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Thanks for playing and it's incredible that you played this many games from the jam! Cheers!

That sounds fun, but you should also be proud of the 3 levels you managed to make!

Thanks for also playing my game! I ran out of time to do audio, but I would have loved to add it. Glad you enjoyed!

Incredible! I'm amazed at the level of polish you all managed to pull of with this game! I love games like this, where you have to walk around and learn about the world. I even made two of those myself, called 'That Starry Night' and 'Memoirs', so I always love discovering new ones! I think all did an amazing job here. The artstyle is extremely cute and beautiful, I loved the music, and it was really fun learning about the different plants. The only little gripe I had with the game was the fact that the movement directions weren't alligned with the camera direction (e.g. pressing D would not move the character forward according to the current camera position, but rather forward according to the world X and Y axis), but that wasn't a big deal at all. Lovely game, congrats on finishing it! Thanks so much for participating in the jam <3

Wow! This is such a fun and creative game to play, and also very relaxing :) I really liked the simplicity of planting trees, and creating a beautiful landscapes in a matter of minutes. The artwork is stunning, and to my surprise all the different color plants and flowers work really well together. One thing I didn't completely understand is why there's a separate planting and growing mode. I think the game might have been a bit more streamlined if you always instantly grow a plant after placing it. I really enjoyed playing this! My little forest is added below :) Congrats on making a game and thanks for participating in the jam!

Loved it! I'm very much into walking simulators so I can appreciate just walking around and enjoying the surroundings, this game was perfect for that. Something that really stood out to me is how well the sound effects were done, especially little details like stepping through puddles! I liked that there were three types of mini environments. The beach was definitely my favourite, it was absolutely gorgeous and very relaxing! Congrats on finishing a game and thanks for participating in the jam!

Oh cool, well I love the look!

The inventory thing makes sense, I didn't know that. I'd maybe add that as a small tutorial on the itch page! Thanks for the answers :D

What a beautiful, and touching game. I was expecting a relaxing game about gardening, and instead got an emotional punch to the gut. The story, although sad, was absolutely beautiful - as was the art and the flower metaphors carrying the story.  It reminded me of personal loss close to me. By the end, the game had me in literal tears, and that never happens to me. This is a true testiment to how great games can be at telling stories, and helping us grow as people. Thank you so much for making this, I'm very impressed. I hope to see more of you in future jams!

What a fun and cute idea for a game! I love photography & nature games, so this was perfect for me. I liked the idea of having to photograph each animal in different states, that added some additional challenge. I did have some problems with the camera controls though. The cursor wasn't locked in the middle of the screen, and I could only move the camera (zoomed in) while my cursor was in the camera viewport. I think it might have been easier to find the animals if I didn't have this issue. The game looks very cozy and colorful, which I liked a lot. There did seem to be some shader issues, with animals being part invisible, but that's wasn't really a problem. Congrats on finishing this game! This could be really fun if expanded upon into a full game :) Thanks for participating in the jam!

I love games like Myst and this game definitely gave me the same vibes! I was intrigued by how you managed to make this 3D environment look and feel so much like a real 3D photo?! Complete with the same little artifacts and such that you'd get a with a real camera, that was quite cool. The controls however I found a little hard to use and even disorienting at times. I'd rather be able to click and drag around the 3D photo like with Google streeview for example. I was also able to find the key, but had no idea how to open the gate... And then I got lost haha. I wish I had come further because I love the vibes of the game! I hope you keep working on it, it definitely has a great adventurous spirit to it. Thanks for participating to the jam, and congrats on finishing a game!

That sounds awesome! You all did a great job! Glad you enjoyed <3

Hi! After you told me you guys fixed the game, I went back and played it. It was very fun! I really liked the concept of an island defender with crabs, and I also like that you don't kill the crabs, but you crown them, that's very cute :) The camera did move a bit quickly though, haha. The new tutorial helped a ton and I finally understood what I had to do. Some parts were still a little unclear and I had to figure those out by trail and error, like what resources were used for what. Overally, I love how the game looks and plays. Good job on finishing a game and thanks for participating in the jam! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I'd love to expand this further some day :)

A cutty little Flappy Bird like game, but with a cozy spring them and some mechanical twists. I liked it! I specifically liked that you don't die instantly once hitting a wall, but that you're simply being pushed back, giving you some room for error. I feel like the game could have picked up the pace a bit more quickly, because it was a little on the easy side. Congrats on finishing a game! Thanks for participating in the jam :)

Very cute arstyle and animations! I'd love to see a whole platformer game in this style :) I hope you keep working on this. Thanks for participating in the jam!

