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You know what? The game might just be build out of gray cubes, but I absolutely loved playing through it. Such a cool and elegant system, which lead to quite a few interesting puzzle designs. It's short, it's sweet and it's exactly what I want in a jam game! The only thing I'd love to see is to remove all walls blocking the view to the other side of the mirror, as it's extremely hard to predict where you're counterpart will be at the moment. Cool concept and nice execution! Good job on this one :)

I think you guys did a LOT in this jam - possibly a lot that people won't experience if they get frustrated and rage-quit on the first level, but it's there! :P Let's start off by saying the game is hard. It's meant to be hard, it seems, which is completely fine for the type of game it is, and I really did enjoy the difficulty curve & rewarding feeling when completing a run. I love the way you incorporated the style of the person you drew, and it shows a lot of ambition and dedication (especially making maps inspired by their previous jam games!) The fact that there was multiplayer really surprised me, and although I couldn't hit anything, I still really enjoyed it. My tip for next time would be: maybe try to scope down a little and polish a bit more. Like I said, there's a lot that you guys wanted to do with this game and I know how hard that can be during a jam. Nevertheless you guys delivered a really cool game here, so congratz on that, well done!!

Okay. First of all, that title is genius.. I don't think anyone here guessed that that was a hint and I love it. Secondly, I think you did a lot with the time you had! I know you shifted direction pretty drastically with the game, but I think a really fun little game came of it. The only major two things making this game way to difficult/ sometimes impossible to progress in right now are: 1.) the planets seem to spawn randomly, and sometimes there just isn't one to land on, and you die. 2.) I'd looove to see the little guy snapping to planets! It'd make the gameplay so much easier, as right now it's very hard to see when you landed on a planet, and often use your jetpack by accident. The graphics are very cute, and I love the squishy guy jump mechanic! Lovely entry :)

Very good entry, this one! I immediately recognized the style of the parson you drew, which is definitely a testament to how well you studied their games. The gameplay's clever, fun and interesting. The arstyle is cute and the gameplay is very polished for a jam game! I'm impressed. The only gripe I had with the game was that my weak gamer ass found the difficulty curve a little too steep, leading me to only complete 4 levels. I had the most trouble jumping over the rotating beams. Other than that minor thing, I think you did great on this one!

Hey Nathan, thanks for the great feedback, I appreciate it! I was worried people might say that about the artstyle and I did get a little carried away haha, but that's the way my chaotic brain works during a  creative process apparently :P Thanks for playing!!

Hey Thanks for playing! Appreciate it ^^

I liked the concept of this one very much! The moment -that thing- happened, it completely felt like a Stanley Parable moment, and I loved it. I liked the little story arch you had going here as well, although at times it was  a little hard to understand with how quickly text would fade out, especially when text was displayed at the same time as learning a new abillity.  There were some things I'd have appreciated, like a checkpoint system (but because of the time limit, it's understandable it's not in there), and the ability to sprint-jump (this could possibly make the leap useless though.) I think you did a lot here with the time you had, so good job! It might actually pay off to do the same amount of work, but cram it into a smaller world, so the world feels a little more 'full', if that makes any sense? But not that I minded that too much! Overall cool entry, and you definitely went for a very ambitious project here!

Thanks man! I appreciate it :)

I especially loved this game because of the awesome vibes and ambiance you've created here. The visuals and gameplay are hella polished, and I really dig that! It made me feel like I truly was in a cozy winter cabin, so good job. The only critique I'd have is that there is little challenge in the game, especially compared to the original game this was based on. I liked that it was more chill than the previous one, but I did kind of miss shooting evil robots. Maybe you could introduce evil (haunted?) elves that try to stop you in your tracks? That'd be super cool. Anyway, I definitely think this is a great base for a game, so I hope you keep developing something based on this!

Unfortunately I couldn't play this game because I don't own an Oculus device, but we took a look at the video during the livestream and everyone seemed to love the concept of this. It looks so fun and I really wish I could play it.. I really like the concept of having to fight off santa's that try to take your presents, it's definitely an unique take on the Christmas theme :P I hope you've learned a lot from this project, like you set out to do, and that you keep developing VR games in the future! Hopefully you can get vive support going :D

Like I said on stream, this might not be the *most* polished game, but I absolutely loved the concept and think it doesn't need that much polish to begin with. It's just plain simple fun, and with a little work this could be a really tight experience to get people into the winter spirit! I especially loved the cozy vibe this little winter valley brought me, and the animations of the snow men. I also beat the jingle-hells mode, which I'm EXTREMELY proud of (lol). Good job dude, keep up the good work!

