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This was really fun. The one feedback I would have is that once you zoom out the camera, you lose clarity. The character gets lost in the background. Also not knowing where the end is can be confusing at times.

Hope to see this updated more!

For some reason couldnt play this in the app


Unable to parse Build/MommyMonitorGMTKJam23.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.


I think if you figure out how you are parsing input this would be better. Several times typing didnt work well, and the fact you have to press a button isntead of the backspace to erase the text is painful... ): 

My case is indeed the bundle one. I saw this a long time ago and always had interest in the idea (found some similar tools back then just trying to compare to yours because I thought it was a very smart idea.)
I wouldn't have an issue with not getting a key through a bundle if it wasn't for the fact that there's nothing to download... There isn't a beta release, I can't access the website even for the demo, there's nothing. 

So, I wouldn't call it entitlement to feel that the product I bought (even if it were in a bundle) should give me a product of some kind. 

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I actually was interested in this exactly for all the optimization features that are now included on Ultimate Voxel Optimizer by Nat (

It feels a little... "scummy?" (strong word but english is not my first language, can't think of other words lol) to buy this, get canceled and basically move all the features I wanted to a new product that now costs 4$. 

I think it would be nice if you gave the few people that have keys for this keys to Ultimate Voxel Optimizer by Nat ( too Nat. 

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REALLY fun idea. Great work!

Monkey brain go vrummmm

We all love our idle games

Fun idea to get extra points by getting the dice, which makes the game harder. 

Two suggestions:

- The movement of the character is... very choppy. I would smooth it out. I felt the game was running at 15fps. 

- Hitting the blocks sideways is basically a loss. Making the character be able to miss a jump without punishing the player as much would be better, since the game is already hard in other aspects. 

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Art was cute but not much going on apart from that. But I bet it was fun to make!

A suggestion I would give is to be careful with sounds. One of the sounds you had was WAY louder than any of the others, and it really wasn't pleasant. 

Also the black portions as you go from section to section felt weird, since you were just walking on black void. I would avoid those unless you need to load something (or if it is a mechanic) :) 

Apart from the bugs (which I encountered all of them) it was pretty fun!

A few tips if you work on this later:

- Keep some kind of score. Enemies killed, time survived, whatever

- Show me a line of some sort of where I am aiming. Or even a crosshair would work. 

- Let me choose to pick other dice when I already have one in my hard, instead of replacing it with a new one

Fun idea! 

A few suggestions:

- Let us use AWSD/Keys when in 2D mode. Clicking with a mouse is... awful. 

- Let me have the movement happen faster. I understand every move the enemies gotta calculate a path to see where they go, but there are ways around this (a dumb way would be to pre-cache the possibilities of the next 2-3 moves)

- Add some sort of skill to the game instead of pure luck. Maybe an ability you can have to get out of bad situations, a re-roll of the dice, whatever it is.

Keep the great games coming, you did great! 

Yea I'm sorry, not loading ): 

This doesn't seem to load in Browser (which is all I have available right now)

Could be a fun idea, even if it isn't in "game" state yet (there's no winning or losing) 

Very cute idea, a platformer in the hands of a child that can change the story. 

Keep trying to work on it after the jam, you have something here that could be pretty cute! 

Awesome idea, a little on the vain of Baba is you. 

I think the levels felt randomly generated which kind of defeats the purpose of a puzzle game. I was able to get to a score of 20 by just pressing one key one time, since the rules allowed me.

I would love to see this built unto a more fleshed out game!

Frog Fractions Dice edition. 

GReat job! 

This was fun, great tutorial and fun gameplay. I do have some critics though:

- I think this game would be better without the light feature. It's mostly annoying. 

- The enemies badly need a health bar

- I feel in the end I'm mostly spamming stuff. I got to wave 20 just walking around shooting everything and picking every item. I feel I might have missed a mechanic here (if I'm more conservative, I get less monsters?)


This was pretty fun. 

