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Let's start 2021 with good cause,
we made a game to raise awareness about Rett syndrome!

What is rett syndrome? read it and play it here:

Please consider donating to Rett syndrome research

thank you! 

Purple heart

Hello everyone! We're Lonebot - we've been game jamming since 2008, and after years of finishing close, this year we finally won our first jam (#1 spot at GMTK's 2020)!

We've been growing up as game devs on pretty much since it was founded, and owe a-lot to the community for its support and feedback over the years - so we're here to give back!

We'd like to present to you The Game Jammer's Cookbook! Lonebot's step-by-step guide to developing super polished games in minimal time.

The guide simulates starting a jam from scratch, and covers every part of the creative and technical process (with all our top production tips and tricks). It's also full of whacky drawings to make up for our clumsy writing!

It's open to everyone! You can get it right here:

Have fun! We hope it serves you well.

Thanks a-lot for everything, let us know what you think :)

Love ya, InnerSloth!

Please keep working on it! I couldn't stop playing it such a fun concept, 

 just saw this on Mark's video! Insane
Congrats its flawless!

So glad I found this entry

Fantastic Idea and  very clever level design, loved it!
Really, one of the best I played, I finished it with a taste for more :)

Good job, and hope more people will see this little game .

The pixel art is amazing!!

solid game-play I love all the details in the moves and it feels good

Love it!

I couldn't get it to run :(

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Wow!! All I can say is wow. This is without a doubt the most unique take on the theme.

Even though the man crushed me in checkers (yeah I suck at it) I never felt like he was my opponent, nor someone I'm actually competing against. Those final moments really sold me on how well made this entry is.

 My favorite game of this jam, congratulations!!

Very nice game, in fact quite similar to ours!

Enjoyable game, the graphics and music are out of this world. However I don't see the point of locking my jump to the beat (which by the way became offset after a while), the game would've probably played similarly without my movements being based on a rhythm.

Lovely game. I do wish the character felt better to control, the buttons feel slippery when you push them around.

The game is so juicy and nice. I feel like I've seen the idea many times before but this is a great implementation. 

Sorry Idan, I Just rage quit your little game hhhh
Amazing and hilarious concept- one of the best for the use of the theme


You are now Possessed
A puzzle game where you're not always in control.

Play & Rate it here

♥ Thank you! ♥

such a unique and innovate idea! I suggest trying to expand working on it and develop this seed of a concept to farther more!

I just couldn't really see the theme in it, because I actually felt in full control.
also the text log was cute little addition

Great little gem! Nice job :D

haha cute little game! loved these little drunk people

Great job!

Damn Outstanding visuals!

It took me a sec to realized the "timeline" at the bottom right which at first made it a bit confusing, but after that really enjoyed it.

Loved the idea of a platformer rhythm game!
I can see how it can expand even more with more obstacles and unique rhythms!

Great job and neat concept :)

I love it soo much! Level design is straight to the point and the mechanic is simple but greatly utilised.

Also this may sound funny but I think it would make more sense to have jumping bound to Up instead of Space, so the UI reads more nicely ;)

I can't describe you how much joy I had when the ring bell and all these maniacs went home..
The art and the audio fits the idea so well- totally felt out of control.

Great job!

clever use of the theme with enjoyable gameplay. great job to the team!

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very impressive! I absolutely adore the multi-purpose mechanics and clever level design, which is totally not something you can take for granted for a 48hr game!!

my only criticism is that I never really felt "out of control", but with what you've achieved here, it's honestly a minor gripe. make a full game!

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Insane! Great execution on a very simple yet addicting concept- I can easily see a game like this in an arcade machine

why would you make this with game maker? WHY DIETZRIBI??????? (also 5/5)

huge potential right here, with excellent designs and crisp animations. i'm completely in love with anything going for this game

  A 2 player co-op game about repairing cars in a race track pit stop

Hey Itch!@

During the GGJ20 we made a  c o o l  new  videogame

Check it out!


So clever!

Very nice! I like it! 素敵な

Hello :)

Maybe the level name(Taxi) could hint the solution for you.

If not, here's the solution:

>Use the Grapple to bring the block towards you, it will cover the spikes and will let you to get over it.

>Go to the right corner and pull the upper block to you.

>After that, fly towards the door, and on the block, use the grapple to the left block you pulled at the start, to make it as a floor for the door.

Hope it helped

Thanks for playing!

heyoo as you probebly know, this weekend was the global game jam 2019, 

this year's theme was: What home means to you


you can check it here:

Hey thank you! 

It's the old and the first version of the game,  be sure to check the full game on mobile here!

cheers :)

neat stuff. not sure where the "bullet hell" part is, but it's till a nice concept. my main gripe with the game is that movements are way too aggressive - the stage tilts too much and the camera shake is too strong, which made the game very hard to play or see at all.

beautiful execution! i did however feel like the gameplay didn't pose too much of a challenge - i wasn't sure what exactly i was doing until i somehow finished the game. 

i guess breaking didn't feel "right" - maybe more visual/audio cues would've helped flesh the mechanic out.

good luck!!

cute idea and art, but i found constantly dying and respawning in the same checkpoint frustrating. i feel like the movement needs to be more refined.

very nice. i think giving the guy a small shield that lets you determine the the deflection angle more precisely instead of the current surrounding sphere would've made for more intricate gameplay.

great premise! reminds me of undyne. i feel like the gameplay would've flowed better with more juice and perhaps keyboard controls and more juice. congratulations!

oops, that's a bug. ^^

and yeah, we've been getting a lot of complaints about level 16, too bad we can't go in and change / delete it now. thanks for playing!!

it can't attach to metal surfaces!

haha yes, we missed last year's jam, so that reference was our small way of making up to it. glad someone noticed ;)

Great concept, great execution, great mechanics
it absolutely keeps the platformer feel with well designed obsolesces
also the graphics and sound design are neat

Good job!