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haha well thank you very much for playing! Yeah sometimes you end up in the floor when you respawn. Haven't found a solve as of yet sadly but it'll usually fix itself after a second or 2 :)

Thanks! Yeah it's an admittedly tough game. Glad you like the art though!

Thanks for playing! Glad ya enjoyed it :)

Still no luck? Are you running on Windows 10 or 11?

Yeah Piotr did a great job!

That's really odd. Haven't seen that happen yet. Maybe it's a permissions thing?

Thanks :)

Yup! It gets introduced at level 10

Wow that was a very cool and original feeling game! Also solid job on teaching the player new mechanics. Looking forward to seeing y'all finish this up :)

Wow super clever game! Very intuitive and fun to play

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! It's one of my favorite prototypes so I'll likely expand it in the future :)

Glad you enjoyed it! We have some accessibility options in the main menu if you want to experience the end of the game :)

Thanks for playin Noble! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks Revvy! Was fun to make

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Really fun charming game y'all made! Feels great to play and looks fantastic. Just a heads up, throw egg was "B" for me instead of "X". I was playing the web build so not sure if that was the cause. Great work though! I really enjoyed playing

Thanks! Yeah I agree about the enemies. If I was to make a full game I'd make them drop currency and stuff like that. I also need to think of enemies that would be hard to avoid without defeating 

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback :)

I used Unity

Thanks! Made the ramp up a little faster :)

heh heh heh :p

oh yup! Looks like you can and I just didn't realize. Sorry about that. That's a fair point about the enemies. Great work a gain :)

Really cool game! The mood and aesthetic really sucked me in. Only thig I'd suggest is maybe a way to navigate by clicking on the map. Would be nice to see enemies on there too. It was very hard to tell if anything was getting close to Milo

Nice little game :) I think overall it felt pretty good. I'd look out for the fact that on the main level enemies are too short to shoot. Some more enemy variation could also be a nice addition. Keep it up!

Congrats on doin a solo jam! Nice little experience. I enjoyed it :)

Very pleasant little experience :) I enjoyed placing my little furniture around. I couldn't get rotation to work for some reason but I was still able to get stuff in a good place. If I had any critique it would be a little music and maybe introducing the controls a little sooner. 

Great work! Enjoyed playing this a lot. The calm music was a nice choice. It helped with the stress of watching the prisoners hoping they wouldn't dart to an exit. The visuals were really nice as well

Haha you both did great!

Nice game! Definitely enjoyed playing. I did get in a state where everything I grabbed got stuck to me near the end but it didn't stop me from completing the game.

Great work! This game definitely pulls you in. The sound and aesthetic are very calming.

Really cool idea! The gameplay was nice and polished and the puzzle elements feel very clever. I think this game definitely shows potential for more if you wanted to continue working on it.

Great work! The art and sound was great and it was a nice use of the theme.

Very clever idea! That was a great use of the theme

Very polished game! It felt great to play and the sound and visuals fit very well. Some critique I'd have is to have the gun closer to the player and have auto fire. The gun being far away creates a large area where you can't attack and having to click for every bullet makes it hard to play for long because your finger gets sore haha.  That all said, great work overall.

Glad you liked the art!

Glad you liked the game!


Glad you like the visuals but sorry you had trouble with the window positioning.

Fantastic game! Really got hooked in the experience. Had a little feedback which would be to make auto fire default and have powerups affect other things like speed or damage. 

Oh man. I only found this after the jam ended but I liked it a lot. I'm impressed with what you were able to do with a character in a game of this size. Very well done.