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Thanks! Yeah you can use it for personal UE projects but if it's a big game you should message Squeaky first. Just can't do anything you're making money off of. I doubt I'll model them all but I may make another of his characters in the future. The genshin style game idea is a fun thought!

Thanks :D

Thanks! I build from scratch unless it's part of a series like the link and Zelda models. Generally I like to start from scratch so I don't get rusty

You're very welcome :D

I believe that's what it is. This was for a art jam entry. I don't mind you using it commercially 

free to use however ya like


I'd recommend setting the spine to FK mode for that. In FK mode you can unlock the hips from the spine :)

It's a bit finicky since it was originally built in Maya. If you mean the pose is distorted on import you can reset the pose to its rest position 

Thanks! We're workin hard :D

wow this was incredibly polished. Beautiful art and very solid game feel

Fun little point and click game and very nice use of theme. All-in-all pretty polished aside from the one bug y'all pointed out in the description. Great work!

Fun game, great art and fun characterization!  Definitely well put together. Especially liked how you introduced the trainer and mechanics of the game. Solid pacing

Thank you :D

Really dug the idea of this! Also neat how the theme reveals itself after the first run. Like some folks said the pacing felt a bit weird sometimes but overall nice jam entry!

Nice spin on a classic game! I think it's a really neat idea but perhaps a little too RNG dependent. You could also teach the mechanics a little since it's currently dependent on knowing the base game.

Very neat concept! Enjoyed the realization that you were the gun haha. The intro to propelling yourself with the gun felt a little bit tough and could have ramped up a bit more but that wasn't too bad at the end of the day. Regardless, great work!

Had a lotta fun with this! Great fun with a goofy premise as always :D

Thanks! Really appreciated the playthrough and all the kind words! It was a fun watch :)

Finally got around to playin! Fun, clean little game :) Great work!

Sweet! Glad it's workin for ya now :D

Hey, just pushed an update that will hopefully fix your problem. Let me know if it's still an issue

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate the feedback :)

haha well thank you very much for playing! Yeah sometimes you end up in the floor when you respawn. Haven't found a solve as of yet sadly but it'll usually fix itself after a second or 2 :)

Thanks! Yeah it's an admittedly tough game. Glad you like the art though!

Thanks for playing! Glad ya enjoyed it :)

Still no luck? Are you running on Windows 10 or 11?

Yeah Piotr did a great job!

That's really odd. Haven't seen that happen yet. Maybe it's a permissions thing?

Thanks :)

Yup! It gets introduced at level 10

Wow that was a very cool and original feeling game! Also solid job on teaching the player new mechanics. Looking forward to seeing y'all finish this up :)

Wow super clever game! Very intuitive and fun to play

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! It's one of my favorite prototypes so I'll likely expand it in the future :)

Glad you enjoyed it! We have some accessibility options in the main menu if you want to experience the end of the game :)

Thanks for playin Noble! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks Revvy! Was fun to make

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Really fun charming game y'all made! Feels great to play and looks fantastic. Just a heads up, throw egg was "B" for me instead of "X". I was playing the web build so not sure if that was the cause. Great work though! I really enjoyed playing

Thanks! Yeah I agree about the enemies. If I was to make a full game I'd make them drop currency and stuff like that. I also need to think of enemies that would be hard to avoid without defeating