What a lovely little story, I loved it! I liked this interpretation of the theme, it was very unique but also fitted really well. The theater-esque environment with the unique gameplay was interesting and invited creative thinking, something I always like in games. The art is very, very beautiful. I loved looking at the detailed drawings. I hope you keep working on this game as it has definitely potential! Congrats on finishing a beta version and thanks for participating in the jam :)

Cute little game! I'm very impressed by the level of polish you both accomplished. The concept was simple, but very well executed, which I always love. Some feedback would be that I think the melting of snow could be a bit quicker as it takes a while, and maybe the island could have been a bit smaller - but those are minor things. The game looks, sounds and feels very solid for a jam game, good job! Congrats on finishing a game, and thanks for participating to the jam :)

Thanks so much for playing, glad you enjoyed!!

What a cute game, with a good message at the end :) I liked walking through the world, it looked really colorful and fun. Talking to the characters was also fun, although I wished there were more characters in each walk (and maybe a few less days), so there is more talking and a bit less walking. But overall I found the concept really cute and it was a great idea. Congrats on finishing a game and thanks for participating in the jam!

Heya! I tried the game, it looks very fun but I can't for the life of my figure out what the controls are how I'm able to build my island using resources. Maybe adding a small tutorial on the itch page might help! I'd love to give it another go.

That was such a fun experience! The upbeat techno music, the enemies spawning all around you, the upgrades turning you into a killing machine - all very fun elements. The gameplay loop is simple but very satisfying and surprisingly difficult. Though I happy you don't die instantly when an enemy hits you. I did wonder if it would have been more fun if I was able to aim / fire the sword myself, maybe that could be a future feature? Anyway, congrats on making the game and thanks for participating in the jam!

First of all, congrats on finishing a game for your first ever gamejam! It's a fun little concept, being able to place trees on a planet and grow an ecosystem. Though I found it quite difficult to not fail the game. I think the problem was that trees drain water quite quickly, much faster than I was able to water them all. Maybe if you reduce the drain time the game will become easier. Thanks for making a game for the jam, hope you had fun!

I love this! Such a cute and sweet experience. I can completely imagine living, by the river side - this diorama is almost like a little fantasy :) The models are very beautiful and I like the addition of a day / night cycle, especially when the sun comes up. Very well done, great spring vibes. Congrats on finishing!

Nice, thanks so much for playing!! The card swithing is something I really wanted to implement, but didn't have time for. I was in a big rush to get this prototype / demo out, but I also wanted to implement 3x3 grids like you mentioned. Maybe in some future release, who knows! Thx for the feedback, have a great day!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! It's definitely more of a prototype / demo than a full game but I'm glad you think it has potential!

Very fun game, it really reminds me of the real puzzles you have to solve while bouldering. Though it became pretty difficult pretty fast, it was still very fun to play!

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This was really fun to play! I can't believe you guys managed to make a solid shooter during a jam! The basic FPS mechanics felt really good and the game was very enjoyable. I survived for 16 waves, after which I felt that not enough really changed to keep it intersting - but that's something that can be added onto in the future! I'd almost forget this was made in a jam! If this game would boost more enemies and special abilities, it'd definitely be commercially viable. Good job guys!

Fun concept! It took me a second to realize that I needed to do, and why I kept failing every time. Once I understood that I had to perform the same actions as player 1, it made more sense. Took me a couple tries to nail the timing, but I managed to do it. A very creative idea and nicely executed. Good job!

Just finished this game. Very interesting! I liked the premise of being on a mysterious ferry with only the ghosts of other passengers. The puzzles were fun to solve! Only minor gripe was that I felt that the game didn't make it quite clear to me that when the elevator went up with the orb, it would also temporarily open up the hallway gate on the other side of the wall.. At least, I think this was intended? The sound design and music were lovely by the way. Cool game, good job guys!

Nice one! I just played it (with the finale) and I loved it! The ending added such good vibes, plus I love a good fireworks show. Well done :) I'm still very impressed by the game as a whole, please do share it with a lot of peeps!

Thanks for your elaborate reply, glad to hear all that! Cheers!

That's so wonderful! Please keep making games!! Cheers :)

Ttotally understandable, I know the struggle when you have a job haha. If you want you can always keep working on the game without any pressure :) Cheers!

