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Yes! Great suggestion. Not sure if having ammo is the way to go, but I'll definitely make it harder. Thanks for playing :)

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Hey there, good job on this game, especially for your age and within the timespan used! I think the aesthethics look nice, and the animations are cute. The music loops got a little repetitive and intense for me, personally would have loved to see a bit longer loops. I also noticed that the jumping felt a bit sticky when trying to perform a jump right after landing, making it really frustrating to jump from pillar to pillar fast. The character seems to need a bit of run-up time to be able to jump properly. The biggest thing that I'd change is the fact that you cannot see where you need to jump because the camera is too zoomed in. This is generally avoided in platformer games, and it's really unfair and frustrating towards the player, so consider chaning that. Anyway, you did a great job and I hope you keep making games!

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Damn, what a cool entry for the jam this one is! I went in expecting a pretty complicated little game, but that actually ended up not really being the case at all! All the interfaces were very logical, and intuitive, which made it absolutely doable in the time you were given! I must say, I was racing to find clues and mix 'n match them into events, I had a lot of fun doing it! I was also super relieved when I managed to finish the game with little under a minute to spair, I think you chose a perfect time limit! You did a great job on this design in my opinion, and it's quite refreshing to have played this. Very professionally made. The only two things of which I thought they could be improved were the movement (I would have loved to be able to use WASD), and the fact that the walking animation was a little extreme in terms of character movement. But those are minor things and I really think you made a great entry! Awesome :D

An interesting entry for the jam. I definitely think this had a lot of potential, but I'm afraid a lot of people didn't make it much further than the first few turns. The problem isn't that the game is hard, because that's fine if that's part of your design, but I think it might be wise to easy the player into the level a bit more, and make it progressively become harder. I probably suck, but had an impossible time getting myself through the first u-turn. I felt like the drifting mechanic made me make turns a bit too quickly, basically 180-ing my hoverboard in a heartbeat, which isn't really how I had imagined drifing would work. I did really like the sense of speed and the jumps in this, so I hope you can make the game (at least in the beginning) a bit more accesible for people, that'd be great! Great game overall, hope you keep developing it :)

Thanks for the kind words!! Will do ;)

Wow, thanks for the great video man! It's always really cool to see people play your game and having a handson experience. Great feedback too! Thanks a lot. I'll definitely check out your game, it looks really good! :D

I don't get it but I love it <3

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! I'm working on the difficulty and making it easier to see where the robots are coming from. The upport floor will also be more clear once I actually start developing models for the rooms, because the stairs will be more pronounced. Thanks a lot!

How do I say this? I think this might be one of the best entries in the jam to be completely honest. You've come up with a very unique and great gameplay concept that works fantastically well, the graphics, sound and animations are all very polished, coherent and help to create a very lovely gameworld alltogether! It was fun as hell too, especially when I came up with a genius plan to make a few perfect dashes crush multiple guards. I think it speaks volumes for you as a game designer that you actually managed to also squeeze in lots of polish, like for example when the note of the pickup sound changes after ever new diamond you catch, or how the music slows down after you've died. It's all very cool stuff that makes a great game, and shows that you've made many games before. The only bug I encountered was that one diamond got stuck under some rubble and I couldn't dash there to catch it, but it might've been my fault for not thinking about it. It's funny how I didn't even really use WASD that much, the dashing was so much fun. Although the game is a little easy right now (maybe the dash radius is even a little big), I really think this could be a very unique main mechanic if you choose to expand upon this game after the jam. Good job!

Yeah man, this is a really solid entry for the jam! I'm truly surprised this doesn't have a lot of plays. So here's my 2-cents about the game:

When I first booted it up, I noticed the movement was a little bit slippery. Not a dealbreaker but would definitely be appreciated if it was a bit tighter! It took a while for me to actually figure out what the gun did. I thought I was supposed to shoot the guards, and suck them up in the hole, but that didn't work and left me quite confused. It was exactly at the point that I realised I had to suck stuff up to knock out the guards that I really started to enjoy the game! The use of physics is great here, I really really enjoyed it. It's extremely satisfying to knock a desk over and hit two guards with it, while dodging their bullets. It's really something unique and a great implementation of the theme that I wouldn't have thought of before. One other critique is that after a while, when the floor is a mess, it's really hard to figure out what is still useable, and what is just junk. It might be useful to give the items that are still useable a light glow around the edges to define them as 'active.'

Anyway, great entry. I think you nailed it with the gameplay. Sounds and graphics are nice and minimalistic too, which is always appreciated. Good job!

This is a really interesting game, and interpretation of the theme. You definitely went for a risky theme that is quite hard to pull off in the right way. I must say, I like the implementation of story and gameplay mechanics that together form a short narrative of someone who's really depressed, although I liked the writing a bit less. As for something this serious, the writing has to be spot on and I kind of feel like it isn't as professionally written as it could have been at times. I get that you're still learning and improving, and that's good, so keep going! I also felt that the gameplay part was a bit short for my liking, I did get the 'happy' ending (assuming there are two ending, depending on what you pick up), so that was kind of nice. It made me think about the subject, but overall I think the whole theme of depression is kind of put forward too literally, in bite-sized texts for the player to read. I would have maybe liked a bit more of a subtle approach to the topic, but that might just be me. Anyway, I think you still did a great job with this entry. It's very interesting and the illustrations + animations look great!

