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A bit too much going on on the screen, visually. The core idea is good - but with the design i don't see the difference between a block and a parry.

As you can spam parry, and have no drawback from doing so (atleast from what I've experienced) the game could be broken down to simple block = parry. How I played the first round (didn't notice clicking is a thing).

Visually I would remove the center animation, it is very confusing during the hectic movements around you and be more color distinguishing for bullets and background.

Well done for your first jam :) 

Thanks! Yeah gameplay wise more was planned. But due to time restrictions.
Like vacuum up dust to properly clean the house, have items which if you vacuum them disable it for some time, due to the vacuum being clogged.

The problem when the ghosts are an actual enemy is that you cannot vacuum onto them and use them as moveable platforms. So we would need a non-standard enemy approach here, where the items you shouldn't vacuum come together.

Also we planned with different sizes of ghosts - so maybe a bigger ghost is not fully vacuumable and damages you if you stay too long.

But Jam is over :D Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we'll come back to the game later again - but we have active in-development projects running in both teams so that is very unlikely for the near future.

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Added a download link at the bottom of the description, we've uploaded at 23:54 :/

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Added a download link to the build

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If you want to play and rate the game, use the following link to a 

Windows 64-bit Version

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We missed the deadline and are waiting for the upload link

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Thanks for your feedback!

We're currently working on improving the performance. It will hopefully be a lot better with the next update! :)

As for the character, the design is not final yet and we will take all feedback from you guys into consideration when we iterate on it!
But that will take a while longer as we are currently concentrating on implementing more gameplay features. It will happen some time down the line, though! :D

We hope you will take the time to check the game again after we update!