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Thank you for putting your effort and time in with the video, much appreciated! PS. There was already another "hidden" half finished weapon in the game, it's completely useless as it stands, but it's fairly obvious how to get to it, with typical shooter swap weapons shortcuts in mind ;)

The enemy AI desperately needs fixing on this one, I had it all planned out, just ran out of time for jam in the end.

If I ever go back revisit this idea, I was thinking redoing graphics a little from jam's low res limit and add story mode with maybe 5 stages, and you'll only take surviving Vikings to the next stage.

But not sure if and when that would happen.

Thanks for playing :)

Ace! :) Unfortunately I've ran out of ideas for additional puzzles, which is I like making more arcade-y games with no fixed content, but quite happy how it turned out.

Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for playing!

My original plan was to add ability to heal friendlies, and maybe add incoming cannon fire to avoid, maybe even brutes / bosses etc, but ran out of time in the end, we'll see how it's doing after jam, maybe I'll extend it more :)

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whoops, that probably should be communicated a bit better, did you try arrow keys? I'd still have to implement them, but wasn't sure if people find wasd or arrow keys more natural to try first. On other hand there's no hero health check at the moment so I'm calling us even 😅

It shows $150 to me, but otherwise good shout :)

Possibly, I haven't got my head around shaders so it's very much trial and error. But yeah, I'm using Game Maker, so any code snippets would work with that, can't be sure about others. But the idea should still work if adjusted to different engine.

Yeah, my first try with shaders, so extremely simple calculation.

I used Commodore 64 colours that are usually quite de-saturated, so tried to boost it  a little, and made every 3rd pixel slightly darker to make it look like CRT pixels.

varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;
varying vec4 v_vColour;
varying vec3 v_vPosition;
uniform float time;

void main()
    vec4 col = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord );

    float HueFactor;

    if (mod(v_vPosition.y, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.2;
    } else if (mod(v_vPosition.x, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.4;

    col.r *= HueFactor;
    col.b *= HueFactor;
    col.g *= HueFactor;
    gl_FragColor = col;

Hah thanks :) I don't consider art my strongest skill and I still don't feel that confident doing art, so comments like these are much appreciated! :)

That's the one I'm thinking of doing

Exactly, time and practise. Luckily I can feel progress with every jam, so I know it's hard now but the more you work on it, the better you'll get. So taking few weeks off, but then onto the next one, probably doing horror jam next :P

Thank you for playing :)

For sounds I pretty much hit random for different categories on this tool then saved wave file if it sounded kind of ok.

Wish I had more ideas for levels, which are surprisingly hard to come up with, and the whole menu could do with implementing, so I feel there are bits I could have done better, but I'm glad you liked it, sometimes you need other players feedback to not be too self-critical :)

Thank you for playing!

If I'm all honest, I have maybe have only 2, max 3 rough ideas for additional levels. I really thought that part would be easy, but it's my first try at doing actual levels and... it is more difficult than I ever expected.

But I'm glad people want more, must have got something right :)

Thank you for playing.

It took a bit doing, as I'm not artist by trade, but I'm pretty happy with end result. Cover was a bit rushed in the end and could have added more scenery tiles, but not bad for first Pico 8 palette try :)

Will check your entry when I get home tonight, I like that there's browser version, I personally feel that's the way to go, especially for jam games.

Cheers mate. I actually enjoyed the art + putting in levels miss than I thought I would. But, coming up with puzzles, eeeeh. Not my favourite part of game development.

Thank you :) There were at least one other game with pretty much same mechanic. But, it's was fun little project, def making me work faster, I'm used to 2-3 week jams :D

Thank you for playing. I got to say coming up with puzzle ideas was a bit of a pain, think it was really first time in my life since Wolf3D I've done any levels, but practice makes perfect, right?

Excellent - that's exactly why I left skulls and blood splatter in from previous tries. Hopefully that does not encourage people killing the hero deliberately tho ;)

I always keep my options open about potentially turning jam games into more polished games with more content, it's usually down to how well they do and player feedback.

