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Hey, thanks! We actually posted a post-mortem update fixing lots of things, including limiting the invaders. Hope it's better!

The game got into the top 20! Thank you so much to all who supported it!

Thanks! He took a liking to it on stream, so we're hoping for the best

Pretty great concept and execution going on here. It's kinda fun to just gather up bullets and smack your enemies with them. I would say it would help to push the difficulty. It's much easier to dodge stuff when you can just grab it with your gravity well, so making there be more to dodge or restricting the well somehow would help a lot. Still, as is, it's a fun and solid game jam game. Good job!

I like the concept here. And there's a lot of enemy variety too. But I think the biggest issue you need to tackle moving foward is feedback. It's hard to tell when a spell works or when it's ready at an instant (the bars help, but not enough). It's also hard to tell the difference between your soldiers and enemy soldiers. Granted, you clearly didn't have time for sound and sound is a huge part of feedback, so it is very understandable. Otherwise, fun concept and fun gameplay. What more could you ask for?

Awesome! Sounds like a cool plan.

Have you tried our game, btw? It's difficult too, although in a different way.

Either way, great job here.

Thanks, man! I enjoyed playing your game too. Surprising how much you made it work.

Another game that I thought would feel repetitive with time, but the design of it keeps things growing and interesting. Checkpoints would be nice (I know it's score based, but it's more interesting with more commands), but otherwise really solid work.

Surprised at how consistently interesting you made this. The controls and level design could be refined, but the mechanics have some interesting nuances to them that makes it still fun to play.

Simple and well executed concept. It does get repetitive, and I think that one or two more mechanics wouldn't have hurt to build on the core concept, but the level design is solid and clever enough in enough spots to enjoy. Good job.

Extremely clever and polished game. Good job!

Also, thanks for your kind comments in the Discord! It's been a blast seeing how much people like our game

A lot of GTA-ish fun! Could use a minimap or something so you can see a little more, but otherwise great job!

No problem. Would you be interested in trying my game too? It has a gravity theme too

Fun and simple concept. I don't think the theme is too strong with it, but it is there. And the gameplay is good enough to be interesting. I do think it could have been more if there was a bit of a variance between speeds (i.e. the further you are on one side of the barrel, the faster you go) because right now it's a jarring switch between directions when you, well, change directions. I had fun though, so good job either way.

It can be a little hard to get a grasp of all of the nuances of the mechanics, but it's a super fun thing to just sit back and watch your city expand while you nudge it in the right direction. Bravo.

Fantastic. Clever take on the gravity-flipping stuff. Made for some neat puzzle-ish stuff. Great job!

It may be lacking sound, but ya know what? The mechanics are solid and the game is pretty dang fun. Giving this one a high rating.

A nice concept (if not too inspired) and just something to chill out to. A lot of my complaints kinda went away after I accepted it as kinda a "tuning-out" sort of game. Good job.

It's a bit repetitive and tedious, but I love the concept and feel like if properly expanded upon, you could have an interesting game on your hands here. Keep at it!

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it!

Great concept and solid execution. It takes a bit of learning the ins-and-outs of getting the Queen around, but it's quite a fun time once you get a solid grasp on it. Good job!

Great mechanic and concept, and a bit of fun, but I think it could use a bit more polish in terms of the controls (especially hitboxes. It's a bit janky at the moment.

It's a cool idea, but I think it need a bit more to give player control over what robot they select, or at least feedback indicated which one they'll pass over too. The pixel art and polish is great, though, so I would still be proud of it if I were you.

I love the concept and the polish, and this really should be considered for the shortlist. That being said the difficulty is just too brutal. You die really fast and there's no health bar that you can keep track of. Plus, some enemies are crazy hard. All that being said, I still enjoyed what I played of it. Great job.

Oh! I had trouble noticing it! Thanks for helping me out there!

Oh, wow! Thanks Lumpy for trying it out! Glad you had a fun time!

Thanks! Tell your art creator he did a good job! :

No problem! I'd also find your opinion on my game a bit interesting, since we both went the pixel-art route with the art.

Well, still be proud man. There's some impressive stuff in here.

Simple, but charming. Had a good if brief time playing. Still, for switching engines halfway, it turned out very well. And I particularly like the environmental pixel art. Looks really good.

Dude, you sold yourself short on your comment on my game. This is quite well done, with some interesting mechanics I hadn't even thought of. The controls can be a bit buggy sometimes, but it's a true sign that it's a fun game that I kept going anyway. Good job.

Thanks! I really appreciate you checking it out!

Fun concept with a few frustrations (i.e. the burp recharge can be a bit frustrating in length). Still Definitely worth the time to play it, and the visuals are fun

It's a bit finnicky with its controls, but it's visually fun and adorable and the controls and core gameplay are fun despite their finnicky-ness. Good job!

Fantastic concept. It needs more feedback, though. Sound would have worked wonders for that. Still, it's designed well enough to be interesting. Kinda want to see it expanded. Good job!

Straight up fantastic work. Polished, neat mechanic that's explored thoroughly. Great job.

Dude, I am in love. There is something so fun and goofy about being able to pick up anything, especially bullets. And it works mechanically too. I think there is some missed potential in making certain non-bullet/explosive pick-ups have different properties, but it's hard to complain when the core is solid. Good job, mate. Good job.

Fun game that fits the theme. It's a bit basic, but it functions better than a lot of games I've seen in this jam. Good, solid work.

Funny and well-executed concept. Repetition sets in after a while, but it kinda feels like a problem with Beat-rm-ups more than this game in particular. Great job!