Let me start off by saying, this is an incredible entry, and it's super juicy. I think you did hit it out of the park in terms of polish, graphics, animations, sounds, little details like screenshake etc. Having said that, I think in terms of gameplay, some things can be tweaked to make this experience a 'hole' lot better ;-)

I'd recommend making the playing field a circular cutting board, instead of a square one where the ball often gets stuck in the corners. Maybe it's also advicable to make sure the ball can't even reach the outer edge, so the players can always reach it. Second thing is that I think the movement of the players can be a lot faster, especially for a CO-OP game where you're kind of trying to beat each other. A great addition to co-op would also be the ability to tackle each other! I think that'd be hilarious. I played on a PS4 controller, and I think the bindings didn't correspond to those you wrote on screen, so maybe look into that? Another tip would be to make the text above the player always face the camera, so it's not facing the wrong (and illegible) way once you pick up the ball.

I did really love the interaction with objects, maybe make them have a bigger impact on gameplay, like a huge knife coming from above to actually slice up tomatoes or whatever, and you'd have to dodge the knife etc. I did really like this game, and I think that with some changes you could actually sell this in something like a co-op party pack! Great job dude and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to polish this game!

I really like the simplistic graphics, it's nice and clean, gives me a happy vibe in combination with the music! I'd recommend making the movement relative to the camera angle, meaning: forward on the camera, is the way the ball will move when I press W. I also honestly don't like the spinning mechanic in later levels. It just makes me pretty dizzy and sick and not wanting to complete the game. It's a challenge, yes, but not in the right way :P I also feel like making the ball arbitrarily slow in the pink level makes it just more boring, not more interesting. The levels also don't feel challenging enough right now, they could be a lot harder. Still, I think this game and artstyle has potential if you find new and interesting gameplay mechanics in favour of the current ones. Good luck and good job ;)

Thank you for the kind feedback!! Thanks so much for playing :) Really appreciate it!

Ah thanks man!! Thats so kind of you to say ^^ I really appreciate the compliments! Trust me, coding gets easier, you just have to practice and practice. What I will say is that a week-long jam game will generally be held together with ducktape behind the scenes haha. Have a nice day :)

Thanks a lot for playing! Yeah great feedback, it's already on my to do list!

Thanks so much for the kind words man! I'm definitely going to develop this further so thanks for the tips! And there isn't a secret room that I know of (or is there??) ;-)

Thanks for playing and the compliments! I'll definitely check out yours later :)

True! Stylization is everything. Thanks

Yeah, but those are just some minor tweaks and easy fixes. Good luck!

Haha great, thanks! Well, right now the house is literally a placeholder for models haha, so there still work to do :)

Nice little game, especially for your first game! I think the game would be great with some more audio to reinforce what's happening on screen. Also, I think it's essential to have a visualiser that shows how far you've dragged, or maybe where your ball is going to go, something like you see a lot in golf games, which would make it a bit more clear that you're going to shoot. I'd also make it so the ball can't be shot from within the air, which makes it a bit harder. I'd also like to see some sort of visualiser where the hole is roughly going to be on a horizontal scale, maybe like an arrow at he bottom of the screen? Right now you kinda have to guess. Overall it's a nice game and you did a great job, nice one!

First off, I love the pun in the name! This is a fun little wack-a-mole game that's pretty polished and makes it satisfying to hit those moles back into their holes. I like the upgrade system, but I'd suggest maybe making it a bit more clear how to use them, as I was a little confused. I liked the fact that they started going outwards to the fence, which added a additional challenge, but they seemed to do that a little fast for me, making it pretty hard. I thought I was doing quite well and then suddenly it was over haha. Anyway, solid entry and good job on the game!

Thanks a lot for playing and the lovely comment, I'll definitely try yours!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing! That's a great idea. Glad you liked the vibes :) I'll be working on graphical improvements for future versions.

Haha nice, sad to hear they got you mate :P It's good to hear it's creepy too! Good feedback, thanks a lot for playing.

Thanks for the great feedback, it's really appreciated man!!

Thanks so much for the feedback man! Really appreciate the kind words :D

Thanks so much for playing and critiqueing the game! I do agree with everything you said, and most of it stems from a lack of time in the last days, but I'll continue development for sure!

Thanks so much for playing and the really good feedback! I do agree, I'd love for people to have to roam around (maybe defend different objectives, etc?) during the waves. Camping shouldn't be the best strategy, but it's a bit too easy atm haha. And let's say you might have given me a great idea for an easter egg with that code, so stay tuned for future versions ^^

That's all great to hear, life sucks sometimes, but you luckily get more time to work on this so yeah ^^ And about the URP, I had to literally downgrade from that to get camera stacking to work. I read on a forum post that they implemented it, but for as far as I can tell, they haven't yet. URP isn't production ready in a lot of ways tho, so I'd consider maybe downgrading, even tho that sucks :P

Super cool stuff, I wish you all the best!

