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Thank you!

This is really good! I like the mechanics, the art and music are very nice and give the game a relaxed feeling. But what I mostly appreciate is that, after the starting area, you let the player figure out what to do and how certain things work for themselves (like the yellow blocks). Amazing job!

I really like the creepy vibe in this game! I had fun with it, but it was really hard. I only started to get somewhere when the time was almost up, and did not want to start over after that so I did not finish. Was it really needed to add a time restraint? Also the game was to high for my screen, the edges got cut off. 

Still had fun though, so good job!

I had fun with this game, it was fun getting the story through emails. Are there multiple endings? I clicked 'yes' at the end, and I'm curious if something else is going to happen if you choose 'no'. 

The concept is really nice, and I love the main menu and cutscene at the beginning! The monsters look very cool, I like how the furniture changes in to them. The gameplay itself was a bit difficult, I didn't really understand what I had to shoot or avoid. It would be nice if you could skip the game over cutscene, because now I spend more time waiting for it to end than I got to play before I was game over again :). 

The mechanic is interesting, and the music fits the game! The difference in visuals when in the different realities are really nice! Just wish it was a bit longer :)

Interesting game! The nasty comments made me want to beat the game and escape. The art is beautiful! The music wasn't playing for me sadly. Also I had some trouble navigating, it feels like you had to hover a very specific spot to be able to move. I got stuck near the end (I think) at the bridge after the tower collapsed. I could not go back or forwards and couldn't interact with anything.

I like this concept! It would be nice if the character walked a little faster :)

Very fun game, I like all the different paths you can take! I didn't manage to get 5/5 yet. I do wish the buttons had a bigger part in the gameplay, but it's a fun mechanic. Well done!

The music and character sprites are very nice! The tutorial sadly didn't work for me (couldn't move), but luckily the game itself did. The controls are very hard, so I couldn't beat the game. I like the cut-scene at the beginning!

At first I failed a few times because I thought the game was only about horses being real, so I put the camels and llamas etc. in the not real category. After that I figured it out and had a lot of fun with it! I also really like the changing sorting requirements! The sorting itself was a bit wonky at times, sometimes an animal would get stuck on the bar or even glitch trough to the other (wrong) side. 

The art on the animals is really nice, and the encyclopedia  is a fun feature :)

Ah yes the slimy snail girlfriend from Canada! I did not see this interpretation of the theme yet. This game was really fun and made me laugh! I love the artstyle of both the environment and the characters, and the fact that the player was called mc. Barbarrara (I think) was upside down for a bit, I don't know if this was supposed to happen. The music did get a bit repetitive, but it didn't bother me to much. And you added a very well made settings menu! Well done :)

Really relaxed game, I liked the music and the 2d sprites in the 3d world. Sometimes I had difficulty finding some stars because it felt like the direction I saw things trough the magnifier didn't match with the real direction. 

I loved the gliding mechanism, and adding the blue squares to show the player behind objects was a great addition! Well done :)

Fun and original take on the theme! The game gets hard fast, I only lasted till day 4. I like the changes in Mark as he gets more and more suspicious. Well done!

The music really fits with the atmosphere of the game. I like 'floating room' look, with the tutorial underneath. Great way of implementing it in the game! I did have some difficulty with pulling the boxes. 

Really cool game, I played about 10 rounds! The art looks great and I love the tazing effect. The full settings menu is a great addition!

This is a fun concept for a game! I liked the different types of enemies you had to hit with a specific color, and that you could use the switching to evade attacks/get trough walls. The sound design is also very fitting! I just wish you could change without having to hover the mouse. Because you also use it to rotate the player, it was very difficult for me to quickly change characters. Just using space for instance to jump to the next one would feel more natural. I also wish there were (more?) savepoints, when I died I went all the way back to the start..

This game looks great! Some of the ghosts look really disturbing. The mechanic is simple, but fun. I had the most difficulty with selling the real people the right tickets :). Good job!

Wow, this game looks really good! I love the connection of the invisible platforms to the double jump mechanic. Everything works really smooth! The boss reminds me of the owl spirit from avatar :). My only problem was that I kept dying during the chase, and I don't know why (when I landed on the platform underneath the clocks she would just fall on her knies and die, I didn't see any enemies near me).

Amazing entry!

The art in this game is really cute! I love the dialog through the drawings, wish the game was longer!

Really cool game, poor cat though :(. The graphics look good, I like that the players head rotates toward the mouse! I didn't really know what was going on with the character, but that just added to the disturbing vibe. My only issue was with the text being behind stuff or out of screen sometimes, but you already know about that :). Good job!

Really cool game! Too bad you weren't able to add all the things you wanted to as you shared during the levels, but even without it, it was fun! Picking the wrong options took me a bit of getting used to, but I think it's a really original feature, that really adds to the fun of the puzzles. Well done!

Really cool voice acting! The mechanics were cool, especially the attack feels really snappy! Sometimes I did have some trouble jumping on the platforms, I would sort of get stuck on the corners. 

Very fun game! The rest mechanic is really well done, the puzzles are balanced. I had some trouble with the bindings for the controls, but other than that, amazing job!

Original take on the theme, I did not expect to see a golf game! Like some others I had trouble navigating the course, and it was a bit strange that you could keep hitting the ball mid-air, but other than that, well done!

I really love the idea of this game! The graphics are beautiful and the game itself is really peaceful and relaxing. Just had difficulty with placing multiple objects together (they would launch each other away) the game starts out really hard. 

Fun game, I like that you are only able to use one of them at the same time!

I like this idea, I just really couldn't get the hang of the controls. The graphics have a nice minimalistic vibe to them. I don't really see the connection to the theme though!

Fun take on the theme! The dialog was creative, with different things happening sometimes to shake things up (like the robber and end score guy). 

I would suggest being able to use the mouse to progress the dialog instead of using enter, as you only use the mouse in the rest of the game. Also the text on the black screen between costumers went by way to quickly for me to read. 

Other than that, good job!

Really cool and original idea! It's very hard, I kept saying the wrong things. Good work!

Good take on the theme! It's fun and gets really challenging (I got 25 on normal mode and 37 on grey-scale). I love that you worked on the accessibility by adding different color modes!  Well done :)

Really fun game! I love how the lava turns back into the carpet when you fall. The playable menu is great! Well done :)

Everything in this is so pretty! I also love the music :). It's fun getting more and more abilities and experimenting with them. My only note is that I sometimes would fall trough a (visible) cloud. 

Amazing job!

Very nice relaxing game. It looks and sounds stunning. Just wish the movement was a tiny bit faster, but that's about it!

Beautiful game and story! I love the way you can interact with people and items. The music really ties it all together. The only thing I would improve is also having to click for the last panel of the story (grey screen) parts. I could read everything at my own pace, but every time the last part would fade out on its own, making me sometimes miss the last sentence/words.

The atmosphere in this game is really creepy! I just wish the part after you get the key was a little bit faster, I almost quit the game because nothing happend and I thought it was broken. But all in all, great game!

No, you'll have to wait till after the rating period is over!

You made a fun game, although it get's really hard at some point. The graphics look nice! 

The web version is not loading, did you turn off the compression in the build settings? (I had the same problem before, and that was the solution that worked for me :) )

This is really cool! Amazing that you could do all this in a week. The voice acting is really well done, the music is great and the story with all the logs is really immersive. There were some small glitches with the floor sometimes. I would also suggest adding subtitles to the beginning of the game, I sometimes had a hard time understanding what the male voice was saying because of the music. 

Just did, it's really good :)