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Submitted by cookiecrayon (@bycookiecrayon) — 32 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 179 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Characters mingle and are joined together.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Absolutely charming. I wish I had played this before the voting ended! 5s all around for me.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very cool Patapon inspiration infused in a cute match game / where's waldo, love this!
I expected a bit of fun dialogues while playing but this is already great like that!


thank you for making this game


They are sooooo cute <3


The art is adorable! Also, it is  quite different from everything else I've played on the jam. Great job! The only issue I see is the hability to just finish the game by moving around and spamming the space key without even looking. A great fix would be implementing some kind of penalty for the player. Nevertheless, amazing job!


I love the black and white art. Probably my favorite art style of all the games I've seen in this jam.
The gameplay is also incredibly fun despite or maybe because of it's simple nature.
Great Job :)


This is a nice game! Although a bit too harsh for the eyes at first, in the end it is just satisfying!


Beautiful game and such a simple yet fun concept. really covers the theme. Also strangely addictive too! Well done! 


I like this a lot. Many game jam submissions make the mistake of adding unnecessary complexity to the main controls or main mechanic such as controlling two different characters, mirrored characters, etc. You guys go for a very easy to understand, intuitive approach and I think that is also echoed through the rest of the design. 

The goal of the game is simple and it's finite. It's not an endless mode / horde mode, so I actually feel motivated to complete it! It's also not too long or too short, took about 6 minutes of non-stop gameplay which is really perfect for a jam game.

The art design is simple but it works well. The black and white colors make you stand out, but I also do wonder whether color would make the game even more pretty. Hard to say for sure, from my perspective. The characters remind me of Monsters Inc, which is a nice comparison to have. The music leaves a little to be desired, but it doesn't get in the way, so it's really not a big deal. I wonder whether or not you would benefit from some sort of camera shake, again hard to say for me; the game feels good as is, just a thought.

The game gets easier as you get more of the characters off of the screen. I like the idea of that because it makes me feel like the game is speeding up as I get further and further into it, kind of like a chase scene in a movie or something. However, in practice, it only speeds up once you are down to a few pairs of characters. 

This is by no means a complaint, because I think the pace of the game is fine in general, but I do think you could lean into this pace progression even more. Maybe as more characters are off the screen, all the characters could start moving around more often or start running randomly at times to add to the feeling that things are heating up as you go further on.

Also, here's a few more things you might add if you continue working on the game after the jam, which I think you should because of the fun of this and the potential here. I think it would be cool to some sort of physical barriers like walls to stop you moving in some cases, maybe as you progress. Also, it might cool to have some enemies to run away from temporarily, like an enemy that runs at you for 5-10 seconds until it explodes; these enemies only show up every so often so as to break up the pace. As things get really close to the end, you could have many of these enemies show up while your remaining characters you have to match run away from you, so you have to run away from the enemies often and things get tense towards the very end. With more and more variation you could make this game go on longer, or have multiple levels where the first level is what you have here, and later levels have some of these mechanical additions like walls, enemies, evasive characters, and so forth.

Overall, really great submission all around. Sorry if I rambled a bit. I think you guys should rank very high in all three categories.

I would love to have your rating / comments on my game too, so I can know what to improve.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Wow! Thank you for the huge detailed feedback, really appreciate the time you took to lay it out. Will think over your suggestions for our updates.

Edit: Just went to try your game and it's Windows, but we're on Macs so can't play it sorry. So my only feedback would be to make a web or macOS version :p


Would love to have your rating / comments on my game too!


you have an unown lil guy!!!! i lovee


Simple but super cute game, made me smile :)


Haha- I was grinning like an idiot throughout the whole of this game.

The mechanic is simple, but the execution is just so charming that it’s a joy to play.


Thank you for the feedback! Great to hear you enjoyed it :)


Really endearing little game! I feel like you knew you wanted to make a small game, and didn't overscope. It comes across as a very polished product with great art in and outside of the game (i.e. cover picture, page, etc.) The tutorial was nice but imh should have been in the game proper, especially given that a matching game is normally controlled by a mouse rather than by controlling one character.

The touch of story really makes the game stand out, and putting "[space]" was a really unobtrusive way to show the controls in that section.

All in all, really really good job! This game is a masterclass in being simple but very well executed.


Thanks! Yea we definitely want to add an in-game tutorial ...we probably shouldn't have spent so much time on the game page haha


Really enjoyed this! It was a charming and fun. I did notice that sometimes neighboring characters would also disappear when you fused. Didn't break anything but felt a little weird.


Thanks, yea we have a few bugs to squash!


3 words: simple, pretty, fun!


Nice game.

1, The characters can overlap eachover, meaning that sometimes you can't see your target.

2, Sometimes the game will lag, when you merge.

3, You can constantly press the space bar and move around to merge without even finding the target.

Making the game less fun.

Besides these, simple and fun game.

I would be very happy if you would play my game.


Cheers for the feedback! Sure, will check it out.


Very creative idea for the theme and the start where the characters in the game also form the title of the game is brilliant, Nice job!


Artstyle on point, even with a good font choice to go with them. Would love to see this game get the full publishing treatment it deserves.


I love your profile picture, did you make that?


Sadly not, its a commissioned piece. :) But yes, I love it dearly :D


So you paid for it to be made? That's just as good!

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