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Wow, the introduction was amazing, I love the epic music and huge ship passing in the background. The artwork is fantastic too.

I will just point out that the first thing I did when I saw "Press TAB to ...." was instinctively press it, only to be ejected from the level! I was a little confused.

The second level is also very moody, I haven't seen a level that looked quite the way you've achieved, I like it! It plays very nicely overall.

Shame to see this is abandoned, it's a great start!

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Ok amazing then. I see you have followed me on itch, that's perfect. 

I forgot to ask, would you be interested in testing future versions/projects?

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Hey that's amazing to hear! If you head over to the twitter, I'll be posting all updates there! 

I would love a power up that meant you could take revenge on the ducks! Kinda like the big orb in Pac-Man!

That’s a fantastic idea, thank you.

Move speed and munch speed are great too. By the way would you be interested in testing future versions and projects?

Ok thanks!

Ok that's good to know. I wonder what it is then? 

Thank you very much! Will do

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Apologies for the long reply time!

What do you mean by "in target?". An ability to teleport a group of ants sounds interesting!

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That's a very helpful and to the point list! I am going through all the suggestions people have made and am making a list, this will speed things up a lot so thank you!

More sound effects is a great idea, I guess we could definitely use some more munching!

What sort of abilities did you have in mind?

Congrats on your win! Very cute game, especially the knocking off animation.

Missed opportunity for 9 lives! 

Interesting idea to have the game style be "being developed as you play".

From an analytic standpoint, it's quite an interesting game design choice to have the cone speed powerups be "optional" so you can choose to increase the pace- or not. I like that.

Nice game, I had fun playing! 

I really like this, it's a creative idea executed well! A new take on flappy bird. The special effects are amazing, did you make them? 

I like the way the rocket wobbles as you begin to jet off.

Once you're going really fast it's very difficult to stop however, most of my runs are just luck! 

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Yes, immediately 

Ah ok! I’ll have a look, though it sounds familiar!

I will definitely be adding an insect abundance meter, and having abilities once you reach a certain size would be interesting too!

What kind of abilities did you have in mind?

I also agree that there needs to be better food targeting, it can be a little frustrating at the present moment...

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I would love for you to help test future versions! 

Interesting idea that locusts could eat metal. It could be realistic in the sense that the locusts are so hungry and there’s nothing left to eat! Or that they can smell food in the car / building so they chew through.

A river causing you to lose bugs is an interesting one! I’m just picturing a bridge and having the bugs go single file across it so it takes forever lol

Poison is a very interesting idea to work with too, I wonder if you’d have to test a field of crops with a single locust to see if he dies or not. Or you would have to invade during the poisoning and eat as much as possible.

A road would definitely make things interesting too! I can imagine building up a swarm to be able to handle the loss from damage of cars hitting you.

A storm would be a great idea, although perhaps more focused like a tornado that also is destroying crops along side you. Then it could be like a race (while also being a threat!)

I agree that the camera should zoom out, the bigger your swarm! But I was also thinking about the idea of having more RTS like controls which would mean the camera zoom and position would be controlled by you so you could manage your swarm. But maybe the zoom would be directly related to your swarm size as an incentive to get a bigger swarm, that could be interesting!

These ideas are so great! Do you have any more? 

That’s interesting you say that you feel the game is lacking an overall goal, I agree it seems a little open ended but I was thinking the goal was survival!

But adding specific things to destroy is a great idea, perhaps as you said, there can be tasks that compliment the overall survival aspect. I like the idea of destroying something or somethings. Perhaps eating all the bushes around 5 monuments or eating all the crops specifically from a farm. 

Wind and fire are fantastic ideas! Perhaps even to the extent of you being able to be the cause of them by setting your swarm on fire to spread it to different fields. 

I like the idea of chickens falling asleep too. They definitely would have a food coma after eating that many insects!

This feedback has been so helpful, is there anything else?

Haha will do!

Nintendo arcade games is a good shout, thank you! I’ll have a look into those but that sounds like it’s on the right lines.

It definitely helps! By the way, would you be interested in testing future versions/projects?

Thank you so much wow! Ok I’ll address each point. 

