  :) thxs for organizing. 



oh yes im in a world of pain!!!

Never done Isometric games before... this is starting to get challenging

Adjusting some minor details of the looks

Making the first mockups for the game

Hi there  i wish you guys luck in the JAM

Thank's to all who tried the game, it's been a blast and i will also like to announce that i will continue working on this game. 

Hi there, thxs for message this really means a lot, i'm waiting for voting to end so i can continue working on this game :)  stay tuned!!!

Hey there, it's truly awesome to know this, i will really like to continue working on this game  i will need to wait until the voting is done and then continue make more updates. 

Thank you for the feedback, it's been hard trying to keep doing game dev  parallel  with life, this is nice to know that you liked the concept. 

About Blade  he tried to change his ways but for some reason killing other vampires keeps coming natural to him....  :) , can you share with me what issues you had running the game ? 

Ah thank you for your feedback it's really nice to know if this get's enough love i would for sure commit to the whole thing.  

Very nice game, all goes together  style, music, sound, story well done :) 

Ok i delivered what i could, thanks for organizing the JAM it was fun.

On browser there is sound but no images D:  tried the  windows version, very nicely done!!!!  music, story atmosphere.!!! 

The idea looks cool, the camera seems to be bit off sometimes  cool concept i liked it.

The style looks hilarious it reminded me of old MTV cartoons. 

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Really nice art, colors and theme are on point good job!! :D 

Some progress of the game idea. 

Oh well here are the first images of our main hero/therapist  

Thanks for checking out my post it's to stay motivated, this helps me to go on. 

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This will be my Entry for the Jam, Blade has left behind his killing vampire times, now he listen to vampires and provides counseling, so they can be more social,  but deep inside Blade still has  anger issues, help him not to snap while doing therapy he is true hater. 

So here we  support other vampries...