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Avast detects installer as Win32 Evo-gen and won't let me run. :(

Created a new topic Can't cook with firepit
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Cooking meat can only be done at a Campfire. Firepits (which should logically just be better campfires) don't work.

EDIT: Actually, I seem to be unable to cook with either. :(


But that's good! Since you retry from point of entry it doesn't ruin the game any :D

How the hell does that lighting work???

Phew! You didn't lie to me!

I found the secret area! Good work! Have you taken a look at Antichamber? It's a similar game in concept, and has many branching paths and secret areas

The voice scares me. Is he going to jumpscare me? :(

Did the secret villager challenge @ _ @

Created a new topic No promises, but we'll see

I need an excuse to work on my game engine anyway and a cheap perv game demo could work!

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I have to leave the Jam. I've made very little progress in this project and I'm gonna drop it until February due to other priorities. I honestly doubt I'll ever have a playable version at all, but I simply can't worry about it right now.

Game Jams give me more anxiety than anything anyway, so I doubt I'll submit this to any of them even if it qualifies.

I can make the sound & music - in fact, I have to for reasons that will be clear later in development. It's playing it in Java, to my standards, that will be the issue.

I'm speed-learning Java. This project is supremely ambitious for someone who will have less than a month of Java experience by the time of the deadline but it's going really well so far and I'm only going for a tech demo or so anyway.

I wish Java's documentation & community were a bit less labyrinthine, though.

  • Bad news: I wouldn't call this a simple task at all LOL
  • Good news: Considering I just started using Java today I think my learning is going pretty well! I'm sure I can have a working engine on time but I can't guarantee full graphics and I'm pretty sure sound is right out

I can only run the Web version, which has an error partway through: "Failed to load $BigMonster2.png"

This occurs after going up the stairs with the phantom asking about my character's boyfriend

I intend to use XLua in Fusion 2.5.

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I started my project around September last year, but I put it on hold to chase holiday art (I'm primarily a vector artist. My galleries are in my profile, check your SFW settings)

In probably 24 hours of active work I finished the basic movement engine for the main character. If I can learn the basics of Lua and how it integrates with my current environment (Fusion 2.5) I'll be able to do everything code-wise I need in a matter of days I'd say.

I've been constructing a soundfont from public domain samples on Freesample for the music - I need to get back into that. (I'll add my Soundcloud to my profile later today.)

Right now I need to finish up my late Christmas pictures so I can do the protagonist's design. =/

I joined in like the last fifteen minutes of the join period. I'm kind of struggling with severe depression and basically unable to do much of anything. We'll see if I can stop myself from overreaching a project long enough to finish something simple

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I found a few very mild glitches (spoilers):

If you turn room 2's PC off quickly enough, the code will disappear but the green will stay on. Clicking a second time will turn the monitor off and everything will be fine.

If you go back to room 7 from a solved lever room and then back in, the camera will still be locked, even though the door appears. This is fixed just by unsolving and re-solving the levers.

Howdy Rage! Long time no see! Good job getting featured in a Clickteam collection!

The game is great, but I'd prefer if you had an option to not automatically combine weapons you already have. I like to keep multiple so I can give firearms to my allies after I get No Infighting.

Thanks a lot! =D

Girls can select red hair, but boys can't. =(