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Really well presented game, great art style, and loved the concept (our Game jam Entry for last years GMTK Jam was VERY similar so great minds and all that! :) )

Great work!!

Really well presented game! great arty style and great use of physics, loved the concept and impressed with the execution! great work!

Wow great concept and really well presented game! Loved the duality of having to keep them close while constantly having to run away! Loved the art style choice! impressive amount done in 2 days!! Great work1

Cool little game! Great choice to add the speed up each crossing to add the difficulty, and loved that it was procedural to remove any predictability! Great work!

Not bad at all to produce this in such a short time. I look forward to your future projects! Controls feel good and cute art style! 

Such a sweet little game! Great art and animation, had a Kingdom new lands vibe to the forest! Loved the little hint of story we had with the opening pictured, what a lovely little platformer, with a twist of the link! I'm glad i got to find the pack in the end!

Great concept!

As someone else mentioned, the finer movements were a bit twitchy, especially with the levels that had teachers walking about (perhaps full mouse control would help with this?) but aside from that it was pretty fun, great work!

This was so much fun to play! Beautiful game and such a simple yet fun concept. really covers the theme. Also strangely addictive too! Well done! 

Well presented really fun little game! the concept of the combination of creatures to get a stronger was surprising twist and i loved it! Great art, great music and great programming! Lovely game!!

Wow! Beautiful game and such a simple yet fun concept.  Also strangely addictive too! The connection to the theme wasn't obvious but not a problem as the game was really well done!

Very cool concept!

Others have mentioned about game-feedback so I'll mention the controls instead.
Perhaps having the 'possess' button on mouse would help smooth out the experience, as that hand is free while in bug-only form.

Great idea for a game though and it'd be interesting to see this developed beyond the jam :)

Fungame and such a simple yet fun concept. really covers the theme. Also strangely addictive too! Well done! 

Loved the concept of this game and would easily sink hours into a full game like this!

Impressive art made in the time frame, from the shop details, to the item icons in the crafting menu and specific mention to the sassy sext frog? Great work and attention to detail! Well done!

Brilliant game and such a simple yet fun concept. Love the danger aspect of killing yourself if you're not careful!  Also strangely addictive too! Well done! 

Loved this game! the art style is so perfectly simple, and the choice of music and great simple controls made for a lovely relaxing experience

Beautiful game and such a simple yet fun concept. really covers the theme. Also strangely addictive too! Well done! 

Such a gorgeous game and am in love with the concept! Simple gameplay for now but can defo see the potential this game could have! Amazing work!

Such a fun, silly, humorous game! loved the sense of humor and the gameplay was so quick and immediately in the action! Great Work!

Woah! really impressed with how intuative you've made quite a complicated concept, Its alot to manage at one time and feels like I'm spinning plates but i got the controls really quickly and understood what i needed to do! Great ar, great link to the concept and a great little game!!

What a great game! loved the quick speed of the whole thing, paired with the simple mechanics i immediately understood what i needed to do! Loved the link to the concept, and really impressive collection of art, animation and programming! Great work!!

Really well executed version of the "joined together" duality gameplay, liked the addition of the Stick mechanic and really made me have to pay attention, kind of rubbing heat patting tummy kind of situation :P

Great work!

Really loved the mixture of simple concept, elegant controls and gameplay that had me both calm and panicking at the same  time, (think its that slow rotation that helps emphasize the time limit and adds the extra challenge) really great work!

Really interesting gameplay concept (based off the video) looks like  some great work and lovely art style! :)

Really loved the simple concept and elegant gameplay combination, pretty relaxing while also being challenging! Great art, great gameplay Great work! :)

Nice art style and liked the sprite animations, Concept of the game is interesting and fun! Great work!

Really well presented game! loved the art and sprites!! Great simple and well executed concept! and really fun and rewarding when i got the solution to the puzzles! Massive well done!!

Interesting concept and ambitious project for a game jam! Would love to see what it turns into with more time! some potential here! Great Work!

Impressive game scope for a 2 day game jam! the resource management and linked worlds is a really interesting concept! Great Work

Thankyou very much! :)

Thanks so much! I secretly love the game spore so appreciate the comparason! and THANKS! was so excited to see it on stream!! :)

Thankyou So very much! Kind of you to say!! :)

Ahh you're so kind! thankyou so much!!

Really sweet little game, Great work introducing controls per level to allow me to understand as i played.

Loved the concept and the music and animations are so fun!

Very impressive game, had to double check it was Game Jam submission it felt so finished, Sweet story and interesting puzzle concept! Well done!!

Loved this little game, had me playing for proberbly way too long, SO invested in getting that cookie!!!

Lovely work on a really fun game!

Great work, liked the art style, and the concept, gotta save those pupps!!! Great work on a fun game!!

Loved the art style and the concept that one side rewarded the other with lives, Couldnt get past that first arrow however, :S great work though! :)

Loved the duck and its adorable animation, the concept is great and the puzzle creation was really intuitive and made me feel GREAT when i found the solutions!

Great work!

Great visuals and story telling, its got a opening cutscene, VERY impressive for game jam game! caught the creepy vibe instantly! Great work!

Interesting concept, and think its a un game concept, was hard to try and piece together the picture with no reference, but loved the sprite and bomb animations :)