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Idan Rooze

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Incredible stuff, beautiful aesthetics and crunchy SFX, game is a joy to play and look at.

Super mega attack not working I got bamboozled but Moses can moonwalk so 10/10.

תודה! איזה מבחן? סיימתי את התואר 😅

Great use of the theme! I got 7904.

Great game! I lost it!

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Great fun! I find creating the challenge for yourself very interesting.

Nice job! I couldn't see my final score because I was busy clicking everything, I think I've managed to top 5000 points.

Thanks, TiagoG!

Amazing job!!! Tight design and a fun challenge. Well done.

Best Fluetlike I've ever played 5/5 would blow again.


I had a blast playing! Super elegant and fun. I dig the little touches in the UI.

The game is now on stea

I won! :(

Thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I'm currently having issues with macOS and Linux builds, but it will come eventually.

Thank you SO MUCH, Nice Gear Games! Your video has been super entertaining to watch. Hugs from the team!

Thanks for the feedback, OrangeCatGames! Expect a post-jam update. :)

Thank you!

Many thanks, meckyr.

We appreciate the comment, aerloth. ♥

You've got a point. Thanks for the feedback, Aviv!

Thanks a bunch, kotzi. :)

We are honored, KMajima. Thank you for the lovely comment!

Thanks Harry, hugs from the team!

We tried to be as accurate to real life as possible.

One of my favorite games from the jam! The theme and art are so charming, I'm in love! I dig the Papers, Please vibes and I think you've managed to create a very concise and effective experience. Congratulation on the submission!

I was so proud of myself when I managed to finish it! You did really well, despite the occasional bug. Congratulations on the submission!

Great job, I really dig the core mechanic and the art! I wish controlling it was more fun, the character is just a tiny bit too heavy. Also, the fact that the arrow doesn't follow your original trajectory takes away from the purity of your idea. Congratulations on the submission!

Super fun, what a great submission! I wish movement was a bit finer but the game is solvable and extremely entertaining. Congratulations!



Thank you for the feedback, BlackOpsBen. :D

Glad you enjoyed it!

We are very thankful, luhyphenwai!

Much obliged, Treemolo.

Thank you!


I don't know what to say, we're truly humbled.