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I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem. I would suggest downloading the official itch app and launching the game from there.

היי, שמח שנהנתם! כרגע לא מתוכנן, אבל אכן יש מחשבה.

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I found the sliding a little jarring, and it was hard jumping on platforms as the eyes sprite doesn't indicate on the collision box well enough in my opinion. Tighter control will certainly help.

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A well-done execution of a very cool concept! I wish the controls were less janky, as I feel the game should be more about figuring out the puzzle than about platforming. Congrats!

Thanks for playing! Great vid. 🙂

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where mosquitos will stop chasing you after being engaged if you move away too much.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the fishing area types would not work properly.


  • General:
    • Decreased the number of rocks in the game.
  • Fishing:
    • Balanced the number of fishing areas of each type.
    • Lowered the overall number of fishing areas.
    • Removed the pre-fishing ripples.
    • Increased the fishing time window from 1.5 to 2 seconds.
    • Updated the fish-catching animation to be more clear.
    • Added a new sound for fish bites.
    • Escape animation now triggers when you leave a fishing area mid-fishing.
    • Fishing areas icons are now darkened once you catch a fish of their type
  • Mosquitos:
    • You now heal automatically when there are no mosquitos engaged with you.
    • The mosquito health bar now flashes when you are damaged.
  • Exploration:
    • Landmarks icons replace the minimap.
    • A sound effect and particles show that you've reached a landmark.
    • When approaching a landmark, the exploration camera zooms out.
    • The landmarks are placed randomly at the start of the game.
    • Added bounciness to the physical objects in the game.
  • Shark:
    • The shark now deals one damage point and leaves you for a few seconds after hitting you.
    • The raft now slowly breaks as it is damaged by the shark.
    • When approaching the shark, the exploration camera zooms out.


  • A sound now plays once you win the game
  • Increased the vegetation thickness.

Brilliant, a beautifully executed parody. Congratz!

Hi again, Dekajoo! Great feedback. We do plan to have a base regeneration to the mosquito indicator. As for the landmarks, we still haven't added an indication, but this is very high on our priority list. We wanted to first make sure the other mechanics work in order to test and balance them against each other. Thanks for the thorough feedback, once again!

Glad you liked it!

Linux version coming soon!

Thanks for the reply, Dekajoo!!! We're still a BIT blurry on the exploration victory condition, but I totally agree that communicating that you actually reached the lighthouse would help.

Great job Soupmaster's and congratulations!!!!!

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Congratulations, great game! I'm still learning the ropes but the game is already very fun and presents interesting decisions, I think the UI could use some work, as playing both roles can be a little bit confusing at times. Looking forward to the next updates!

Great stuff I want to see more levels!

2020 has been a tough year, but looking back I'm very proud of the progress I've made in my indie dev journey.

I've been doing game jams extensively for 4 years now, my first one was the Global Game Jam of 2017. Also, I study Visual Communications at university, specializing in gaming.

The games in the video above were created between July and literally two days ago. Most of these were created in the context of a game jam, anywhere between 48 hours and two weeks' efforts.

Here are my two cents on limitations and scope: Limitations are super important if you want to deliver a game and enjoy the process. these are the three things I'm usually trying to not over-scope, whether I work alone or in a team:

  • Tech. I usually keep my designs to a maximum of one major technical challenge that fits my abilities. This is important because it keeps me interested but not overwhelmed by stuff I don't know a whole lot about.
  • Design. I usually choose one main mechanic I want to experiment with for my games. I'm very interested in input systems so more often than not find myself leaning into that.
  • Art. I'm the most comfortable with pixel art, it is a limitation on its own but it allows me to create assets fast. I do like to experiment within the medium.

Looking at each game as a tiny step of a much larger process helps to keep me sane most of the time. All of these designs were pretty spontaneous, I still haven't tackled my so-called "Magnum Opus". Not being too emotionally attached to the project you're working on is super liberating.

Hope that helps. Happy new year!

🕹️My games are available on

A super impressive showcase, I hope you go ahead and make it into a full game. 5/5

A sweet little two-player game! I wish there was some kind of AI I could play against. Nicely done!

Experience the infinity of nature and enjoy the present moment.

Cool stuff!!!

Thank you! Some of the emojis appear here on the page so you can get a sense of the general direction. I can send you some specific examples via email if you're interested.

There are 2417851639229260000000000 possible permutations for 9x9 pixel images using two colors. I've hand-picked one for every single emoji.

EmojiMania is an ever-updating set of hand-crafted, 9x9 1bit emojis. It's perfect for game development and can be used with pixel fonts or as its own tileset. Check it out!

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Yes. 🍑🍆

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תודה, אבדוק את הנושא! מנסה בגרירה?

Monkey doesn't know why. Monkey run.

I've released an English version of Alexander, a short interactive story! Check it out at

It's called "Luckiest Guy", available on Google Fonts.

5/5 would kidnap again.

זה אומר הרבה כשזה בא ממך, תודה רבה!

I've released a new interactive story! Check it out at

Thank you bee123!

This, my friend, is a great question.

Thanks for sharing! Make sure you check out our new Android version as well, it features procedurally generated levels.

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A really cool puzzle, very neat. Having it be on first-person is an interesting quirk. I'm not sure the jumping mechanic is really required for this one, it's a bit redundant in my opinion. It would be nice seeing levels that are solely focused on the tracing part of the game. All in all a wonderful entry.

Thank you for the lovely comment!


Awww that's nice of you to say. Hugs from the team. ♥

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We appreciate it :)

¡Muchas gracias!