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Definitely needs the rest of this chapter - it doesn't hold up to the first two at all as-is. Book 2 is fantastic however and hopefully the full Book 3 will be much more fulfilling

Bug: Bonnie's ghost can block you in

After giving Bonnie the flowers, she spends a night with the protagonist. If the player leaves the room and immediately re-enters, Bonnie's sprite will still be in the room. Since she is only supposed to be there for the preceding cutscene, she does not respond to any interactions - but if the player moves a tile down, it will not be possible to leave because Bonnie's sprite is solid and thus she is blocking the door.

Presumably, the flags or variables that prompt Bonnie's sprite to spawn for the cutscene are not properly changed afterward.

It's like Papers Please, except much easier and much more upbeat. This could make a very nice full game!

This one's cool! A little hard to control though. I like how it looks like the arcade


This is a pretty decent one!

A cool idea! A fuller game with more gadgets to control and improved visuals / guidance would be nice

The text doesn't stay on the screen, and I find it a bit awkward to play... I like the idea, though

I'm not sure how to play after becoming the worm. The game says you're supposed to become the worm form, eat things, and then eat the snake, but I'm not really sure how. Very interesting idea though!

Very disorientating. Elon Musk is in for a rude awakening when his uploaded consciousness corrupted by cross-contamination with a Hatsune Miku AI tries to colonize Alpha Centauri.

This is a neat little helper to make worldbuilding more intuitive. The biggest obstacle will be people who go "oh no I can't draw" and refuse to do the 5 minute sketches, especially if you've got that one guy in the group who can draw movie-quality concept art within that time.

I suggest adding "discouraged" in between encouraged and banned concepts. Discouraged items should be very rare and are not day-to-day occurrences. They're things most societies in the setting consider sacrilegious or impossible, or which are heavily persecuted, even though they technically still exist.

No fat fetish content planned at this time, sorry! Expansion if present will likely apply only to lady parts and boy parts

this game makes you FEEL like a portuguese satanist

The mandatory Erogenous Zones must be progressed in order. However, you will be able to move to the next Erogenous Zone without having to clear the temple itself. In current plans, clearing the temples is only required to challenge the goddess.

The optional Erogenous Zones have no particular recognition of order, except that each is reached from a particular mandatory Erogenous Zone (which are ordered.) I have no hard plans for any of these optional Zones and may change what their kinks are. If it turns out that particular "combo kinks" are worthwhile, these would be unlocked by unlocking all of the kinks that comprise them.

Whether expansion as applied to the player is "growth" (added mass) or "inflation" (pressurization), or both, has not yet been decided. However, it will primarily affect the sex organs. Current plans are that the player character can see permanent alterations, but other characters can only be altered temporarily.

I'll add this to known issues.

Resting makes use of SolaerTime, which isn't working, so I expect this error should occur almost everywhere.

The only place resting definitely won't cause an error is in an Adventure, which overrides the rest behavior to fully heal you without involving SolaerTime. Or at least this was working the last time I tested it...

Yes, I'm aware of the issues with getting the proper syntax for the coin. Sorry about that. There's a tutorial on the Itch forums for specifically this reason.

Hello and thank you for your interest!

I feel like other similar games on Itch are about as self-descriptive, if not much less so, and I think the screenshots provided make the game's premise fairly clear: this is a text adventure that is not solely smut. What I definitely haven't made clear is that most major Sonic characters can be recruited as a party member, and will be possible romantic and sexual partners through building up Relationship Values or getting into hijinks together (though at this stage in the game's development this is not yet possible.)

The second screenshot shows the current state of combat, which is not fully finished but is basic turn-based RPG combat. States (status effects) will be implemented, but are not currently in.

There will likely be limited transformative options for the player character such as alterations to the size of their privates, but not changes to sex or race post-creation.

Hello Mobians!

A tutorial should teach you how to play it. That's why it's called that. Right?

In the final version of Twisted Mobius, the tutorial will be a lot more fleshed-out and polished. Right now, however, it's barebones and "technically functional". So it may not be very clear how to actually proceed as intended, which is the opposite of a tutorial, but it is what it is.

Here is the full intended sequence of events from game start to Fuchsia Hill Zone as of v0.0.7.

Game start

  • [any button]
  • yes
  • [select any backstory]
  • yes
  • [enter a number for a loadout if applicable]
  • [any button]
  • [any button]

Empire City :: Docks (with SWATbot)

  • north
  • read flyer
  • north
  • [any button]
  • talk to gynoid
  • look at papers
  • [create character as desired; interface and clarity will be improved in future versions]
  • complete
  • give papers to cassia

The Dusk Gleam (on deck with Clove)

  • down
  • [any button]
  • look fore
  • look aft
  • aft (Aptitude Test Chamber)
  • touch omochao
  • look at bookcase
  • open cabinet
  • take broom
  • use broom on coin
  • fore (Lower Deck)
  • down (Orlop)
  • aft (Cabin)
  • [various questionable forms of ogling cute tiger]
  • use empty bed
  • [any button]
  • fore (Orlop)
  • up (Lower Deck)
  • fore (Armory)
  • look at rack
  • take [any weapon]
  • yes
  • equip [same weapon]
  • aft (Lower Deck)
  • up
  • [character is intended to lose to succubus]

The Beach

  • [explore until "path to plains" becomes available; up to 3 Scrap Metal can be found by exploring]
  • enter path

Path to Plains

  • north
  • east
  • open chest
  • west
  • use grapple hook on cliff [todo: GRAPPLING HOOK should be accepted too]
  • up
  • drink spring
  • north (Fuchsia Hill :: Adventure)


do u need a '''''doctor'''''...

