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Wow, that was a wonderful experience! I can't believe that you guys created such a elaborate experience in just shy of one week, color me impressed. Things that really stood out to me were the oustanding art, the fact that each room was hand-pixel-painted to have it's own look and feel, and the really good dynamic sound design + music (great use of FMOD on this one, I loved that the audio changed based on the environment I was in, or the things I was looking at!) The puzzles were well designed, not too hard, but very satisfying to solve, and the ending warmed my heart. You clearly put a lot of love into this little game, and you should be really proud! Happy holidays!

Thanks so much for playing man! :D Glad you liked it! Haha yeah, I really had to brush up on my redstone knowledge after all these years but the behind-the-scenes aren't too complicated. Yeah, accidentally skipping parts of the map is something I was worried about but also a worry that came too late into the design process to actually do anything about it :P But thanks for the kind words, and happy holidays!!

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Hey thanks so much for playing! Yeah, that was my fear that it would be too easy to cheese the puzzles, unfortunately. Hopefully you did end up finding out how to actually solve the puzzle with the clues provided? I should have probably made them more complex, haha. I'm glad you liked the worldbuilding! I would have loved to do more of it, and also would have loved to add more juice and challenge to the ending, but I simply didn't have enough time so it is what it is. So anyways, thanks for playing! Happy holidays ;) 

Edit: Come to think of it, I completely forgot to incorporate the theme hahaha. Woops, but still hope it's festive and all that!

Thanks, I´ll give it another go if I get the chance! :)

Of all the jam entries, this is the only one I haven't played yet, but don't worry, I will! I am actually really looking forward to playing this one, as it looks unique, fantastically illustrated, and well thought out. I personally love quiet reflective experiences, and this looks like it would fit right in! However, I'd like to find the time to actually sit down and experience this properly, so it might take a few days :) I'll let you know how my experience is, but right now I want to say thanks so much for participating in the Cozy Fall Jam, and this looks like a fantastic entry!!

Cute little reaction-clicker based on the theme of fall. I liked that you added difficulty settings which definitely made it possible for me to at least catch some leaves :P The hardcore mode was a little too difficult. I also found out that if you press the right arrow key multiple times, the game speeds up a lot and it becomes impossible to play! Pretty funny ^^ Good job on making a game, and thanks for participating in the jam!

Worm killing simulator 2021, also known as 'Life of a Leaf'! Seriously, this game was funny as hell :P From the main character which is a leaf with legs, to the endless supply of worms that will fill the ground completely, it's just madness. I wasn't too sure what the endgoal was, but I definitely enjoyed playing the game, so that's good! The  game also fits the fall theme very well :) Good job on making this, and thanks for entering the jam!

A game that looks to be really simple, turns out to be more complex on further inspection! I loved how you ran with the additional theme of 'time will wait for me'! The changing of the seasons as you collect leaves it a very unique interpretation, but also metaphorically a realy strong one. The game never forces you to collect leaves, it simply asks you to enjoy them falling down, and collect them if you feel like it. No stress, no hurry. I really liked that. Plus the night-sky when december hit was really wonderful. I also liked that the leaves spun around, as if they were 3D. Neat effect. Thanks for making this, really well done!

Loved the premise of this game. Just chilling in space, vibing. Although not really fall-themed, it does have some ties to the season as relaxing is a big part of it. The storytelling is definitely the star of the show, and you managed to make me imagine a whole spaceship, which is awesome! Cool that you had different rooms within the ship as well. Very nice, would definitely chill again. Thanks for participating, and good job on finishing this game!

This would have definitely won #1 presentation in my book! Such a nice looking game with excellent use of graphical cues (like particles to indicate the presence of a mushroom). The pixely vibe is awesome and inspires the perfect retro halloween thrill I'm looking for this time of year. The monsters didn't seem like a huge threat, but maybe I just got lucky. They look awesome nonetheless. Wonderful entry which must have cost a lot of time to build (and it shows!). Thanks so much for participating and submitting. Good job!!

