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I like this game :D

This game is awesome, well thought and so loyal to the old style. nice


Muchas gracias por hace este juego. :D

Y arranco esto!!! 

Colombia, podría ser  parte de la temática no ? 

Si les interesa lo retro y tienen experiencia en  chiptune, pixel art y unity  podemos dialogar. 

it's using mouse at the moment because i was planning on porting it on mobile, but yeah keyboard would be better for now. 

given that i had a couple of days after work, yeah this can be better, feedback like this just makes want to improve it more ,  i will keep you updated if you want. :) 

Hey thank you for your comment, really means a lot. 

In case you want inspiration i find the page far more practical  you can even try the games online,

DOS Games Jam community · Created a new topic Hi there

Happy to join the JAM !!! :D 

Hi was this issue ever addressed i was about to buy it but this is a deal breaker for me :( 

The Maiden community · Created a new topic Hi there

Really atmospheric environment, it put's in a pagan hell/ dark forest place animations need some work still but i really like what i see so far.  :)  

OMg the times fro. A-10 , Chuck Yeager Air Combat, F-15 strike eagle this looks awesome thanks!!! 

It certainly made my current animation much smoother loving this script!!! 

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With out Tween 

With Tween

Nice effect, i wonder how i can get the most of it, this just my first try. 

I have share a demo for web if you want to give this a try. :)

i know, the nostalgia :D !! i'm all about retro. 

I will abandon now this page for more updates on SpaceCards check here:

Thanks for the support check my page for this game there is some nice progress on this project :D

It's ongoing i rather no upload any spoilers :D 

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Small update of the game.

It's now taking shape i was dealing with some color layout for the cards so they are different every time but not just random. 

The graphics are soo fun  and cool :D  it's like an animated Cartoon can't wait to try the game.  :) 

Niceee :D 

Graphics look nice !!


Thanks :D 

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I'm still on the JAM :D no prices for me but finishing this  here is some update.

I will not make it on time... but i will finish my game.

Lol 4 hours... D: 

Here i start the thread to motivate me on my mini game for this Jam. 

Hey man, thanks for the comment this is the motivation i need :D  i will surely do and let you know. 

Acerca del juego un hidden fact,  el bote de basura a la derecha  junto con el gato,es una referencia a "Alley Cat, 1983 de Synapse Studios"  


Aquí va un adelanto del Arte para este JAM.