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Thanks for checking out my game, much appreciated!

Thank you for checking out the game!

I had this urge to try hand at modern viking design and something non-pixel art and also a "zen" game, no death states, just... solving simple puzzles. Had to manually track lines from design software, which isn't ideal, but a bit more work and "level editor" yeah it could work quite well for story telling. 

I don't know if I have it in me to work on full feature RPG just yet, but once other projects are wrapped up, might re-visit :)

Man it's been so long.

I *think* the little guy was suppose to grab a ledge if you have opening and can climb back out that way, but it seems that check is buggy.

Now that I look at that puzzle, it's trying to be too clever and it's too many steps, it was based on loads of internal logic where some moves were cancelled out by actions (for example jumping while falling).

Must have messed up some movement logic when I re-factored the UI for circular one and tried to add more animations based what the character was doing (original jam entry just moved the token, no animation) :|

Lol it's been so long, let me check :D

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It was game jam entry so a bit limited time wise in that sense :) I think shot gun was temporary power up in that game.

There is unused paste knife in the game as well, I think you access it with pressing 1, I can't remember if it actually works :D

Hey King, thank you so much for checking out my game.

I'm pretty chuffed with some animations as well, not bad for a programmer art ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I have to admit I wasn't too happy with having to drop back to melee and making it less powerful to force players go get better weapons and leaving them exposed if ammo is out.

So, at the moment I'm working on two fundamental changes to gameplay - making smaller hub / home level where player goes off to short mission levels, and revamping weapon system completely.

I'm thinking you get to choose main weapon with unlimited weaker attack, but somehow you can fill up overdrive meter to unleash powerful super attack with some special visual effects for short period of time. Main weapon and super attack are not linked, so you can mix and match them freely, should make it a bit more interesting for players.

Instead of unlocking weapons in "mission sections", you select your loadout in hub world, and can unlock new items same way, spending in game points you collect on missions.

Also was thinking of making guitar into short-distance flying boomerang.

How does that sound? ๐Ÿ˜…

Thank you for playing :)

It was one of the humble bundle sound FX packages that included Pirate pack, unfortunately there are no info file in ZIP, so I can't even tell where the original package was from :/

The game started out as straight puzzle game, but I realised I won't have time to put in different stages, so made it a bit more action oriented, but keeping some of the puzzle elements :P

Cheers, glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the feedback. There was some logic in there originally for more puzzle game play approach so that ships were always moving. So for example you can not turn towards land. I did consider taking it out, but then again sometimes it offers that nice "how do I get out of this situation" effect, so was really in two minds about it. 

Cheers bud, thanks for checking it out :P

Ah cheers matey! It started out as more puzzle game, but I realised I won't be able to add many actual puzzles in there in time, so made it a bit more action oriented, keeping attack logic. It came out pretty well, considering the shift mid project, but pretty happy how it turned out :)

Cheers! :) I considered more puzzle like gameplay at first, but it become obvious I wouldn't be able to add many actual puzzles within time limit. In the end it became a bit more action oriented, but keeping the original idea of having to maneuver ships in position to attack or having to make sure you don't end up under fire yourself.

Ah nice!

I wasn't expecting to get much traction with this game, it's pretty straight forward and missing that special hook to make it stand out, but managed to learn few more tricks, specially with a bit more advanced math :)

Good luck with getting through all 130 games :)

I would agree with that notion - 2 day jams are barely enough for me to get a game out, so this one is a bit more straight forward and a bit less "here's a twist to gameplay" as I would like too :)

Ran out of time back then, and didn't think of picking up shoes from the floor, but good shout. If I ever rework this game, probably will have to drop the show asthetics tho, you know intellectual property laws and all that.

Thank you. Well to be honest, most of it is down to assets ;)

And I've just noticed some moons in this one ๐Ÿ˜‹

Thanks for heads up tho, good to know about rule limitations ๐Ÿ‘

Kenney Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic Art assets

Do all art assets have to come from your asset packs? For example, suppose someone is hypothetically making space game that requires background image of space/galaxy to enhance illusion of movement, but there's currently nothing like that in the packs (on first very brief look). Could that background, to stay true to jam's rules, be a photo or generated image, or are only assets based on already existing arts allowed?

Cheers! Hope it was helpful ๐Ÿค“

This is amazing, really impressive how much animation you've managed to fit into pico game.

Hey, thank you for checking out my entry.

You are absolutely right, little playground for players could def add to the fun factor. Did some "daydreaming" yesterday of what improvements or additions I'd do, and got stuck at level editor, as one of the ideas was plates that when stepped on would release giant rolling ball at another place and I couldn't figure out how to make that happen in UI just yet.

However in current form, it wouldn't be impossible task, it just uses level grid data so nothing's harscoded in anywhere :)

Thank you again for awesome suggestion!

Thank you for putting your effort and time in with the video, much appreciated! PS. There was already another "hidden" half finished weapon in the game, it's completely useless as it stands, but it's fairly obvious how to get to it, with typical shooter swap weapons shortcuts in mind ;)

The enemy AI desperately needs fixing on this one, I had it all planned out, just ran out of time for jam in the end.

If I ever go back revisit this idea, I was thinking redoing graphics a little from jam's low res limit and add story mode with maybe 5 stages, and you'll only take surviving Vikings to the next stage.

But not sure if and when that would happen.

Thanks for playing :)

Ace! :) Unfortunately I've ran out of ideas for additional puzzles, which is I like making more arcade-y games with no fixed content, but quite happy how it turned out.

Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for playing!

My original plan was to add ability to heal friendlies, and maybe add incoming cannon fire to avoid, maybe even brutes / bosses etc, but ran out of time in the end, we'll see how it's doing after jam, maybe I'll extend it more :)

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whoops, that probably should be communicated a bit better, did you try arrow keys? I'd still have to implement them, but wasn't sure if people find wasd or arrow keys more natural to try first. On other hand there's no hero health check at the moment so I'm calling us even ๐Ÿ˜…

It shows $150 to me, but otherwise good shout :)

Possibly, I haven't got my head around shaders so it's very much trial and error. But yeah, I'm using Game Maker, so any code snippets would work with that, can't be sure about others. But the idea should still work if adjusted to different engine.

Yeah, my first try with shaders, so extremely simple calculation.

I used Commodore 64 colours that are usually quite de-saturated, so tried to boost it  a little, and made every 3rd pixel slightly darker to make it look like CRT pixels.

varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;
varying vec4 v_vColour;
varying vec3 v_vPosition;
uniform float time;

void main()
    vec4 col = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord );

    float HueFactor;

    if (mod(v_vPosition.y, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.2;
    } else if (mod(v_vPosition.x, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.4;

    col.r *= HueFactor;
    col.b *= HueFactor;
    col.g *= HueFactor;
    gl_FragColor = col;

Hah thanks :) I don't consider art my strongest skill and I still don't feel that confident doing art, so comments like these are much appreciated! :)