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This is absolutely amazing as a concept, somewhat like fez in the concept department but the execution is so different and unique that it really is its own beast. I'd love to play more of this.

All good, bugs happen. I look forward to playing the fixed version.

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actually pretty fun once you work out the controls, deserves a bit more attention. I think the rotation controls should be closer together though, like z+x for example.

need a password for the fixed version.

Your english is perfect here, just so you know.

Neat idea, could do with more polish but I did enjoy my minutes with it. Needs a different background and more visible bullets though, it was sometimes hard to tell bullets from the background.

Great game, really needs that final score bug fixed though.

I like this

I enjoyed it but needing to throw everthing did get tedious quickly

Good concept but it definitely needs polishing.

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I wish I could have a bit more fun with this game but I've come across a bug where D doesn't seem to be registering input. Using firefox if that's what does it. Good music though, and it is a cool concept.

edit- Nevermind, it was a plugin that was doing it. Fun little game.