I think the idea you went with is a very fun one and the way the characters flew all over the screen when you hit them was just very entertaining to watch. I'd have loved some more progression, but I understand that that is pretty hard to do within the time you have for a jam game. Sometimes the bat also seems to get stuck for a second, even though I do hit something, is that supposed to happen? Anyway, definitely a fun little game that made me laugh out loud. Good halloween vibes as well! Thanks for making this, and participating!

think I would have personally given this game the number 1 spot for fall vibes, simply because it managed to inspire so much imagination in me solely through storytelling and simple background screenshots. I loved the whole ambiance and the idea of a commite of haunting! Having to convince ghosts to help you is brilliant and leads to a cool ghost-chase that isn't necessarily scary (which I like) :) However (and I might just be a bit too dumb), I was unable to solve the initial puzzles that appeared. I wasn't quite sure where to look or what hints to use. Maybe I missed a bit? I'd love to play it again if you could give me some pointers. Anyway, for now I'll just say good job on this really cool entry. It obviously took a lot of work, and that shows. Thanks so much for participating in the jam!

This definitely deserved #2 in presentation. The first thing that stood out to me was the cute, minimalist artstyle, which works REALLY well with the pumpkin spice theme! The game itself was designed well, but (at least for me) very hard! I might just have to play more to get better tho ;) Simple yet effective, a perfect jam entry! Thanks for participating!!

My first minute of playing the game consisted of shouting  "what's happening, where AM I??", but once I realised I was a little squirrel-ball jumping from tree to tree everything became clear instantly. This was a really cool concept and a surprisingly fun one to play! The addition of limited ammo, which means you have to restock at your base-tree, was a good move to keep the gameplay varied and challenging. I'd have loved to have a clearer indication of where the enemies are coming from and where they're going, as right now I didn't quite know in the beginning. Could also be cool to have upgrades, like permanent tree-mounted acorn sentries or something! Anyway, super fun little game, I enjoyed the vibes and the gameplay. Thanks for entering into the jam!

Fun little concept! You definitely put a lot of time and effort into the graphics and the animations. They're interesting and look nice, but the perspective can be hard to get used to for sure. I laughed at the guy running around a few times, so that's good ^^ The colors are very nice by the way. Good job on finishing a game, and thank you for taking part in the jam!

The concept of this game was really good, and graphically it's also executed very well! The fact that you have a meta game in a game is just really cool, and even though it was hard, the game seemed fair and fun. Loved the theme of sitting indoors during the fall, and actually playing fall-themed games, since that's what I do most often :) Good job on this entry, and thx for entering the jam!!

This game feels really, really good. It instantly takes me back to quake, or rocket jumping in Team Fortress 2. The blue guys don't seem to serve much of a purpose except for being there to be shot, but the way they ragdolled around was extremely ammusing, so I think they're a great addition. The grenade jumping felt pretty tight, and the way you could fly through the air was actually the most fun part of this game for me! Loved the color scheme and the foliage, well done! One thing I'd say is, for a game like this you can afford to delete the colliders off of the trees, because I often got stuck in them. Anyway, very fun and good looking entry! Good job :) Thanks so much for entering the jam!

I think this is the first game I saw actual gameplay videos of in the Discord while the jam was running. You came up with this idea incredibly fast, and it was definitely a good bet, because it's a very clever and fun idea! Graphically the game looks nice, and I loved all the different animations. The colors are chosen nicely, and work well together with the theme. The levels feel varied and actually have some progression in them, which is definitely a plus in a jam game! Good job on this entry, and thanks for participating in the jam!

This game really feels like one of the most underrated entries in the jam. I loved playing through it! It's such a meditative, honest and reflective experience, and I loved that :) It did really feel like talking to a friend you hadn't seen in a while, after the world stood still for more than a year.. and that felt nice. I fel that genuine connection that you'd have in that moment. The gratitude of someone being there for you. You captured that beautifully. So good job on this wonderful entry, and thanks so much for participating in the jam!!