Super unique and interesting game about experiencing the human condition in a strange time: a time where there's nothing to look forward to... although not everyone sees it that way. I love the minimalist graphics that really bring forward the story, as it unfolds in your imagination, and the characters that feel lifelike and diverse. The writing is spot on, and I especially like the little punctuation thingies in the text, it adds a lot to the total experience! Good job Squishy :) Hope you do more story in the future!

Super fun and interesting game! It totally shows that polished the heck out of it, and that you added a whole lot of content, so good job! The only thing I'd love to have is a sensitivity slider, and a little bit less visual clutter once you take damage, because it's a little hard to see anything once you're low-health. However, I'm extremely impressed with what you've done during this jam, keep 'm coming!

Hey there, I really appreciate the kind words! So glad you got some enjoyment out of this :) That game, Bendy's Ink Machine looks amazing by the way!

Thanks so much for the kind words Sugar! It means a lot to me :) And yeah, that is a weird paradigm, but it also makes a lot of sense, actually. Thanks for playing!

Very glad you enjoyed Squishy, appreciate the nice comment :)

Thanks Norrimo, it means a lot coming from you, the king is atmosphere ^^ The most time was actually spent on making the art... man I had way overscoped that haha. But the story was really important to me, and I tried to be as genuine as possible with this game. I'm also new to writing so at least it was some practice!

Thanks sugar!

Hi Mounir, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to give such great feedback, I highly appreciate it! I've been working hard on the next update for the game, and in the start of oktober I'll start doing playtests with that version. Some of the things you've mentioned are fixed already, and some are things I still struggle with, like the directions of arrows being hard to read. Hopefully I'll gather more info from the playtests, so I can adress these issues in the future :) I'll let you know on Discord when testing being, in case you're interested in participating.

Thanks again, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks a bunch for playing! Lovely comments :) I'll definitely start working on this more once I'm done with college in a few weeks!

Ahh thanks for the compliments! Have you tried the newly updated stable version? What what I would say about blind clicking is this: because you didn't implement an instant restart button it already kind of feels like a punishment to just blind click, it would take forever! I've followed you on Twitter, I'm currently a bit busy with getting my bachelors degree, and am actually planning on making Tiny Traffic my main project after that, but who knows what the future holds ^^ If you ever need playtesting for your game(s), hit me up!

I like the game, it definitely looks and sounds the part and plays pretty smoothly too! The one thing I would say is that it can be quite hard to gauge if you'll be hitting a monster or not, but luckily they don't have a huge hitbox or anything, so it's fine. I ended up just running into one piece of furniture and making it ;) Good one guys!

alright, nice one! Good luck :D

Wow Chloe, thanks so much for this thoughtful and elaborate comment! First off, I'm super glad you at least enjoyed what's there somewhat, secondly it's super good to hear that you look forward to a post jam release! The fixed version (with many other improvements) is ready now, and will be pushed as soon as I have the time, I'm super excited for people to try it! More levels will follow in a next update. I like your suggestion of incorporating the 'breaking down' of the car as a mechanic, I was thinking of adding a tile in which a car waits 1 turn before moving on, which would open a lot of new puzzle design opportunities! Thanks so much for playing and giving feedback, unfortunately I can't rate your game before the deadline because I'm not home atm, but I'll try to check everyone's game out after the jam ended.

Unrelated but I love this comment, it's hilarious :P

Yeah it's sad! But the fix is ready! Thx for playing!

A very cool and interesting concept, but also really hard and frustrating to actually play :P it's just like learning to drive a car, except this time you have to mush the keyboard to see what works and what doesn't. It's really satisfying to actually make it to the end of the level though!

Holy moly, I love this! I almost can't believe you did this in 48 hours, with how well everything comes together. At first I was a bit irritated because I thought you forgot to include a tutorial, but as I played more and more it became clear to me that the process of discovery was part of the experience itself, and that victory feels much better if you've figured everything out yourself! The one tip I would give you is to get rid of the heart system entirely. If you're game is really about relaxation like you say, and experimenting with what everything does, than the player shouldn't be punished for playing the game like you intended it, right? I know the heart system stressed me out pretty hard, I would have rather just relaxed and tried to get the puzzles right in my own time. Anyway, this is a super cool standalone little game and I hope you get more people to play it! Very cool!

Very fun little game. The voiceacting was hilarious man, lol. I made it first try. Good job in this little entry!

