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Filaipus! WOW! What a nice comment! We do not know how to thank you for your comprehensive and great feedback! We are working on the project to fix its bugs and improve it. Here are our answers to some parts of your nice feedback:

- We also would change our words in the texts as you rationally mentioned. Sorry about that but we do not want to insult you at all. We just wanted to make some fun with the players. 
- We faced the map bug and fixed it for our next update.
- Our music is original! Yay!
- The ball rotation would be fixed if we do not change the character. We probably use a better thing as our character (as you mentioned too!).
- Visuals, materials, textures, etc. are planned to be enhanced but we have to use free assets since we do not have a proper budget to hire an artist (for now, since we are students!).
- As soon as we publish the game on a commercial platform, such as Steam, we would have a leaderboard since it needs a real-time server with a proper registration to recognize our players.
- For sure! We consider a lesser price! Actually, we will gift you a free bundle! Haha!

For private communication: please send an email to (Head of the group and creator of the game)


I sent an email but never got an answer back.  Just making sure you guys got the email :)