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interesting concept, but way how you indicating what need to be pressed need some changing. First to see controls you need look away from characters whats slows player down. You need remember of peripheral vision, controls is too important and need analyzing (here more about it

its about vr, but still basic knowledge). Add more types of indications, reading is very complex task and in platformer you don't have time for this. Below i put my idea of hud, i left your arrow but i think better will be some more simplistic one or use symbls.

Art and movement are really good, music don't stop when you restaring what's is nice touch, i wish there was sound effect when you steal bike. In long run games starting be boring because you can just avoiding bullets and play safe. So you can add fuel to force to chang bike. There is no invisible wall on the edge of screen, and when you push too much forward you can't go back to playable screen.  And you can push enemies from screen to despawn them. Keep up the good work.

Design of this game is very impressive, the way how you guys explain and teach game mechanics is brilliant. Introduction, all mutations, test of all learned mechanics, you even double check to be sure player understand everything, and without this skills can't go further, and the hints in level design to help player, very clever. Only problem what's i have with this game is after level 16 game become very easy. Most things is steel, so if you can grab to this, you need to use this to complete. There is no false path or even other path to finish level, you guys don't play with player or don't try fool him, but is probably because of lack of time. Keep up good work and good luck.

<whisper>pssssss i'm not sure you supposed to be able to do that

Ok, this game is so glitchy , you can literally go out of bounds anytime, collision and physics is only a boring option when you can just launch himself to exit, or carry on box outside of game frame. Love it, i have so much fun playing this game and trying broke it even more 10/10. I wish there was a restart button, because i kinda stuck couple times, like hundred...

Keep up the good work, especially when design of this game is good and is very easy to understand a game. One again great work.