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I Wanna HookshotView game page

A platformer where you are unable to walk and jump, so you must use a hookshot.
Submitted by impurple — 18 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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The feeling of swinging through the air is awesome!

Great job, good idea!

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Hookshot is a mechanic i've seen before (reminded me of worms ninja rope) but honestly its fun and it works and I really enjoyed playing it. 5/5

Getting Over It with a Sick Hookshot


Decent execution, cassic idea. The hookshot feels nice to play with, but is a bit fiddly.

Syllabus Games, I couldn't have said it better. You are required to nail perfect jumps with a hookshot that swings you around a lot. The first 2 levels were fine, because the level design was loose enough to let you soar through the air very fast, but the level with the pit and the spikes made me put the game down for good. 

This could work, you just need to design levels around a loose hookshot!


Hi, thanks for the feedback! We weren't really sure what to do with level design, so it makes sense that it faltered. None of us are really strong with it, and it kinda just came down to who threw together a good level that the others liked to play. I agree that it would've been better with levels more suited to the mechanics, but such was a restraint of the time and the team.


Hookshot games are always awesome, but I think yours is a little on the tough side. The genre is usually about gleefully flinging yourself through the air and that's what your adventurace preface made me think the game would be. Instead, it's a Super Meat Boy level precision platformer. I can't fault you for not making the game I expected. This is just a lengthy excuse for why I didn't finish your game.

On the game design side, since you can't do anything while hanging from the wall, it would be nice if left clicking detached you from the wall and fired the next anchor point. Quickly hitting RMB then LMB is just unnecessary complexity when there is only one thing I could possibly want to do when clicking LMB.

As for the hookshot mechanics, they actually work fairly well: giving a decent amount of swing while still taking you where you want to go. My only problem is that the level design generally seems to favor a Legend of Zelda style (straight to the target) style hookshot rather than the Spider Man style swinging one actually in the game. This leads to the aforementioned difficulty where spikes tend to be in the way of your swing when approaching your destination.

Thanks for making this game. It is pretty good. This is just kind of my pet genre, so I'm a little more critical of hookshot-centric games.

Hi! Thank you so much for the review! Really does mean a lot, we weren't really expecting any sort of... anything feedback related. So when we started designing it, the intention was for a Zelda-esque hookshot design. We ended up kinda writing the physics for the game from scratch because GameMaker wasn't really doing what we wanted, and the momentum style kinda stuck. Level design is none of our forte's, so it doesn't surprise me that it was lacking. A lot of them just kinda came from "Hey, we're tired and we need levels. Everyone make 2 and we'll play them and see whose is fun". I feel like with more time, and also someone who has a better idea of proper level design, it could've been made a lot better. I really appreciate the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.