Join us on Wishdragon Studios to talk about this and other games! Only if you're an adult.

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Hello Mobians!

This is the FAQ, in which you may be furnished mightily with informations.

Game concept

Twisted Mobius is an adult text adventure (but not a smut game) with inspiration taken from various text-based games ranging from Corruption of Champions to MUDs.

  • Create your own character! You can also use some prefabricated template characters. (There is currently zero detection for making a clone of an existing character.)
  • Erogenous Zones: The game world is divided into a series of Zones - but thanks to the Prurience, these have all been perverted into Erogenous Zones. Except for Fuchsia Hill, each Zone is themed on a particular sexual theme or kink. These are not strictly segregated, as "unlocking" a new kink generally makes it available everywhere in some form, though it will remain most accessible in its respective Zone.
  • Adventure system: The player must first wander each Zone through Adventure, causing random things to happen ranging from finding some berries to nearly being sat on by a bakery of a dragon. Upon discovering a particular location, the player can enter it at any time, and move around in it in a manner more akin to a typical text adventure, interacting with locals and solving puzzles. There may also be procedurally-generated mini-dungeons which the player can't return to after leaving.
  • Relationship Values: The player may bump into a wide variety of Sonic characters and develop particular relationships with them - enemies, lovers, frenemies, maybe foeyay. Some characters may even agree to tag along as your Player Two! (Twisted Mobius is a single-player game only.)

Twisted Mobius is a text adventure so please be ready to read things! And feel free to let me know if I forgot to write the thing you were meant to read. That can happen.

A preliminary flowchart of progress through the game is available here.

How to run the game

I heavily advise you always play Itch games through the Itch app unless they literally don't work.

When downloading Twisted Mobius through the Itch app, running it will open a menu with the option to download Quest.

After installing Quest, clicking "Play Now" should just run the game.


Twisted Mobius will eventually offer four different editions here on Itch:

  • Supporter
  • Supporter Lite
  • Public
  • Public Lite

At time of writing, Twisted Mobius is early enough in development that only the Public edition is available.

Supporter vs. Public

When there's a major update (e.g. from 0.0.x to 0.1.0), it's posted to the Supporter editions first. Only Seers on SubscribeStar ($10/mo) can play the Supporter editions. The Supporter edition requires a password on game start which is given to Seers through SubscribeStar.

Starting from 0.2.0, when the Supporter edition gets a new major update, the previous major update is posted to the Public edition, which does not ask for a password. For instance, when the Supporter edition updates from 0.1.x to 0.2.0, the Public edition gets the previous 0.1.x.

I expect myself to occasionally screw up managing this system.

Normal vs. Lite

Twisted Mobius does not feature any content implicitly or explicitly romanticizing the perceived underage nature of a character. All characters with sexual data in Twisted Mobius are treated as adults.

However, there are some legal jurisdictions that will not accept this and may criminalize the act of playing the game uncensored, thus endangering the player. Because of this, every major update starting from [TBD] has a Lite edition that excises sexual data from the game file for certain characters the public is likely to insist are underage. This also prevents these characters from joining the player's party if they otherwise could, since that would regularly expose them to sexual situations.

These characters include:

  • Cream
  • Tails

Censoring this content is a pragmatic decision to protect players and is not a concession. The characters of Twisted Mobius have no age specified and are treated as adults.

Changing the character's visual scaling had no effect on this bug.

I found another bug which does not appear to be listed on Trello:

My character eventually became unable to enter the stat reset area. Or, more specifically, she starting getting warped back out instantly. I suspect that either she was being warped directly back onto the go-back-out zone, or her Size was so high that she was considered to be touching it.

(1 edit)

My gameplay suggestions:

  • Size plays a disproportionately important role more like level than like a stat, so it should not be a stat unto itself; it should increase proportionately to the total of all other stats.
  • Scaling should work by typing in an integer value, locking the character's visual appearance as if the relevant stat or Size were that number.
  • Ego's numeric value should be visible so that the player has a frame of reference for the above change to the Scaling UI.
  • Scaling should be available for the partner character as well (Mad Chimera's tits became eldritch abominations after the 700s or so.)
  • The player should be able to toggle Pain and Gain on and off, since it is required for all other Muscle skills but also endangers your armor.
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I can't download this game through the Itch client, only through web.