A creative idea with a (self-admitted) horrible camera system. That camera hurt me inside. I did finish the game :)

Some recommendations for after the jam:

- Fix the camera (lol)

- Have the movement be smoother and lighter. Right now it feels like a boulder with a TON of momentum, but it doesn't feel right because of the scale of everything. I would recommend you literally get a marble, clue some cards and a cup on a cardboard, and try a level in real life. See how it feels and acts.

- I think this could be a very fun mobile game at the end of it all. Make it so the way you control the ball is by "moving the stage" (by moving your phone) and using the phone gyroscope to do it. Probably not the most original idea but it would be fun.  

Pretty fun idea, specially in this day and age of incremental games. I would actually recommend you keep working on it Isormour! 

The idea of a dice as your weapon that you gradually make more and more powerful is fun. You can do some good combos. I could see this as a fun roguelike survival project. Dice Survivors? haha

Negatives that should be easy to fix once you have more time:

- Camera. That prespective is awful and I couldn't change it. 

- The lag when you have multiple particles

- If you die it didn't let me actually click the "retry" button

- The whole UI is not clear at all, took me a good 10 minutes to understand how the game actually worked

Great job for 48 hours! 

Hey, still no news on the "How-to-Play" video? 

Another reminder :) 

Congratulations on your first game!

If you ever go back to this a simple fix I would recommend on the first level is to make the camera movement (when the mouse strays away from the player) a little more smooth. 

Everything else was really trippy haha. 
Keep sharing whatever you do, excited to see how you progress :)

No updates?

I sent an email but never got an answer back.  Just making sure you guys got the email :)

This has been a thing ever since the big bundles came out. I don't think we've received much word on all the issues related to bundles (even though they usually bring an enormous influx of people to

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I played this game on PC (runs great at 4k) and got to level 15. Just stopped because I had to go to work. Thanks @Toma for the recommendation :) 

This game is great fun. It's simple but the levels are very well made and constantly throw new ideas at you, while never feeling overwhelming because all the player gotta do is... press space! I'm giving it a score out of 30min of playing so take that into consideration. 

Some of my feedback:

- I would love to be able to move the ball in the menu screen, make it jump at least.

- On level 6 probably don't call players "noobs". Maybe beginners? faint of heart? Make it light-hearted instead of insulting :) 

- Checking the map counts as a death. That doesn't seem fair, specially since I'm paying for it? 

- Some of the messages seem "obnoxious" to me. I understand they are supposed to be teasing and tongue-in-cheek but as you get frustrated they are less funny and more insulting.

- Music is great and never gets annoying

- Visuals are what they are. I REALLY dislike how the ball doesn't seem to rotate and how cheap the trails look (I was okay with the trail until I saw the other trails you could unlock and realized I disliked them all). But it's understandable. 

My suggestions:

- I would suggest changing the main character from a ball to something different, while keeping the style. Maybe a voxel character or even a robot (check this free voxel robots from maxparata, they are great Think of crossy roads, blocky but still full of personality. 

This would make the game look a little more "professional" but also allow you to have actual customization instead of just different ball colors. 

- PLEASE add PC leaderboards (or any leaderboards at all). 

- This game has a LOT to make it go big. All you need is the luck of having a content creator try it out and I think this could be semi-big. I would suggest you publish this on Steam at a cheap price, like $2.99, and try to contact people to try your game out! 

Good luck, hope you guys invest a little more into this! 


Do you guys have a way of communicating privately? Email/PM/Discord? I would be willing to finance the publishing fee of this on Steam

Any updates? REALLY want to try it hahaha

Really want to try this out with some friends but would love a "How-to-play" video before doing that to make sure I know how the game actually works. Any ETA on that one?

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Really fun, needs a restart button though. Since losing still takes such a long time once you screw up (the fun of Three is that when you mess up you restart immediately) it kind of ruins the experience. I would recommend scoring by zombie killed instead of time survived (or maybe both) so the users sees how well he is doing. 

This was brilliant, in all aspects. Now what it needs it's a nice background soundtrack, nothing intrusive but yea.