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That's so interesting to learn! Glad you enjoyed!

Glad to hear it!!

Very interesting concept and very polished game for just one weekend! I liked that I had to balance the money and employees that I had. I wasn't quite sure when a shrine was completely 'fixed' but the visitors seemed to enjoy the place :) Great entry, thanks for participating in the jam!

Super fun, funny and creative entry! I loved the humor and the surprisingly addictive gameplay beneath it all! I usually don't like management games because it feels like there's too much grinding, but I really liked that making money was actually really fast and easy in this game. The 2D character animations are a great idea and added to the charm. Being able to blow up my world when I won was also a fun surprise! Good job and thanks for participating in the jam!

I think, as is stated on the game page, that the game in it's current state is broken and cannot be played properly? However, I really liked the general vibe and aesthetics! The intro sequence is super cool and I hope you all continue working on this game as I can't wait to play the whole thing with a few updates! Thanks for participating in the jam!

What a beautiful little game! I really enjoyed the artstyle and vibe. There's so much polish here, it cannot be understated how impressive that is to achieve in just one weekend. One thing I encountered was that I bought a flower (costume) that didn't appear in my inventory :( And I didn't know whether I was able to put more than two pieces of furniture in my house? I can see a lot of potential here and I hope you continue working on this game! Thanks for participating!

Fantastic spring vibes, beautiful art and a variety of beautiful plants to grow. This game felt really polished! I liked filling my whole shop with plants and it felt satisfying to see the whole shop come to life. Well done! I'll attach a picture of my shop :) Thanks for participating!

Great to hear! Hope to see you back!

I'm absolutely impressed by what you have managed to create in just one weekend! The artstyle is fanastic and there are lots of unique items in the game too! The environment looked wonderful. The gamplay is varied too, although I didn't quite realise that as I was playing. After finishing the game I only learned how many achievements (and tasks) there were to do. I was under the impression that my only goal was to water the plants. I think it would have really helped me to have the achievement list available during the gamplay. And personally I would have enjoyed ticking off that list without the looming deadline of a countdown timer, just for that extra cozyness. Overall Im super impressed! The cozy spring vibes are 100% present in this game. Thanks for participating and hope you enjoyed!

Immaculate vibe in this one! It starts out very cheerful, bright and hopeful, then turns slightly creepy and dark, both in terms of visuals and story. I feel like you managed to tell a story very effectively, well done! The car can be hard to control, but the whole POV style controls work well and the phone heads up display is genius and well executed. I love creative solutions like the 2D animations. Thanks for participating and hope you enjoyed!

A lovely little 'game', or digital experience! There actual gameplay is almost non existent but I really dug the vibe you created. It was nice rewilding a little plot of land. Good job and thanks for participating!

Fun little game based on the idea of Plants vs zombies, but with the twist that your plants need to be watered. I felt like the sprinklers were a bit expensive and I was in a constant rush to defeat ufos, so I couldn't really save up for the sprinklers, but maybe there's a hidden strategy I don't know of. It also wasn't quite sure as to how the sprinklers worked and where they watered. I liked the concept of having plants defeat ufo's and having to maintain plants, so I'm sure with a bit more work this concept would make for a really solid game! Thanks for participating and hope you enjoyed :)

Very impressive attention to detail, and a very fun premise. Not very challenging in its current state, but that can be fixed with some more (aggressive) predators. I managed to save 50 ducklings! Thanks for participating in the jam!

Loved the visual design of the plants (and rabbits)! I was a bit confused about when what happened, for example when I would find some new object or how flowers would cross-fertilize but was fun to create a small forest scene anyway. Performance got pretty laggy when I planted a lot of trees and flowers, and at some point my PC crashed. Not sure if this was caused by the game, but maybe good to look into. Unfortunately no screenshot of my creation because of this :( Impressive work in such a short time, thanks for participating!

Fun game, I liked that you become really optimized at the whole packing process! The only critique that I have is that the text at the top left is hard to read because of the font and font size. Thanks for participating!