Great to hear all that, good luck man!

This is a damn good entry man. I had lots and lots of fun playing it. It's a very unique mechanic but extremely satisfying to just SMACK those demons down the hole, it's incredible! And the visuals do the concept justice too, very good! The only thing that you could improve is to make a specific demon model that fits the artstyle a bit more than right now. But super good job!

Dude, is this your FIRST GAME?? It's super solid man, can't believe it. I like the concept. it's simple but executed very well and it's also very polished. I like the graphics too, it's definitely a huge step up from my first ever game. The only critique is that the sensitivity was way too high for me which made it difficult to pick up the bombs sometimes, but that's an easy fix. Good job on this, hope you keep devving!

I love this entry, I'm extremely surprised it has this little plays. You should definitely promo this one more! What can I say, the game progresses very well. It teaches you mechanics in a playful step-by-step way, not unlike portal, which I really appreciate! I think the puzzle elements are very cool too, they aren't too hard but do require insight in the different mechanics. I found it to be a fun little game for sure! There are a few points of critique tho: The lava shader seems to be broken. Not sure how, but it just moves along with me and I can see the borders of the mesh it was put on ^^ The wallrun mechanic was either non-existent or buggy to the point that I didn't even know whether it worked or not, but I'd have loved to used it :) I would also recommend looking into camera stacking so you can have a seperate camera that only renders the guns ontop of your other camera, so it avoids sticking your guns through walls, it's what I did for my entry, it's a useful thing for FPS games!
The last critique I had is that I went to the portal world and got stuck there because my guns didn't seem to have any effect on the stone-like blocks, which was kind of a bummer! Other than that, I think you did a really fantastic job. The controls feel tight, the dynamic between guns is very interesting and I think it can easily be expended upon, with a bit of polish, to a full-fletched game. Kudos!

Hey there, nice little golfing game. I think golfing games with a certain theme will always be in demand, so a dungeon theme is pretty cool in my opinion! I got two tips for you on improving the game: I experienced some weird bouncing on my ball, which made playing this much harder than expected. I expected angle in > angle out, but the ball would sometimes just bounce the wrong way on a wall, which was a bit frustrating. I also think theres a little too little friction on the ball, which makes it so it takes very long between strokes, and it gets a bit boring over time, so I'd definitely change that a bit. Other than that, nice little game, hope you found the feedback useful!

I mean, it's a tilt maze puzzle, but done very well! I very much liked the ambient music and graphics, they really add to the whole experience a lot. It was pretty tough to finish it, but I did it (see highscore below.) The only critique that I have is that because of the camera angle it looks like the board kinda rotates further down then it does up, which threw me off a bit. So to say: the board looked like it was straight when I rotated it all the way up so the ball went upwards. Other than that I think it's a great entry, a simple concept implemented very well!

Hey there, nice gamejam entry. The visual fidelity was quite cool too. I did find it pretty hard to get through the level though, here are some critiques: I would recommend adding air controls, as its super frustrating not to have them in a platformer. Couldn't easily get up ledges and such, and could't stop myself from overshooting while in the air. Also, the black hole colliders seem a bit wonk, it looks like they're cubes instead of the hole itself. I also wasnt able to attack the black holes with my sword, dunno why. And I got killed on the first non-hole enemy unfortunately, because it took a while to kill and the black hole seemed to creep up on me too quickly, so that was kind of awkward. It's really not a bad entry but would be a loot more fun with a few small tweaks! Anyway, good job on this entry and hope you keep developing it :)

I wanna start off by saying, I LOVE the concept of this game, but there are a few little things that stop it from being as great as it could be. I also want to start off by saying I did have a lot of fun playing! The main mechanic is just very simple, intuitive and fun. My critiques: I think everyone will prop. tell you this, but the FPS controlls are too slippery, which makes it really hard to position yourself and often makes you slide off platforms. This wasn't too bad since you spent most of your time in the air anyway, but should be adressed in a future version. I really think you should keep developing this as it's super cool! Secondly, I love flying around, but being used to rocket jumping in TF2 and quake and such, there is one thing that kind of annoyed me: when I have forward momentum, and I shoot the floor underneath me, I'm expecting to 'bunnyhop' off it while maintaining the same forward speed I first had. Instead in this, it overwrites the previous speed and replaces it with upward speed (regarding the surface normal, I suppose.) I'd love it if the game would add that vertical speed onto my previous momentum, which would be pretty easy to implement too and would make wall jumping and such a lot easier and faster! The last little complaint I had that was that sometimes enemies would get stuck on walls and I wouldn't be able to push them on any side really, so I'd be good to always surround enemies by spikes on all sides. I think this game definitely has potential, so I hope this feedback is useful. Good job on the entry!