This was super cool! This 'game' is basically a little toy that really does not get old fast. I like how you ran with the theme of falling leaves and just went all-in. Super cool that you had time to add all the different sliders/features as well, that really added some depth to the gameplay. My favourite way to play was to add everything, slow down time completely, blow wind in the middle of the field, and then speed up time again. Looks like a mini explosion, I loved it :) Good job on making this, and thank you for entering into the jam!!

This is exactly the sort of tiny game I was hoping people were gonna make for this jam! It's fun, bold, beautiful and immerses me in that sweet, sweet fall season. I really appreciate the pixelart and the attention to detail you added in the landscapes! Would love to play more of this and even see a bit more drama, or a general story. Thanks so much for submitting to the jam and good job :)

Fantastically designed game that's really fun to play. I was genuinely sad that there weren't more levels (which is super understandable in a jam game, and a big compliment!) Loved the fact that the pumpkin glowed when you pressed up, really adds to the theme, but also gives some player feedback about what's happening. The third level is a big iffy, but the rest were really fun. Would love to see more physics-based levels, as I definitely enjoyed that chaotic gameplay the most. Good job on making a game, and thank you for participating in the jam!

The graphical style of the game really got me into the fall mood! Loved that little fox and the simple, yet effective design of the game. I enjoyed playing it :) Congrats on finishing a game, and thanks for submitting to the jam!!

I really enjoyed this entry because it quite the opposite of a lot of the other games: it was quiet and relaxing! There was nothing to race, nothing to dodge, just the feeling of having a nice walk in the forest and collecting things for a picnic. I love the simple idea and it actually gives me old-school exploration adventure game vibes! The environment looks really sweet as well which helps with immersion. Good job on finishing, and thanks for participating in this jam!!

I always admire people that manage to develop unique puzzle mechanics within the time limitation of a gamejam, and you did that very well! The puzzles had a very good and gradual difficulty curve, but also featured some cool 'ah-hah!' moments, which are essential to a good puzzle game. The graphics are simplistic and very effective as well. Overall wonderful job, and well deserved #1 in fun! Thanks for entering the jam!!

Thanks so much, I appreciate it a lot :)!

You know what? The game might just be build out of gray cubes, but I absolutely loved playing through it. Such a cool and elegant system, which lead to quite a few interesting puzzle designs. It's short, it's sweet and it's exactly what I want in a jam game! The only thing I'd love to see is to remove all walls blocking the view to the other side of the mirror, as it's extremely hard to predict where you're counterpart will be at the moment. Cool concept and nice execution! Good job on this one :)

I think you guys did a LOT in this jam - possibly a lot that people won't experience if they get frustrated and rage-quit on the first level, but it's there! :P Let's start off by saying the game is hard. It's meant to be hard, it seems, which is completely fine for the type of game it is, and I really did enjoy the difficulty curve & rewarding feeling when completing a run. I love the way you incorporated the style of the person you drew, and it shows a lot of ambition and dedication (especially making maps inspired by their previous jam games!) The fact that there was multiplayer really surprised me, and although I couldn't hit anything, I still really enjoyed it. My tip for next time would be: maybe try to scope down a little and polish a bit more. Like I said, there's a lot that you guys wanted to do with this game and I know how hard that can be during a jam. Nevertheless you guys delivered a really cool game here, so congratz on that, well done!!