I liked the main goal of the game, making a snowman. The puzzle element of the game felt nice and interesting. It took me a while to figure out that snowballs don't only need to be used for the snowman, but that they're also part of the puzzle. The superjump is a nice addition as well! The second level becomes quite hard and disorienting, maybe a map of the whole level might have helped there. Good job on the game, and thanks for participating!

Interesting game, fun graphics and animations. It might need a bit more polish on the gameplay side, I think there was a guard stuck in the middle of the level so I got caught instantly. It also wasn't completely clear whether it was possible to go beyond the fences? Or is the level just really small? Anyway, I liked the concpept of having to do tricks to become more poluar, I just wish there was more snowboarding. Hope you work on this some more after the jam! Thanks for participating!

Solid mechanics and a great visual style and general vibe! Really enjoyed playing this. There's a little bug where clicking once doesn't seem to throw a snowball, but clicking multiple times works, but that's okay! I really liked the dynamic between throwing snowballs and having to regenerate them. I think it works well, but this dynamic does scream for some kind of cover for me to duck behind while making new balls, so that I am not a sitting duck waiting to be hit by enemy snowballs. The difficulty was a bit steep imo, with enemies spawning quite quickly and in large numbers. I didn't have much time to build snowmen myself, but when I did it felt great. I thinkn that was a great addition to the game, especially the feature to build HUGE snowmen! I think this feature would benefit from implementing some sort of waves system into the game, where there is some sort of downtime between the waves. In this time you could build and upgrade some snowmen, much like in a tower defence game. I'm not sure if there's a way to regain health, but otherwise that'd be a good addition too. Maybe an enemy has a x percentage chance of dropping a candy cane which gives you health? But all in all, a really solid game and lovely artstyle and audio + music! Well done team!

I loved the main game mechanic! Interestingly, it's actually exactly the same puzzle/platforming mechanic as another game in the jam: Snow Puzzle. It had a lot off potential... but I just couldn't manage to get through the slope level! I know exactly what to do, and I get very close, but after trying dozens of times, I just can't make the jump! A real bummer because I would have loved to play more. I adore the artstyle and vibe you all created, and I think the slippery slidy physics can work really well when the level design implements it correctly. I think with a few patches this game will be even more awesome. Thanks for participating in the jam!

Fun little concept, I wish there was some sort of challenge added though. I also noticed a huge framerate drop when dropping the presents, not sure what could have caused that? I liked the atmosphere! Merry Christmas and thanks for participating in the jam!

Hilarious! It was a lot of fun to roll around and see the floops running away terrified for this huge ball that is taking all their friends. Fun concept! I got stuck in the main menu because I completely went the wrong direction, but after reloading I noticed the arrow. The ball might be a bit hard to control and the floops are surprisingly nimble, but that did make it a challenge which was fun. Good job on making a game and thanks for participating in the jam!

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Big praise, thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed! Cool that you streamed playing games, hope you had a good time :) You're totally right I should have implemented a escape to quit feature, it's only one line of code, but I completely forgot about it and then the deadline hit! Have a good one!

Thanks so much for giving it a try, glad you had a chill time! I felt the same about the sensitivity but it was too late in development to add the feature to adjust it, but thanks for telling me that!

Very cute game, I loved the visuals and the atmosphere. It really reminded me of Alto's adventure! The mechanics felt very solid, but I felt like there were two things preventing me from actually getting into a nice flow. The first is that the hills seem to be too 'small' for you to really hit the slopes accurately, if that makes any sense. I'd have wishes each hill would have been wider or bigger, so you have more room for error when coming down and hitting the slope. The other thing is that when flying up high, the camera zooms out, but the character stays in the middle of the screen, vertically. To be able to anticipate the upcoming hills below you better, it would be nice if the camera also pans down a bit while you're up high. The character would then be more like 2/3rds up the screen, if that makes sense. Anyways, I really enjoyed the vibe of the game! Nice and fun, lighthearted and cozy. Good job and thanks for participating in the jam!