A very creative and interesting idea, based on the theme of being lost in space. I couldn't quite get a grasp on what the story was exactly and who I was talking to, it all seemed to be a bit disconnected, but maybe that was because I wasn't paying enough attention? Anway, the atmosphere in this game alone is just super awesome, and I loved it for that. Great job in my opinion!

Fun little game, but very tiring for the hands. I'm glad you decided to actually include WASD and the arrow keys, as you use this to switch hands seamlessly. The game is still pretty tough though, but the concept is nice and I like the interpretation of the theme. Good job!

It's a pretty cool concept of having to switch controls constantly and it definitely keeps the game fresh. I think the problem that I'm encountering is that it's really tough to place the blocks at night, for some reason? It seems a bit sloppy and I'm not too sure where I'm gonna place the next one. It also sometimes seems to target a block I've already placed, which is a bit weird. I think what would help a ton is a colored outline of where you'll be placing your block, either green or red, based on if you can actually place it there, and also skip the whole popup animation, and just build the block instantly. This is a game about timing after all! Good little entry, it definitely looks very cute and nice :)

I like the concept of having to jump quickly because everything is on fire, that's pretty cool. The art also looks very pretty and stylized, which is always a bonus, since you made it yourself. The thing that made this game really hard is that it was pretty hard to see where you needed to go, especially when you let the vines hang down. Other than that it's a pretty cool little entry, good job!

A fun little game, but it could have used some easier (and maybe less tedious?) levels. just giving me more targets to destroy isn't really super fun, I would like to make more meaningful choices. You could for instance see if you could kind of change this into a puzzle game, where you need a different amount of robots for different kinds of targets. I did really like the mechanic where you can make robots follow you, that's awesome. I would also like to see the option to just jump with up-arrow, as I think a lot of people are used to that. Anyway, good little entry, good job :)

I've seen a couple people making a game about constantly shooting & walking, but I think this game shines because of something else: the mechanic where you go faster and faster the more you get hit, that's genius. I found that the levels were really hard though, and the game throws really narrow hallways and dead ends at you really early on, which I couldn't pass, but I like the concept. I'm less of a fan of the aim to walk AND shoot mechanic. It's really hard to aim at a guy if it also means you'll be running into him because you're aiming at him, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. You could have maybe made the game about actually plowing into the bad guys at speed and killing them, and I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more. Anyway, good job on this little entry :)

A very lovely little game about doing all kinds of weird stuff to keep your power plant going! I loved it :D My favourite part was brushing the hamster, because yaknow, it's a hamster! Anyway, if I would have to give a tip, it'd be this: after completing a task, the screen waits for a bit before zooming out, but the bar on the right keeps rising, which seems a little unfair. Also, sometimes you get stuck on corners while moving (or at least it seemed that way?), but those things are really minor. Cool little concept, good job!

Duude, I love this little game so much. That ending had me laughing out loud (the bad ending, where everything goes out of control.) It's great to see how much you can do with such a little concept. Here are a few tips though: I would have liked it if the people walking back had a slightly different color or something than the people walking forwards, as it can get really hard to see who's going where if there's a big mass of people! Also, you have an indicator + sound effects for when you click on someone, but I would like to know what the status of that person might be (how many clicks before he leaves?) Maybe you could add something like different people with different resistance levels, like the guy with the sunhat needing more clicks etc. Anyway, super cool little concept, good job on making this!

Okay, so I like the premise of this game a lot. The darkness, you and your little tank, wandering around to find stuff, while fighting enemies with glowing eyes: cool! However, to be completely honest, taking away this much control from the player without good reason is less cool, and honestly not that fun. There were long stretches in the game where I just had to wait and accept my fate, instead of being able to at least do something. I don't think this game really needs the theme to be good though, and I can see this being developed further into something. Nice entry, it looked and sounded really cool too :)

Hey there, thanks for playing and giving feedback. It did get tested and it worked, but my guess it that it went wrong when exporting to a windows build (I have to admit we didn't have time to test an actual build), and that it has something to do with the order in which scripts were being fired. I've since rewrote the whole system though, so no more bugs in the next version ^^ Great suggestion with the level-numbering/naming, will put it on the 2do list. Thanks for playing!

A very solid entry for the theme of this gamejam, I love it. At first, I was really confused by the descriptions and (honestly) reluctant to read the walls of text that were being fired at me, but as soon as I started playing, it all became very clear very quickly. It's super interesting because your brain is so hardwired to go for WASD, or the arrow keys, and I constantly had to stop and think which buttons I was going to use, especially when I need to jump over fireballs etc. Very cool little entry!