Got to say tho, the one thing I was not very happy this time around was coming up with new level puzzle ideas, pain in the backside haha. Tho, if there are some cool ideas for level design, I'd love to add more, if nothing else than just more practise on that aspect of game development.

Thank you for playing!

Haha so it is! Cool, great minds think alike and all that ;)

Thank you for playing, I'm always doing it for player feedback to get better at game design, so it means allot.

Which level are you stuck at?  I might be able to offer a free hint or what not :)

Believe it or not, I looked at that issue and thought, hey no-one is ever never going to just sit there so this bug can go at the bottom of the priority list - I guess I was wrong! :D

Should be fixed now.

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for playing! Don't think art is my strongest skill, so much appreciated :)

Yeah, I kinda was in between of "it clashes" and "he is suppose to get annoyed with his job". My original "grand vision" 14 years ago was more open ended, like Donald Duck Playground type game, I agree that in this single day/level form it doesn't work as well as it could. Thanks for playing :)

Than you. I find art and design much harder than coding, so I'm glad hard work paid off :)

Cheers. I got to admit art is not my strongest skill, so encouragement in that department is much appreciated! :)

Hah I'm glad it hit the spot with source material, it's always quite hard to get right, specially when one is not professional graphic artist :)

I think it's a bit too challenging with day cycle and all that, it probably should have been more arcade-y like Tapper with lives or like Donald Duck Playground with no real goal, you just work for money and how well you do gives you more money to spend on goodies like new fishing gear or bowling ball :D 

Thanks. I don't think art is my strongest skill, so kind words are much appreciated :)

Hah yeah, believe it or not, I actually went - hey, that would make it more like job that you don't want to do, so lets call it a "conscious design choice" :D Thank you for playing :)

Cheers - I don't consider myself that good of an artist, so I'm glad you did notice the art :) Thank you for playing.

Believe it or not, I deliberately decided not to make it easier, when I playtested it, purely based on - hey it should be stressful. That, or just ran out of time / being lazy. Glad you enjoyed it, a bit more polish and it ought to expand out of the store for sure, but maybe later down the line, eh, can't fit all good ideas in with 2 weeks :)

Haha ace, glad you like it :) Run a bit out of time in the end, but pretty happy with result, been dreaming on working on this game for 14 years! :D

Quick sound issue fix on Chrome browsers :)

Cheers. As someone who does not consider art or design their strongest skill, comments like yours encourage me to keep going :)

Again, thank you for playing!

Cheers, thank you for playing! :)

It took a while to figure out I was suppose to form words with tapes, silly me.

I quite like the whole mechanic and political setting. It's very polished and full-featured game, considering it was a jam entry.

While I can't take much credit for audio, which is mostly Google skills and some minor cutting work to select mini-loops, it's absolutely amasing to see artist compliment your art, especially if you don't consider it your strongest skill :)

Again, thanks for playing!

Oh wow. There's some tough competition and some very good entries this year, so I don't think Biktris has a chance, but I'm glad someone believes it hit the spot and positive comments like this is very welcome and what keep me poking in indie gamedev field!

Thank you for playing, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

Very polished and full-featured entry, considering it's "only a game jam game".

It's a bit hard to get into at first and know what you should be doing, because the levels are quite big and detailed, so some direction for player would be nice, but not breaking feature and encourages exploration.

Love the little details like empty pistol sprite etc.

My top favourite of this jam.

BTW, what colour palette is that, or is it a custom one?

Glad you enjoyed it.

Art isn't my strongest skill, so kind words like that def keep me motivated to keep practising :)

Again thanks for playing.

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

Ah, glad you liked it!

Yeah, other than art which I just find hard to do on acceptable level, it was second hardest part for this entry, to figure out how the difficulty level should work. As it's jam game, I wanted it to make it short and fast play sessions, so it doesn't get too boring, as there's no other game mechanics in there, like unlockables or boosters.

It makes me happy to hear that enjoyed it that much, I have to say I've kept my eye on yours as it looks cool as F, and it's even more awesome it's now playable in browser, I was putting off playing it until I got time to download bunch of games in one go, but will get on reviewing it now :)

Again, thanks for playing!