Fun concept for a winter game! This game would have so much fun with the snow shader working properly. Even though it didn't work, I was dedicated to turning on the lights. I walked around for around 15 minutes trying to find all the batteries and only found 4/5... I couldn't for the life of me find the last one, which kind of bummed me out because I couldn't see the lights turn on :( But I did really enjoy the environment and all the art you made yourself! I see you're learning very quickly with these jams and having fun, which is the most important thing. One improvement I would also recommend would be the camera angle. It's pretty low and far on the side of the character, which makes it a bit awkward when spinning around. I think I would have preferred a camera hanging behind the camera, pointing slightly down. Maybe it's also worth it to upload a windows/mac build if that solves the issues with lighting and the snow shader? Either way I really liked playing through this game and it really got me in the festive Christmas mood. Thanks for participating in the jam and congrats on finishing a game! Hope you enjoyed and learned a lot :)

Even though it's far from a finished game, I definitely see a lot of potential in this prototype! The game feels smooth, the snowball throwing mechanic works really well (I especially like the aiming) and the effects are very satisfying. Only thing I could say really is that the enemies too far too many hits to kill, but you were probably still tweaking that. I hope you keep working on this as it could be really good once extended. Thanks for participating in the jam and good job on submitting :)

I'm really surprised that I'm the first person to write a comment here because wow I'm really impressed! This game sucked me right in with it's great use of atmosphere and mystery, and then became something I completely didn't expect. It became a cozy game about playing board games with friends! And honestly, even though I didn't expect that, I really enjoyed that concept a lot! The calamities game was fun and I managed to win 2/3 times. It was easy to understand but there were enough different events to make it interesting every time. I guess there's also an underlying theme of times of peace during a war or conflict, but that's not really elaborated on all that much. I'm not sure if you made the art yourself, but it's wonderful and sets the mood perfectly. Really enjoyed playing! Thanks for participating in the jam and congrats on making a game!

Wow! I didn't know what to expect because the game didn't have a thumbnail or specific name, but I ended up really liking the concept! I think it was a well executed puzzle-ish game that was really festive in theme. Shooting the strings of lights felt intuitive and I liked the parts where you used that mechanic to influence the map around you. The isometric movement can be a bit difficult, especially when using a keyboard, I fell off quite a few times because of that. I'd also really recommend adding a thumbnail, screenshots and a title for future games as it will make it so much more likely that people will give it a try! Thanks for participating in the jam, I really enjoyed playing. Congrats on finishing a game!

A very cozy little game that reminded me a lot of playing games like Stardew Valley or Minecraft. Just chilling out and doing some landscaping, it was a very nice experience. If you feel like working on this game some more, you could also add some extra unlocks for the game. For example, there could be a chance that you find a coin while digging up snow, which can then be used to buy a machine that makes digging faster. There could even be multiple levels. People love satisfying clean-up games, so I'm sure people would be interested! Anyway, I already loved this game for what it was. Thanks so much for participating in the jam and good job on finishing a game!

I really like decorating games in cozy spaces, so I liked the idea of this game! It's just a cute little house to decorate, which is nice. I also liked that the lights had color effects on them, which felt festive. I had some trouble actually placing the objects as the game didn't always seem to follow my mouse very well, but that might just be a Scratch thing, I'm not sure. Thanks for participating in the jam and good job on making a game!

Fun concept! I liked the art a lot, really cute. The interactions worked well for the most part, but I did also have some trouble where the tiles would teleport around or overlap each other sometimes. I also always ended up with one extra orange tile that I couldn't match into anything, is that correct? Maybe a little tutorial might have helped a bit. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the jam and learned a lot. I like this format so if you keep deciding to work on it that'd be cool! Thanks for participating in the jam!

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A very interesting game about social influence and, in a way, crowd control! I like that you flipped the idea of 'We become what we behold' on it's head for a Christmas-themed version, I think it worked really well. I managed to rekindle everyone's Christmas spirit and make them all celebrate the holidays together happily. Felt pretty good, not gonna lie! I'm impressed by the level of detail you managed to implement, especially with the character-specific status menus and everything. I do think however that the game could use a little more challenge, should you wish to continue working on it. I 'won' the game by just photographing every positive conversation I came across, which ended up not being too hard. Might be cool to also have some false-positives that look positive, but end up with a negative effect on the crowd or something. Anyway, really neat idea and very well implemented! I enjoyed playing :) Thanks so much for participating in the jam and congrats on finishing a game!