1) What an interesting idea! It reminds me of clash of clans a little bit, deploying your troops. I really like this, I’ll see what can be done.

2) I agree completely that the food harvesting mechanic is wrong, and larger food sources should definitely give more food (such as trees and barns). The original intention was to make trees harder to harvest until endgame (as they’re high up and you couldn’t get to them) plus the leaves are tough vs soft crunchy crops at ground level. But I can see this is not the best approach and something should be fixed here!

This feedback is so useful to me, would you be interested in testing future versions / projects?

Hi, thank you for playing and for your kind words.

Very interesting to hear that the tree branches looked too much like locusts and caused confusion, that is something to take into account (e.g. introducing trees later on so mechanics are understood first) so thanks for bringing that to my attention!

I agree that there must be a colony size indicator, that’s going on the todo list as well!

Thank you for this feedback, it is very helpful. Is there anything else?

Thank you so much for playing! Interesting to hear that you found them to be adorable. Which game about the goose are you referring to?

Thank you for your kind words too, did you have any suggestions?

Hi! Thank you so much for playing, I’m so glad to hear you found it fun and unique!

Did you have any suggestions?

Hi Noah!

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! I agree the chickens are very powerful and can be a little frustrating to deal with.

I agree entirely that the mechanic for gaining more insects is balanced wrongly, and bigger food sources should definitely give more insects!

You are correct, currently each source gives 1 new insect which doesn’t make sense for larger ones like the barn. This will definitely be addressed in a future update, along with toning down those chickens!

Other than that, did you have any suggestions?

Hi, thanks for playing! I’m so glad you liked the art and found it chaotic, that was the goal!

The chickens were very hungry, perhaps they could do with being a little less hungry! 

Did you have any suggestions?

Thanks! I’m glad you liked the art, that’s very strange though, did you have any issues with other in browser games?

If you don’t mind me asking, what browser and OS (+version) are you using?

Thank you so much for playing, indeed everyone in this game is very hungry! In a future version I will definitely allow for more locusts in a swarm!

I’m also so glad to hear you enjoyed the design. 

Did you have any suggestions?

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Hi, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! The chickens are very OP, I think perhaps they need toning down a bit!

Yes that is definitely something that needs addressing in a future update, they seem to just not quite go where you wanted them to be!

Aside from that, did you have any suggestions?

Hi! Thank you so much for playing, I’m glad you had fun!

I agree entirely that it is too slow, it was a last second decision to make it a little harder so it could be played for longer and I absolutely regret it!

Other than that, did you have any suggestions?

That’s a really good point, it’s very true that they get hidden in the environment and it makes them hard to see. That in itself is something I’d like to fix but in addition, I will definitely be adding a swarm counter, that would be very useful! 

Did you have any other suggestions? This is really helpful to me! Thank you

Hey! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the balance. That said, is there anything you would have changed?

Hi, thank you so much for playing and taking the time to leave some feedback. I completely agree that the music is too epic, but I actually struggled to find anything that fit at all. What kind of music would you suggest instead? 

Sadly the reason gameplay is so slow is because I nerfed it last minute to make it a little bit harder but I think it ruined the fun a little! I will definitely address this in the next update

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Thank you for playing, I'm so glad you found it satisfying and unique. I absolutely intend to develop it further, did you have any suggestions? 

Also would you be interested in helping to test the next version? 

Thanks! Did you have any suggestions?

Thanks for playing! I'm so glad you liked the art, did you have any suggestions?

I think so too, I will have to look into the logistics of it!

A swarm size indicator is a great idea, I'd definitely look into a visual metric but if I can't get that to work then it would just be a simple count! I'll be sure to include that, thank you for the suggestion! Also an indicator of how many locusts had been lost as you go would be great too! 

I agree, multiplayer is a whole other can of worms. I simply meant an AI swarm! 

By the way, would you be interested in testing future versions/ projects? 

Ah ok that makes sense! I’ll make sure there are plenty of sounds for the bugs eating!

Thanks for the feedback! Was there anything else?

I agree, the game is definitely lacking some sound. Grains being eaten would be very satisfying.

Did you find the music to be annoying then? I noticed you suggested less music rather than having sound in addition to the music