It's a neat game, but there needs to be an option to turn off the grass - there definitely should not be that much waving processing grass before the game is optimized.

. . . . .


I've decided to edit this comment to add in the crash error I've been getting about every 2 minutes. It reads:

Assertion failed: GetFName() == NAME_None [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/UObjectBase.cpp] [Line: 130]

My game crashes when the last character dies.

The entire game window goes black except for any message window (such as when dying to a chest trap), and the undecorated white text "DATA UNKNOWN TAG: SEX 0:0" appears. The first split-second of the death music plays before cutting off.

I am using Windows 10 64-bit and this bug occurs in Original 1.13 Deutsch and Original 1.14 English. It does not occur in the Advanced options (0.01 for both languages.)

Alas, my cheesy letter-buffed BIGG SORDD didn't last forever. Too bad I didn't get any good armor from trading in Legendaries, I might have permanently broken the game.

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Hello pones! 

My Discord server is called Wishdragon Studios. It's for adults only because I make both SFW and NSFW stuff. If you're an adult, come chat! You can talk about Out of Season there.

I'll still check here on Itch, of course.

Sorry for going radio silent! Thanks for responding. I somehow managed to lose my save file anyway but will try again sometime soon!

I found this game as part of the Ukraine support pack. When I got to Chapter 2, I got stuck. In other people's playthru videos, upon finding the empty school, Marsha floats over the fence right away, but in my version she refuses, saying she needs to examine elsewhere. I found nowhere else to examine.

I considered that I may have applied the Update download wrong & corrupted the game, but I forgot to back up my save data when reinstalling. Do you know what the problem might have been? I don't want to start again just to get softlocked again : (

(1 edit)

Very frustrating game to learn, but I suspect that after a few more tries I will start to like it more. I didn't want to "spoil anything" but maybe I'll just hop into the creative mode to get past those hurdles.

Oh, and it seems that launching through Itch always launches the installer, not the game itself, thus prompting me to uninstall / reinstall every time.

Hello! I had a funny idea for this game jam which may or may not end up being similar to someone else's idea. More info on that later. I hope it will be Very Funny.

Maybe I just burned out doing too much work in one day but I suddenly smacked into a creative block designing the main town for this game. Phooey!

Don't worry, I'll get past it soon.

(1 edit)

Dutch news articles from 2001 do use "Netschaap" to refer to Netscape and directly state that this was commonplace in the contemporary Internet. This is why AOL sued in the first place; they were intending to use Netschaap as the Dutch name for Netscape and wanted to seize the domain name for that purpose. This was a plausible grounds to sue upon, even if they ultimately lost the case.

Scratch would have absolutely no grounds on which to sue someone for using the word "Scratch" in a random video game as a stand-in for Itch, as this does not in any way impede them the way that taking a restricted domain name does, nor would any reasonable person mistake the two.

Quite frankly, I find it much more likely that the player would never have heard of the wouldbe-suitor Scratch to begin with.

Netscape was called Netschaap and/or Natschaap in Dutch "chat language". AOL attempted to seize the domain name by claiming it was a trademark infringement.

AOL lost the case.

And what's the relevance of that? It's not like anybody's going to confuse them.

(1 edit)

I don't work for Itch and I don't represent Itch, however:

What most people do is change the name a little bit to avoid any problems that could happen. So instead of Itch, you could call it R̸̡̙͚͚̻̮̳͈̝̙̳̼̖͒̋̈́̐̋́́͛̑̂̆͜͜͠E̴̹̜̥͎̅̀́̉͊̊̎̈́̈́͆̋̕͠Ḑ̴͖̘̭͍͇̳͉̗̼̘̂̂̚ͅA̶̢̧̡̡̡͔͓̼̟̘̮͈̬̅C̴͚͛̀̋̎́̐̍̇͑̚͝͝T̸͈̣̝͗͐̓̇̊̑Ȩ̸͕̯̺̝̮͉̠̔̈́́͝Ḓ̵̢͚̦̝͍̻͖̪̳̥̬̠̮̀́̓͛͋͆̃̂̏̎͋̿̌̕. This would bypass the legal problems, but it would still be clear what you're referencing.

EDIT: Some people have expressed concern that Scratch, an online web game & movie development community vaguely similar to Newgrounds, may complain if you use the word "Scratch" as a stand-in for Itch. Fine, whatever. Call it Ootch then, if anybody's taken that in a vaguely video game-related context I'll eat an airplane.

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Hello Postmaster!

You are St. Dasher, one of the revered Saints of Kinsmend, the postmaster of Kinsmend Village, and a complete workaholic.

You're usually far too busy every winter to take part in the festivities. But this year, your fellow Saints have cooked up a scheme to get you to... have fun. Ugh.

At least you know where your keys went.

You will need the free interactive fiction software Quest in order to play this game.

Rain Nor Snow Nor Stupid Friends currently works only on Windows.