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I played this game on PC (runs great at 4k) and got to level 15. Just stopped because I had to go to work. Thanks @Toma for the recommendation :) 

This game is great fun. It's simple but the levels are very well made and constantly throw new ideas at you, while never feeling overwhelming because all the player gotta do is... press space! I'm giving it a score out of 30min of playing so take that into consideration. 

Some of my feedback:

- I would love to be able to move the ball in the menu screen, make it jump at least.

- On level 6 probably don't call players "noobs". Maybe beginners? faint of heart? Make it light-hearted instead of insulting :) 

- Checking the map counts as a death. That doesn't seem fair, specially since I'm paying for it? 

- Some of the messages seem "obnoxious" to me. I understand they are supposed to be teasing and tongue-in-cheek but as you get frustrated they are less funny and more insulting.

- Music is great and never gets annoying

- Visuals are what they are. I REALLY dislike how the ball doesn't seem to rotate and how cheap the trails look (I was okay with the trail until I saw the other trails you could unlock and realized I disliked them all). But it's understandable. 

My suggestions:

- I would suggest changing the main character from a ball to something different, while keeping the style. Maybe a voxel character or even a robot (check this free voxel robots from maxparata, they are great Think of crossy roads, blocky but still full of personality. 

This would make the game look a little more "professional" but also allow you to have actual customization instead of just different ball colors. 

- PLEASE add PC leaderboards (or any leaderboards at all). 

- This game has a LOT to make it go big. All you need is the luck of having a content creator try it out and I think this could be semi-big. I would suggest you publish this on Steam at a cheap price, like $2.99, and try to contact people to try your game out! 

Good luck, hope you guys invest a little more into this! 


Do you guys have a way of communicating privately? Email/PM/Discord? I would be willing to finance the publishing fee of this on Steam

Filaipus! WOW! What a nice comment! We do not know how to thank you for your comprehensive and great feedback! We are working on the project to fix its bugs and improve it. Here are our answers to some parts of your nice feedback:

- We also would change our words in the texts as you rationally mentioned. Sorry about that but we do not want to insult you at all. We just wanted to make some fun with the players. 
- We faced the map bug and fixed it for our next update.
- Our music is original! Yay!
- The ball rotation would be fixed if we do not change the character. We probably use a better thing as our character (as you mentioned too!).
- Visuals, materials, textures, etc. are planned to be enhanced but we have to use free assets since we do not have a proper budget to hire an artist (for now, since we are students!).
- As soon as we publish the game on a commercial platform, such as Steam, we would have a leaderboard since it needs a real-time server with a proper registration to recognize our players.
- For sure! We consider a lesser price! Actually, we will gift you a free bundle! Haha!

For private communication: please send an email to (Head of the group and creator of the game)


I sent an email but never got an answer back.  Just making sure you guys got the email :)