Okay. First of all, that title is genius.. I don't think anyone here guessed that that was a hint and I love it. Secondly, I think you did a lot with the time you had! I know you shifted direction pretty drastically with the game, but I think a really fun little game came of it. The only major two things making this game way to difficult/ sometimes impossible to progress in right now are: 1.) the planets seem to spawn randomly, and sometimes there just isn't one to land on, and you die. 2.) I'd looove to see the little guy snapping to planets! It'd make the gameplay so much easier, as right now it's very hard to see when you landed on a planet, and often use your jetpack by accident. The graphics are very cute, and I love the squishy guy jump mechanic! Lovely entry :)

Very good entry, this one! I immediately recognized the style of the parson you drew, which is definitely a testament to how well you studied their games. The gameplay's clever, fun and interesting. The arstyle is cute and the gameplay is very polished for a jam game! I'm impressed. The only gripe I had with the game was that my weak gamer ass found the difficulty curve a little too steep, leading me to only complete 4 levels. I had the most trouble jumping over the rotating beams. Other than that minor thing, I think you did great on this one!

Hey Nathan, thanks for the great feedback, I appreciate it! I was worried people might say that about the artstyle and I did get a little carried away haha, but that's the way my chaotic brain works during a  creative process apparently :P Thanks for playing!!

Hey Thanks for playing! Appreciate it ^^

I liked the concept of this one very much! The moment -that thing- happened, it completely felt like a Stanley Parable moment, and I loved it. I liked the little story arch you had going here as well, although at times it was  a little hard to understand with how quickly text would fade out, especially when text was displayed at the same time as learning a new abillity.  There were some things I'd have appreciated, like a checkpoint system (but because of the time limit, it's understandable it's not in there), and the ability to sprint-jump (this could possibly make the leap useless though.) I think you did a lot here with the time you had, so good job! It might actually pay off to do the same amount of work, but cram it into a smaller world, so the world feels a little more 'full', if that makes any sense? But not that I minded that too much! Overall cool entry, and you definitely went for a very ambitious project here!

Thanks man! I appreciate it :)

I especially loved this game because of the awesome vibes and ambiance you've created here. The visuals and gameplay are hella polished, and I really dig that! It made me feel like I truly was in a cozy winter cabin, so good job. The only critique I'd have is that there is little challenge in the game, especially compared to the original game this was based on. I liked that it was more chill than the previous one, but I did kind of miss shooting evil robots. Maybe you could introduce evil (haunted?) elves that try to stop you in your tracks? That'd be super cool. Anyway, I definitely think this is a great base for a game, so I hope you keep developing something based on this!

Unfortunately I couldn't play this game because I don't own an Oculus device, but we took a look at the video during the livestream and everyone seemed to love the concept of this. It looks so fun and I really wish I could play it.. I really like the concept of having to fight off santa's that try to take your presents, it's definitely an unique take on the Christmas theme :P I hope you've learned a lot from this project, like you set out to do, and that you keep developing VR games in the future! Hopefully you can get vive support going :D

Like I said on stream, this might not be the *most* polished game, but I absolutely loved the concept and think it doesn't need that much polish to begin with. It's just plain simple fun, and with a little work this could be a really tight experience to get people into the winter spirit! I especially loved the cozy vibe this little winter valley brought me, and the animations of the snow men. I also beat the jingle-hells mode, which I'm EXTREMELY proud of (lol). Good job dude, keep up the good work!

Super unique and interesting game about experiencing the human condition in a strange time: a time where there's nothing to look forward to... although not everyone sees it that way. I love the minimalist graphics that really bring forward the story, as it unfolds in your imagination, and the characters that feel lifelike and diverse. The writing is spot on, and I especially like the little punctuation thingies in the text, it adds a lot to the total experience! Good job Squishy :) Hope you do more story in the future!

Super fun and interesting game! It totally shows that polished the heck out of it, and that you added a whole lot of content, so good job! The only thing I'd love to have is a sensitivity slider, and a little bit less visual clutter once you take damage, because it's a little hard to see anything once you're low-health. However, I'm extremely impressed with what you've done during this jam, keep 'm coming!

Hey there, I really appreciate the kind words! So glad you got some enjoyment out of this :) That game, Bendy's Ink Machine looks amazing by the way!