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Final Dusting: GhostifiedView game page

Granny wakes up from her slumber after hearing spooky sounds. All on the day of the yearly final dusting.
Submitted by ThoughtBread (@ThoughtBread) — 53 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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It's a really solid and charming concept with amazing art. Unfortunately, it just feels like the central mechanic is not polished enough. The cover and description would lead you to believe that the game is fast and relies on you outrunning ghosts. Instead it's more of just you standing still trying to find what you can latch on to and, often, failing and being sent right back to where you started by a puff. In particular, successfully making jumps and then immediately being bounced back to where you start feels punitive rather than fun.

I think this game would benefit greatly from trying to be a little more like the fast chase that the cover portrays it as.


Great mechanic and concept, and a bit of fun, but I think it could use a bit more polish in terms of the controls (especially hitboxes. It's a bit janky at the moment.


First of all, the art is beyond impressive, I still can't believe this was done in 48 hours.

The main gimmick is really nice and well found, I had fun vaccuming onto furniture and swinging around to progress, however it lacks maybe a tiny bit of difficulty to make the game longer. Still really nice work, congrats to you !


There's a lot I want to say about this game, but I'll try condense it into a really short summary: I think the art is beautiful, but I also think it might be why some of the other parts seem less polished. The main mechanic is really interesting, especially with the little 'puff' pushing you away. You really need to time and think all your moves through, before performing them. There don't really seem to be any dangers yet though. The ghosts seemed pretty friendly (even though I still vacuumed them up haha). It did also look like I was playing a development (or in-development) build of the game: I could see some visual colliders, and the dustometer was filled by a simple blue bar? This is probably because of the time limits though, so I guess it doesn't really matter. I must say, I think you guys did a hell of a lot for the mere 48 hours you had! It's really impressive. Just keep developing this concept, polish it up some more and see where it leads. I think you guys should be really proud regardless. Good job!


Thanks! Yeah gameplay wise more was planned. But due to time restrictions.
Like vacuum up dust to properly clean the house, have items which if you vacuum them disable it for some time, due to the vacuum being clogged.

The problem when the ghosts are an actual enemy is that you cannot vacuum onto them and use them as moveable platforms. So we would need a non-standard enemy approach here, where the items you shouldn't vacuum come together.

Also we planned with different sizes of ghosts - so maybe a bigger ghost is not fully vacuumable and damages you if you stay too long.

But Jam is over :D Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we'll come back to the game later again - but we have active in-development projects running in both teams so that is very unlikely for the near future.

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If you want to play and rate the game, use the following link to a 

Windows 64-bit Version

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