Wow! The artstyle of this game blew me away! I can't believe you hand drew all of the scenes and objects only within one weekend, and also made a game around it, that's an incredible amount of work for one person. The game has this amazing creepy/mystical atmosphere. The story seems to be minimal, but effective. I think we all know that feeling of being alone for a long time and then finally meeting up with a friend, especially after 2020. The level of detail is incredible, I really enjoyed all the little animations and appreciated all the work that went into them. The scenes feel so alive, almost as if these are places you visit daily and know by heart (that might be the case?) There are a few minor bugs and things that could be polished up, but I have no doubt that those will be quickly ironed out after the rating period ends. Really solid game, very impressive for just one weekend, congrats! Thanks for participating in the jam!

That's so good to hear, thank you!! And thanks for participating in the jam, hope to see you next time!

Thanks for joining!

Thanks for joining!

Oh yes, very unlucky then! I also always end up not having time for testing, so I totally feel you haha. Cheers!

Wow, this game has an insane amount of polish for a jam game, well done!! I loved how cute everything was and how the main theme revolved around friendship. I also liked the contrast between the cold outside and the warm inside of the tavern. There was a surprising amount of dialogue to discover in the tavern as well! Yeah, the enemies aren't that much of a threat and attacking feels a bit mushy, but I can forgive it as they fit well into the story and I felt that discovering your friends was the main goal of the quest. Well done all! Thanks so much for participating in the jam!

I love the concept here, and I think you're already more than half way there to create a great mysterious Christmassy atmosphere. Just a bit more audio and a few more visuals, and the vibe will be perfect. But I already really enjoyed it as is! Running around, slowly learning to optimize my production line and then feeling really good about myself once I got everything properly prepared and am able to create 4 lights in a row. I only really miss a bit of a challenge here. You could make it timebased, but I'd also love to see more 'difficult' recipes for special lights in which you kind of have to puzzle to gather everything needed, or something. Anyways, I really enjoyed playing and I loved it when the entire screen lit up with lights in the closing animation. Well done on making a cozy game that has me yearning for mystery!

I'm amazed at the amount of work you've put into this in just 3 days! Especially you did everything except the audio yourself. I like the game concept you've come up with, it's really fun to run around and manage your elfs while also dealing with presents. I do think the game could benefit from a bit of tweaking. Because of the time it takes to move to the belt and deal with presents, then back, you only really end up dealing with 1/2 elfs every round, while the furthest two are left to sleep, 2 elfs were simply efficient enough to keep me at my peak packing speed. Also, I felt like the boxes only rarely spawned presents, I had loads of non-present objects! But I think with those things worked out this could be even more fun, and I just love the visuals. The elfs are so cute! Good job and hope to see you back next jam!

Thanks so much for playing! That's great to hear that you enjoyed your first jam with us :D It's such a warm community, luckily. Hope to see you around!

Actually a really fun puzzle platforming mechanic! The game looks simple but gets quite tricky. The platforming gets a little too 'tight' in some spots, requiring you to do quite perfect jumps, and the difficulty fluctuates quite a bit during the levels, but I really enjoyed playing! Simple, interesting and effective, perfect jam entry!

Thank you for playing and enjoying it! I saw your cute message ingame :) Thx for participating and hope to see you next time!

Thanks so much for checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed! Happy holidays!

Thanks, that's so good to hear! I wanted to create an experience that would bring people (and the community) together, so I'm glad to hear you feel that way. Hope you had fun during the jam and that it wasn't just stressful!

Thanks for playing :) Happy to hear you enjoyed! I tried to keep the scope small and polish it as much as I could so I'm glad you noticed! There's a bit of filtering going on behind the scenes and I also curate the database a little, but yeah I also hope people respect the board! The colors are because of an oversigh.. I forgot to remove markup tags from the data sanitation step thus people can use markup tags in their messages. I don't mind it, I think it's quite fun!

Thanks so much for playing and I'm very glad you liked it! Thanks for participating in the jam :))

Haha thanks, and thanks for pointing out those things!